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Time to Ponder

Time to Ponder is a sit around the campfire and think about it page…

1452 to the Present…
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1452 – 2017: Five hundred and sixty-five years…

The papal bull Romanus Pontifex (1452) by Pope Nicholas V called upon Portuguese King Alfonso, “to invade, search out, capture, vanquish and subdue all Saracens and pagans,… and other enemies of Christ.”  Also, … the land and possessions of these people should be taken away and non-Christians be, “reduced to perpetual slavery.”
In 1493 the Inter Cetera papal bull, issued by Pope Alexander VI decreed the pope’s desire that “barbarous nations be overthrown” and those nations “discovered” be subjugated and reduced to the Catholic faith “to propagate the Christian religion.”

Discovery Doctrine – The doctrine can be directly traced to both of the above. Modified over time and applied worldwide it essentially states that; if a christian, “discovers” lands owned by a non-christian, he can claim title to them and any indigenous peoples present become merely “occupiers”. Descended through English law, affirmed and applied to U.S. law by The Marshall Court,* it became the legal basis for the relocation of the American Indians, the appropriation of their lands and the determination of their “legal” status. Add a healthy dose of “Right of Conquest” and everything else follows. Right or wrong in our current opinion; modern folks need to remember that it was the ways of the times; not unlike the then contemporary approaches to the issues of slavery. Resolved in their time , in the context of their times, both issues have left complicated legacies, unraveling yet today in the world, America and the West.  {001}
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Wk. 13, 03/26/1804 – First U.S. Government notice ordering Indians to move west.
*Wk. 09, 02/28/1823 – Johnson vs. M’Intosh
Wk. 22, 05/28/1830 – Indian Removal Act
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1804 – 1806 – 27 months

Ordered by President Thomas Jefferson to get a sense of the new land acquired from France via the Louisiana Purchase, the first overland expedition* across the continent set out from St. Louis, under the leadership of Captain Meriwether Lewis and Lieutenant William Clark.
*Wk. 19, 05/13/1804 – Departure
Wk. 38, 09/23/1806 – Return

1830’s: Seventy Days

To go up the Missouri River by steamboat from St. Louis, MO to Fort Pierre, SD (Montana Terr.). It only took 15 days to return downriver.  {001}
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One hundred-forty to one hundred-sixty days…

Thomas J. Farnham, under the banner “Oregon or the Grave” led sixteen “Oregon Dragoons” from Peoria, IL to travel most of what would eventually become The Oregon Trail. Nine of the emigrants (less Farnham) eventually reached Fort Walla Walla. By the late 1860’s it was estimated that 400,000  travelers had followed the trail and its many cutoffs and variations. The 2000 mile trek would usually take from 140 to 160 days. Read Parkman’s Oregon Trail by Francis Parkman, first published in Knickerbocker Magazine as a serial (1847-49).  {001}
Wk. 18, 05/01/1839 – same article

Three weeks…

The Donner Party rejoins the California Trail near the place that will become Elko, NV, but they have endured serious problems crossing the Wasatch Mountains Old West Daily Reader Subscribe Today

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