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Photo Gallery Index

Fifteen major sections of Old West Photos
and maybe some new ones too…

All photos included in Photo Gallery Index are in the Public Domain in the United States of America, unless noted otherwise. Western photographers are noted in the Players (if I have a workable date for them) [LOC = Library of Congress]. Nothing in the way of enhancement has been done to these photographs they are as originally produced.

You are welcome to use my photographs
please credit R.W.” Doc” Boyle/Old West Daily Reader.

Here’s a look at times and people gone by. Think about your own people when you look here…

Arachnids and Insects
Some of the ones you might meet…
(Native location: The Originals Index – Resources and Hazards – Animals – Arachnids and Insects)

Billy the kid Photos
Includes the latest finds.

A few of the western ones…
(Native location: The Originals Index – Resources and Hazards – Animals – Birds)

Cowboy Photos
The real cowboys of the Old West at work and play.

Doc Photos
All the “real” Doc photos and a bunch of “wish they were”.

Family Photos
Just what it says, Old West Family Photos.
Some from our own History Riders and friends and some from folks we don’t know.

Farm Wagons and Implements
Here are some of the larger pieces of equipment for farming.

Hangings and Shootings (Caution!)
Be Wary Here! Some of this ain’t too pretty!

Indian Photos
Indian Portrait Gallery
Indian Chiefs Photos
Indian Warrior Women
Military Photos – Indian Scouts

Jesse James Photos
A small collection, including the newest discovery!

Ladies of the Evening Photos
Some of the more prominent Madame’s and a few soiled doves…
also appears under: The Originals – Entertainment in the Old West – Doves and Nighthawks

Lawmen Photos
A panoply of faces from the past, for sure a who’s who of good guys, and a few bad ones too…

Domestic and wild, useful, edible or hazardous.
(Native location: The Originals Index – Resources and Hazards – Animals – Mammals)

Memorials Monuments and Sculpture
This is how we remember…

Military Photos
Exploring, escorting wagon trains, fighting Indians, etc.

Soldiers of the Old West
Here are some photos of the more prominent…

Mining Photos
Here’s how those old boys did it. A hard life!
Gold Rushes
Mines and Claims of the Old West
Mining Minerals
Silver Rushes

Outlaw Photos
The bad and the really bad…

People & Places Photos
Just what it says.

Performer Photos
Stage, Wild West Shows and the Movies…

Pushin’ Up Daisies
Where are they now? A visit to the bone orchard.

Reptiles and Amphibians
A small sample…
(Native location: The Originals Index – Resources and Hazards – Animals – Reptiles and Amphibians

A small sample, Only mine for now.
Anybody have a collection they will allow to be used?

Transportation Photos
Not everybody had a horse…
Railroads in the West

Weapons Photos Index
Getting to be a large collection of the weaponry of the Old West…
Ammunition Then and Now
Dirk’s Derringers P. 1
Dirk’s Derringers P. 2
Dirk’s Pistols & Pepperboxes
Dirk’s Revolvers P. 1
Dirks’ Revolvers P. 2
Edged Weapons
Firearms Oddities
Marcel’s Guns
Mikes Revolvers Page 1
Mikes Revolvers Page 2
Long Guns
Percussion Firearms Accessories
Weapons Photos Location Index

Women and Children Photos
A civilizing influence.

Women of the West Photos
TYH! to 67 ladies representing the Old West!
Women and Children Photos
A civilizing influence.

Young Guns
This one is actually part of The Pretenders
but it is a photo page , so it’s here as well…
Young Guns is a for fun page on Old West Daily Reader. Some photos of Contributors
but mostly young anonymous cowboys and cowgirls found on the internet.

owdr-barrel-and-horse-collar - Photo Gallery Index

Photo: U.S. PD 2014 Doc

  If you have a nice old photo (and you have the rights) that you would like to see included here, email me, let’s talk.

and, be sure to see the Young Guns page for more family photo ops…

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