Firsts in The Old West

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Firsts in the Old West

Alkali's outhouse art - Firsts in the Old West

When and where did it happen the First Time in the Old West?  Who did it?
Firsts in the Old West knows!
And just for fun, here they are, in date order.
Plucked from the pages of Old West Daily Reader by our prize pack of History Miners,™
so History Riders™ can find ’em without gettin’ their ponies all lathered up.
Ain’t that nice! Enjoy!
Supposed to be fun, but be wary!
Correspondence indicates you can learn things on this one page!

Currently includes items from WEEKS 1-52 with some entries from other pages.
If you locate a “First“, we missed, hiding somewhere in OWDR, Please send an email with your find.
There’s one easy way to join the History Miners on The Reader!
© 2017, should you wish to use items from this page, please ask.
Drawing: U.S. PD, This has been hanging in Alkali’s outhouse for years.
We cant read the signature on the bottom. {003 & 001}










The “Firsts!”

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