Confederate States Timeline

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Confederate States Timeline in The Weeks (1808 – 1889)
Confederate States of America

OWDR Jefferson Davis Web

Jefferson Davis President 1860 to 1865
The Confederate States of America
Photo: U.S. PD c. 1860’s

Please note: Old West Daily Reader is not about the civil war,
it is concerned with the influence of that conflict on The West.

Here are all of the references to the Confederate States of America
appearing in Old West Daily Reader; in date order.
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Week    Date                Remarks

22          06/03/1808   Born: Jefferson F. Davis.

05          02/04/1861    The beginning…

18          05/06/1861    Richmond

31          08/01/1861     Arizona claimed.

13           03/28/1862   Last call in the West.

18          05/05/1865    Abolished

45          11/06/1865    The last surrender.

45          11/10/1865     Henry Wirz

49          12/06/1889    The Passing of Jeff Davis.

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