Percussion Firearms Accessories

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Percussion Firearms Accessories

All photos included here are © Dirk Lagerwij and used by permission. You need to get his permission too, if you want use any. Dirk always has a few gun for sale and is looking for specific guns.* Dirk  lives in Holland and collects early American and Old West firearms, accessories, coins and other western historical items.
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The items shown on this page are some of those required to operate and maintain percussion firearms before the metallic cartridge era; Only one of these items (the barrel brush) was needed after the advent of metallic cartridges. They quickly became the collectors items they are today.  No  cleaning tools are shown (except the barrel brush in the Colt cased set). Black powder arms required considerable cleaning as the powder residues are hard, build up quick and are quite corrosive. It helped to have plenty of hot water. Cleaning and maintenance requirements were dramatically simplified with the coming of cartridges and then smokeless powder.
Loading procedures and requirements varied with the type of arm.  Below is a brief outline of the relatively simple tools and operations required for most revolvers of the era…

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