Week 49: December

Week 49: December 3rd thru 9th

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12/3 of…1864

Gold is discovered in Confederate Gulch near Townsend in the Montana Territory.  {001}


Twenty-two militiamen led by the ever aggressive Jump Off Joe, are scouting Captain Jack’s Stronghold in the lava beds south of Tule Lake, CA. They are ambushed by the Modoc and all are killed. (This incident, and “Jump off Joe” may prove to be entirely fictitious? Still checking…)  {001}


The Hunkpapa Lakota Sioux had refused the government’s offer of $6,000,000 for the Black Hills the previous September. Now the U.S. Secretary of Interior directs the Commissioner of Indian affairs to inform the Sioux that any Indian not on the reservation by 01/31/1876 will be deemed “hostile”.  {001}


Canoncito, NM, bartender Frank Page kills outlaw Samuel “Rattlesnake Sam” Johnson when he refuses to pay for his drink ($.25) — but then discovers he will not be able to collect the offered reward.  {001}


Scarfaced Charley - Week 49: December 3rd thru 9th.Dead is Scarfaced Charley — Modoc warrior, and possibly an instigator of the Battle of Lost River during the Modoc War*. Col. Frank Wheaton appointed him chief of the prisoners of war (after the execution of Captain Jack**) during the forced relocation to a reservation in Oklahoma, CA. Photo: U.S. PD 1873 Louis Heller.  {001}
*Wk. 48, 11/29/1872 – Battle of Lost River
**Wk 40, 10/03/1873 – Hanging
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San Francisco Call-12-03-1896 - Week 49: December 3rd thru 9th.Wyatt Earp referees a prize fight, San Francisco, CA, between Tom Sharkey and Robert Fitzsimmons. The fight ends with a call of a low blow by Fitzsimmons and the fight is awarded to Sharkey. Accusations that Earp had fixed the fight even before the call, persist to this day. Here is one newspaper’s take: “It was the most bald-faced steal that has ever been seen in the San Francisco prize ring and will do much to hurt boxing on this coast if, indeed, it does not kill it entirely.” Newspaper quote and reprint: U.S. PD pre-1923 San Francisco Call 12/03/1896.  {001}


Ezra Meeker - 1921 - Week 49: December 3rd thru 9th.Oregon Trail pioneer and promoter Ezra Manning Meeker died in Seattle, WA, at age 97. This man’s story is way too big for The Reader, so here is but a tiny taste: He traveled the Oregon Trail in 1852 with oxen for motive power, and became a successful hops farmer (then there were aphids…). He was a would-be gold miner, Klondike grocer (in the 1901 Alaska gold rush) and an unsuccessful politician… a Wild West Show performer, and an author: Ox Team or, The Old Oregon Trail, 1852–1906 (1906); Uncle Ezra’s Pioneer Short Stories for Children (c. 1915) and others. As a historian he created “The Old Oregon Trail Monument Expedition” to help the nation remember the Oregon Trail and in 1906, at the age of  76, he retraced his 1852 trip in reverse (with oxen again!) promoting the placement of monuments along the trail. His efforts continued until his death in 1928 with some 150 monuments eventually installed. On the way to the Dayton Air Races in 1924, flying with the U.S. Army Air Corps, he flew over some of the trails he had traveled. Photo: U.S. PD 1921  This old timer was a piece of work! TYH! +3  {001}
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12/4 of 1812

Oliver Loving born in Hopkins County, KY. Cattle baron.  {001}


Caroline Weldon, born Susanna Carolina Faesch in Kleinbasel, Canton Basel, Switzerland. Indian activist, artist.  {001}


Stamp - National Grange - 1967 - Week 49: December 3rd thru 9th.Oliver Hudson Kelley founds the National Grange of the Order of Patrons of Husbandry (The Grange). Kelley conceived of a fraternal organization patterned on the Freemasons, and functioning to improve conditions for farmers. Unusual for the times, the Grange encouraged women and teenagers to participate and required that four of its nationally elected positions be held by women. The Grange advocated for the rights of farmers in clashes with railroads, it launched free rural mail delivery, and aided farmers through research and education. It also advocated strongly for more broadly focused issues like temperance and women’s suffrage. The Granger motto was, “I Pay for All“. Stamp: U.S. Postage 1967, Grange Centennial.  {003}


Yankton, Dakota Territory. Finally apprehended for the murder of “Wild Bill” Hickok* in Deadwood, “Broken Nose Jack McCall is brought to trial.  {001}
*Wk. 31, 08/02/1876 – Wild Bill


Robert Ford (killer of Jesse James) and Dick Liddil murder Woodson “Wood” Hite at Martha Bolton’s (Ford’s sister) home in Ray County, MO.  {001}


George Witherill, lynched by “persons or person to the jury unknown” in Canon City, CO, for the murders of S.K. Wall, Marinus Jansen and Charles R. McCain.  {001}


U.S. Deputy Marshals George Lawson and Hess Bussey kill “Dynamite Dan” Clifton as he attempts escape from a hideout at a farm just outside Newkirk, OK. Another member of the Doolin Gang goes down!  {001}
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12/5 of… 1839

George Armstrong Custer born in New Rumley, OH. Soldier, war hero, Indian fighter.  {001}


Bill Pickett born in Jenks Branch, Travis County, TX. Rodeo cowboy, Wild West performer, movie actor.  {001}


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