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Name, Place, or Title Born Died Noted
O Pioneers! (novel -1913)17, 49
O. Henry (William Sydney Porter) [Author]0
O'Callon, "Kentuck"37
O'Connell, Danny Rambli' jack (OWDR Contributor)47
O'Conner, Thomas0
O'Connor, George17
O'Connor, Thomas0
O'Day, Nell (Movie Actress)0
O'Day, Tom "peep" (aka: Tom Sullivan)26
O'Donnell, Thomas (Scout USA)39
O'Folliard, Tom "Big Foot" (LCW)29, 51
O'Hara, Maureen (Movie Star) (Maureen FitzSimons)334333, 42, 43, 49
O'Keeffe, Georgia Totto (American Painter)461010, 46
O'Kelley, Edward "The Man Who Killed The Man Who Killed Jesse James"02, 05, 16, 23, 28
O'Leary's cow...41
O'Mahomey, Jacques, Jack or Jock (see: O'Mahoney, Jack)0
O'Mahoney, Jacques or Jock (see: O'Mahoney, Jack)0
O'Neil, Charles P.03, 45
O'Neil, Jack13
O'Riley, Peter (Miner)24
O'Rourke, John (see: Johnny-Behind-the-Deuce)0
O'Rourke, Margaret (see: Stewart, Peggy)0
O'Sullivan, Timothy H. (Photographer) 1840 to 188202
O’Brien, Michael (squatter)52
O’Brien, Nicholas J. (Captain, U.S. army)01
Oatman Massacre (1851)12
Oatman, Lorenzo (massacre survivor)12
Oatman, Olive (Apache Prisoner)18371208, 12
Obocock Brothers Bank (robbed)22
Octopus, The (Novel) 190143
Oden, Lon0
Odle, Alvin52
Odle, Will52
Ogden, Peter Skene (explorer, fur trader)03, 39
Ogle, Miles (Reno Gang)13
Oh! Susanna (Stephen Foster Song) minstrel song02, 37
OK Corral (see: Gunfight at the Ok Corral aka: The Streetfight in Tombstone)0
OK)44, 45
Oklahoma Land Run (1889)14, 16
Oklahoma, State of (46th State) "The Sooner State"35, 46
Oklahoma, Terriory of02, 18, 33, 46
Oklahombres (Book) 192906
Oklahombres (Doolin Gang) c. 189503
Oklahombres (see: Doolin Gang)0
Old Black Joe (Stephen Foster song)02
Old Bullion (see: Benton, Thomas Hart)0
Old Folks at Home (Stephen Foster song)02
Old Harry (Burro)51
Old Man Clanton (see: Clanton, Newman Hayes)0
Old Rip (Horned Toad)03
Old Settlers (Cherokee) c. 1830's25
Old Three Hundred, The (Original Texans)52
Old West Daily Reader, The (Website)25
Old Wrangler, The (FC, Radio) Tom Mix Ralston Straight Shooters39
Olds, William27
Olguin, Jesus-Maria (Outlaw)26
Olguin, Severio (Outlaw)26
Olinger, John Wallace (LCW, Lawman)07, 18, 33
Olinger) Bob (LCW)1841?1717, 18
Olive, Bob (brother of Print)11
Olive, Isom Prentice (see: Olive, Print)--0
Olive, Print (cattleman, gunfighter)63305, 06, 14, 15, 16, 27, 30, 31, 33, 34, 36
Olive, Thomas Jefferson "Jay" (brother of Print)11, 31, 34
Olive, William "Billy" (too slow killer)14
Olivera, Sergeant Jose Ignacio (Spanish soldier)Olivera34
Olney, Joe (Gunfighter)13
Olson, Perry (Rancher) 1870's to 1880's0
Olyphant, Timothy (TV Star) Deadwood Sheriff Seth Bullock12
Omaha Daily Herald (Newspaper)18
Omaha Union Stockyards (1883-1999)13, 48
Omaha, NE (RR, Cattle, Gambling)02, 13, 22, 43, 46
Omohundro, John Baker (see: Texas Jack Omohundro)0
Once Upon a Time in The West (M) 196818, 32, 35, 52
One of Ours (novel17
One-Smoke Stories (B) 193433
Orchard, James (Stage operator) 1880's - '90's)15
Orchard, Sadie (Madame)15
Order of American Knights (see: Dictionary)0
Order of the Sons of Liberty (see: Dictionary0
Oregon Country03, 43
Oregon or the Grave!18
Oregon Territory (1848)33
Oregon Trail Scouts (M) 194742, 43
Oregon Trail, The (Missouri to Oregon, approx. 2000 mi.) {TL}1830192808, 16, 18, 21, 22, 28, 29, 33, 36, 38, 43, 48, 49, 52
Oregon Trail, The (Movie Serial)46
Oregon Train, The (M, 1923)01
Oregon Treaty of 1846 (sorry, no 54°40′ )24, 33
Oregon, State of (33rd State) "The Beaver State"07, 36
Oregon, Territory of04, 06, 19
Oriental Saloon, The0
Orr, Alice Greenough (The First Rodeo Queen)11, 34
Orr, Thomas01
Osborne, J.E. (Doctor)15
Otter, Elijah (Wagon Master)36
Our Congressman (Silent Movie, 1924)33
Ouray, Chief (Ute Chief)463401, 06, 12, 34, 46
Outcasts of Poker Flats (M) 193718
Outcasts of Poker Flats, The ((M) 195218
Outcasts of Poker Flats, The (Short Story)18
Outlaw girlfriend) Wild Bunch03, 19
Outlaw Legion (TV) Frontier Doctor)22
Outlaw Trail (M) 193805
Outlaw, Baz (Bass) [Texas Ranger and Outlaw]14, 52
Outlaws of the Cherokee Trail (M) 194150
Outlaws, The (TV) 196125
Outlet, The (Novel) 190539
Overland Telegraph Company of California (1861)43
Owens, ?? (Sheriff)47
Owens, Commodore Perry (Sheriff, Apache County, AZ)18521919, 30, 36, 44
Owens, Dick (Mountain Man)0
Owl Child (Piegan Indian)33
Owl Woman (wife of William Bent) Cheyenne05, 20
Ox Bow Incident, The (M) 194349
Ox, Bow Incident (M) 194309, 32
Oxbow Route, The (Southern Mail Stage Route)37
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