Week 51: December

Week 51: December 17th thru 23rd

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12/17 of…1877

Salt War – San Elizario, TX: Charles Howard, John E. McBride (Howard’s agent) and John G. Atkinson (who had put up $11,000 to satisfy a forfeited bond) were shot by a firing squad made up of men (aliens) from Mexico.  {001}


Frank West - Week 51: December 17th thru 23rdSam Starr (husband of Belle) and BIA Police Officer Frank West kill each other in a shootout at a dance, near the Canadian River, Oklahoma Territory. Photo: U.S. PD pre-1886, Officer Down Memorial Page, Frank West.  {001}


The Denson farm, 15 miles south of Graham, TX. Both drunk, Young County sheriff Marion DeKalb Wallace and Deputy Thomas B. “Tom” Collier attempt to re-arrest the Marlow brothers (Alfred, Boone and Llewellyn [out on bail]) for a horse theft charge. Showing no warrant, Collier opens fire on Boone—and when Marlow returns fire he mistakenly kills Sheriff Wallace (who had just rounded a corner behind Collier to investigate the shot). Boone escapes in the confusion and the other brothers—including Charles and George, who had not been present—go to Graham (TX) and surrender on the existing horse theft charge.  {001}


Yellowstone Kelley - Week 51: December 17th thru 23rdYellowstone Kelley (Luther Sage Kelley), age 79, died in California. Soldier, hunter, trapper and scout on the frontier from 1868 to 1885—when he again entered government service and went to Alaska, and later the Philippines. Photo: U.S. PD pre-1928, unknown.  {001}


Rex Allen & Koko - 1952 - Week 51: December 17th thru 23rdRex Elvie AllenThe Arizona Cowboy”, age 78, died in Tucson, AZ. Rodeo rider, country singer/songwriter, movie and TV star, narrator. He acted in 19 Western movies for Republic Pictures with sidekicks Buddy Ebsen, then Slim Pickens. He made the last “singing western” film, Phantom Stallion (1954). Next he led in 39 episodes of TV’s Frontier Doctor (1958-59). Later, Allen did narration and commercials. His son, Rex Allen, Jr. is a country & western singer. Horse: Koko. Photo: U.S. PD 1952, studio promo.  {001}
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12/18 of… 1858

The Territorial Enterprise is founded in Virgina City, NV, by Alfred James and William Jernegan. Mark Twain served as editor for a time at the paper, making $25 a week publishing writings that are treasured today.  {001}


Battle of Pease River. Not far from today’s Quanah, TX, a monument marks the slaughter of nearly twenty Comanches under Peta Nocona, by a detachment of Texas Rangers and militia headed by ranger captain “Sul” Ross. White settlers had encroached on land historically belonging to the Comanche. The Indians had shown their displeasure in various ways and this expedition was mounted to “protect the lives and property of white settlers”. Due mostly to considerable self-promotion by Sul Ross, the massacre was transformed into a “battle” which had, “…forever broken the great Comanche confederacy”. Quanah, the Parker family, and the stories of numerous others strongly challenged Ross’ claim that he had killed Chief Peta Nocona. The disputants claimed that the great chief lived several years longer, finally succumbing to old infected war wounds sustained while fighting Apaches. This raid is primarily remembered as the place where Cynthia Ann Parker (Nadua) was taken back after 24 years with the Comanche, beginning a tragic saga of non-integration with a culture that she couldn’t relate to or understand, among people who didn’t understand her. {001}
Wk. 20, 05/20/1836 – Cynthia Ann Parker
Quotes Index – Indian Quotes – Hiram B. Rogers, a Texas Ranger


Secretary of State William H. Seward proclaims the adoption of the Thirteenth Amendment. The United States abolishes and continues to prohibit slavery and involuntary servitude.  {001}


Charlie Mason and Richard Weatherill discover and explore the Anasazi Indian ruins that will become Mesa Verde National Park near Cortez, CO.  {001}


At the age of 66, cattleman and gunfighter John Calhoun “Pink” Higgins dies of a heart attack at his ranch in Spur, TX.  {001}


