Week 11: March

Week 11: March 12th thru 18th

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3/12 of…1831

Clement Studebaker, born in Pinetown, Adams County, Pennsylvania: blacksmith, wagon maker, entrepreneur.  {001}


Charles Young was born a slave in May’s Lick, KY, but grew up free because his father escaped to Ohio and served in the Fifth Regiment of the Colored Artillery (heavy), thus earning freedom for his family. The family later migrated to Ripley, KY, where Young graduated at the top of his high school class… in a white school, because that’s what there was. Young was to successfully compete for a West Point selection, and would enter the academy in 1883.  {001}


 Sharps Rifle Co ad - Week 11Died: Christian Sharps, approximate age 64 (born c. 1810). Designer of the first commercially successful breech loading rifle. Manufactured in a number of variations—from military sniper rifles and cavalry carbines to sporting/buffalo rifles—by several different companies with whom Sharps was associated. C. Sharps and Co. was the last. Single shot Sharps Rifles (1859-74) are excellent long-range firearms, powerful and accurate. The design is still made today, in a wide variety of calibers by a number of manufacturers domestic and foreign. Sharps also designed some fine, small, multi-barreled pistols*. Ad U.S. PD c. 1860’s?  {001}
see also:
Wk. 26, 6/30/1874 – 2nd Battle of Adobe Walls
*Photo Gallery Index – Weapons Photos – Firearms
Dirk’s Derringers P. 1 – left, 7th. down
Photo Gallery Index – Weapons Photos – Firearms
Long GunsSharps Military & Buffalo Rifles


Jesse James said to have filled Pinkerton agent Whicher with lead on the Lexington Road about four miles east of Independence, MO. [nothing in Pinkerton records]  {001}


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