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Site Guide

Howdy and Welcome to Old West Daily Reader!

What’s in the Site Guide?

Preface: More about the OWDR and how it came to be. (windy)

How to use The Reader:
The Weeks
The Players
Other Site Sections

Just what it says, Simple and easy with a quirk or two, it’s a short read.

Players Notation Index: a list of those letters in parentheses: (V), (MS), (A), (Victim), (Movie Star), Author), etc., behind a player’s name in the alphabetical listings.

Conduct: Don’t aim to tell you much about how to behave here, just do it.

Terms of Services: All the legal foo fraw, You probably ought to read it, since you agreed to it when you signed up…

Privacy Policy: Everybody’s…

Improve OWDR: If you want to help improve Old West Daily Reader; suggestions, corrections additions, etc. Take a read through this section.

Copyright Issues: OWDR Copyright Policy; Use of OWDR material; Infringements; Changes to credits.

About the Author/Editor: Some lies about me probably… (I wrote ‘em, I should know.)
Editor as well now, because I’m inviting OWDR subscribers to suggest what to add to the Reader. Become an OWDR Contributor, email me! Contact Doc
Sure would like to find someone with a spur collection who would let me use their photos!
Photo Gallery – Spurs

Site Index: This here’s the people road map for this outfit. (words)

There you have it, for most folks this should do it.
The site is actually fairly straight forward and easy to use
once you get the hang of the Navigation Panel, Flyouts and reference links.
If you do need some help, email me. Contact Doc

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