Dale L. Morgan (Lowell Dale Morgan) born in Salt Lake City, UT. Western historian.  {001}


The feral descendants of Old World Spanish stock (1500’s), mustangs and wild burros are to be protected as “living symbols of the historic and pioneer spirit of the West”. Congress passes and President Richard M. Nixon signs into law the Wild and Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act of 1971. Approximately 40, 000 horses and 5,000 burros in 2010. This is a good place to remember that the American Indian* only had horses from the 1500’s onward. Before that, the largest beast of burden in the New World was the llama and the Indians, north of Mexico, didn’t have any. The only pack animals were dogs.  {001}
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12/19 of… 1788

Juan Bautista de Anza - Week 51: December 17th thru 23rdThe passing of Juan Bautista de Anza at age 52 in Arizpe, New Spain (NM). Soldier, Indian  fighter, politician, governor of Nuevo Mexico 1777-1787). Photo: U.S. PD pre-1788  {001}
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Albert Franklin Banta  – aka: Charles A. Franklin; he will become, among other things, an explorer, an army scout and guide, a lawyer, a newspaperman…  {001}


LCW: Tom “Big Foot” Folliard killed and Tom Pickett wounded in an ambush by Sheriff Pat Garrett and/or Deputy Lon Chambers at Fort Sumner, NM. Tom was an ex-Regulator and #2 in Billy the Kid’s gang of thieves and rustlers. Pickett, Billy the Kid, Charlie Bowdrie, Dave Rudabaugh and Billy Wilson rode away into the night.  {001}
Quotes Index – Gunfighter Quotesfor Tom’s final question…
Photo Gallery – Pushin’ Up DaisiesBilly, Charlie and Tom – 3rd down


Edwin O Perrin - 1882 - Week 51: December 17th thru 23rdEdwin O. Perrin, age 67, died in New York City, New York. Born in Springfield, Ohio (1822). Union secret agent, rebel, Indian fighter, lawyer (New Mexico Territory, 1861). A would-be-politician, he was a court clerk later in life in New York. Burro: Old Harry. Photo: U.S. PD 1882, LOC.  {001}


Citing “lack of accommodations for women prisoners,” Arizona Governor Alexander O. Brodie pardons stage robber Pearl Hart and she is released after two years and 23 days in Yuma Territorial Prison.  {001}


Butch Cassidy, the Sundance Kid, Ethel Place and one unknown rob the Banco de la Nacion in Villa Mercedes, Argentina. Pursued by a posse, they escape into Chile.  {001}


Josephine Sarah Marcus - Week 51: December 17th thru 23rdJosephine Sarah Marcus “Josie” Earp (born c. 1861) age 83, died in Los Angeles, CA. Box house dancer (the Birdcage Variety Theater, Tombstone, AZ – see: 12/21/1881, below). Common law wife of John Behan (Prescott and Tombstone, c. 1879-80) and 2nd “wife” of Wyatt Earp (c. 1881 – 1929). A commonly displayed photo reputed to be the veiled, nude Josephine Marcus is not her. Photo: U.S. PD C.S. Fly, c. 1881  {001}

12/20 of… 1803

The Louisiana Purchase, signed in April, is now consummated at about three cents per acre. The land, spanning from Montana to the port of New Orleans, doubles the size of the United States. No natives are consulted in this land deal between France, who needs the $15 million—and the United States, which seeks to expand into the west (828,000 square miles).  {003}


