Week 43: October

Week 43: October 22 thru 28th

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10/22 of… 1868

Born: Edward H. “Ed” Morrell in Thomaston, PA. CA outlaw, Evans Gang.  {001}
The Originals – Outlaw Gangs – Evans Gang (Chris)


N.C Wyeth (Newell Convers) born in Needham, MA. Great American illustrator/artist.  {001}


For the third time in seventy-one days, robbers stop the Soledad to Paso del Robles, CA, Wells Fargo stagecoach.  {001}


The mines at Butte, MT, shut down. Over 9,000 men are thrown out of work.  {001}


The passing of Colorado Madame Lillian Powers. “Lil” operated the Cupolo in Denver (1903-07) and ran other parlors in Florence (40 years), Cripple Creek and Salida.  {001}


Whip Wilson - Week 43: October 22nd thru 28th“Whip Wilson” Roland Charles Meyers, age 53, died in Los Angeles, CA. Western film actor and a Lash La Rue copycat, he acted in “B” westerns of the ’40s & ‘50s. Silver Trails (1948), Crashing Thru (1949) (first starring role), Night Raiders (1952). Some 20+ films with sidekicks: Andy Clyde, Fuzzy Knight and Jim Bannon. Horses: Silver Bullet, Bullet and Rocket. His career lacked snap and it fizzled. Photo: c. 1950’s Studio Promo  {001}

10/23 of… 1862

A force of pro-Union tribes attacked the Confederate held Wichita Agency+2,  located at Fort Sill near Anadarko, OK; home to some 300 members of the Tonkawa +2, a tribe sympathetic to the Confederacy. During the attack, Confederate Indian agent Leeper and several other whites were killed. The Tonkawa fled to the south, toward Confederate held Fort Arbuckle… {001}


John Shea is shot by neighbor Andrew McConnell for driving cattle across his land. McConnell’s friend Moses Miles testifies that Shea was the aggressor and McConnell is released from arrest. Soon, evidence and other neighbors’ testimony reveals thatOld West Daily Reader Subscribe Today

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