Family Photos

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Family Photos

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Looking for Family Photos from History Riders & Friends

Here they are, pictures from the past.
From the Family Albums of OWDR contributors, subscribers and friends.

History Riders
Send me your “antique” family photos,
Let’s start with anything prior to 1915…
100 years old or more.
See bottom of this page for information.
* {000} = OWDR Contributor #’s

Here is what to do:

Photos should be pre-1915 (100 years ago).
Email the phot0 (1000 pixels wide/tall or less, largest dimension)
Permission for OWDR to use the photo (only on OWDR) is implied when you send the pic.
Therefore: only send your own photos!
Names of the subjects – Date of the photo
detail information encouraged

send to:

NO awards, rewards, prizes or votes!
Just send your saddle pals to ride by and take a look…
Some of ’em have photos that should be here!

Antique Family Gallery

This section will be photos of Old West families we don’t know, picked off the internet, maybe some Library of Congress, we will see…

OWDR Homesteader_NE_1866WebHere is is a nice sample of what we are looking for…
Loup Valley, NE 1866: with everything they own in the photo, these pioneers pose on the prairie with the wagon they are living and traveling in while seeking a homestead. This rig is somewhere between a spring wagon and a “Prairie Schooner. Think early RV. Photo: U.S. PD LOC.  {001}
This one from our own pages see:
Photo Gallery Index – Transportation Photos

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