Lyne Barret drills the first oil well in Texas.  {001}


Fetterman Massacre Plaque - Week 51: December 17th thru 23rdCaptain William J. Fetterman - Week 51: December 17th thru 23rdCaptain William Judd Fetterman (born c. 1833) died in the action which bears his name, the Fetterman Massacre. Reacting to an attack on a wood train by a mixed band of Cheyenne and Lakota led by Red Cloud and Crazy Horse, he disobeyed orders and took 80 men in pursuit of a small band of Indians—and into an ambush of an estimated 1000+ warriors who wiped them out in about 20 minutes. All of the bodies were stripped and mutilated save one, that of bugler Adolph Metzger, whose unmolested body was found beneath a buffalo robe (thought to be an acknowledgement of his bravery). His last weapon, his bugle, was completely smashed. Near Ft. Phil Kearny, Idaho Territory (today WY). American Horse was said to have cut Fetterman’s throat and Rain in the Face fought with distinction (debated). Legend has it that Fetterman had stated: “Give me 80 good men and I will ride through the Sioux Nation.” Possibly? His inexperience certainly got everyone killed. The Indians called this “The Battle of the Hundred in the Hand.” Their tactics had been perfect. Photos: LH U.S. PD 2003 Phil Konstantin, plaque commemorating the massacre; RH US. PD pre-1866.  {001}


Noted outlaw Jesse James pens a letter to the St. Louis Dispatch (MO) from Deer Lodge, MT, denying any involvement in the robbery at Council Bluffs, IA, on 07/21/1873.


Wm. “Buttermilk Bill” Hensley commits suicide after killing Colorado cattleman William J. Wilson in Denver, CO.  {001}


Ishi: The Last of His Tribe starring Eloy Casados as Ishi, based on the 1964 book by Theodorea Kroeber, played on NBC Television. Considered the best of the partly fictionalized stories of this man between two worlds.  {001}
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Bob Steele - Week 51: December 17th thru 23rdBob Steele, Robert Adrian Bradbury, age 81, died in Burbank, CA. Film & television actor (1920-1973). Photo: U.S. PD 1940, outtake from The Carson City Kid.  {001}
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12/21 of…1859

Sam Houston takes office as the first popularly elected President of Texas. He opposed secession and unsuccessfully sought to keep Texas out of the Confederate States of America. He will serve until forced out of office on 03/15/1861.  {001}


Clay Allison kills Deputy Sheriff Charles Faber at the Olympic Dance Hall in Las Animas, CO. Brother John Allison, shotgunned by Faber, recovers. John is released on “lack of evidence”. Clay is released on “self-defense”.  {001}


Bird Cage Theater - Week 51: December 17th thru 23rd(T) Opening night at Lottie and William Hutchinson’s Bird Cage Variety Theater. A typical “box” house*, there is general seating on the main floor and curtained private boxes above… whatever happens up there is veiled from view. The “Doves of the Roost” ply their trade. With talent imported from both coasts, the stage was graced by luminaries of the times such as: Lillian Russell, Eddie Foy, Sr., Lotta Crabtree and Lillie Langtry. The legendary Fatima was said to have performed her belly-dancing routine there in 1882. A 24/7 high stakes poker game ($1,000) beneath the stage was supported by four “cribs”. (This, incidentally, is claimed to be the longest-running poker game in history at twenty-four hours a day for eight years, five months, and three days. It is alleged to have turned over some $10,000,000 [10% to the house]. Known participants included Doc Holliday, Bat Masterson, Diamond Jim Brady, and George Hearst.) Mothballed in 1889, this historic treasure was rediscovered in 1934. Visit it today in old Tombstone. TYH!+2 (25th?)  Photo: U.S. PD.   {001}
*References – DictionaryBox House


Lucille Mulhall - Week 51: December 17th thru 23rdAn auto accident near the ranch at Mulhall, OK, takes Rodeo Performer Lucille Mulhall at 55 years. Her daddy was the famous Wild West performer/pioneer Zach Mulhall. (Zach Mulhall’s Congress of Rough Riders and Ropers [c. 1907?]) The ranch-raised “Queen of the Western Prairiewas one of the first women to compete with men in rodeo riding and roping events. She performed with the Miller Brothers 101 Ranch Wild West Show and numerous others. She formed her own show in 1913, and her own rodeo in 1916. She quit performing and retired to the family ranch sometime around 1922. (“Queen of the Saddle“, “Rodeo Queen“, and many other titles…) TYH!  Photo: U.S. PD pre-1922.  {001}


Jeremiah Johnson airs—a Sydney Pollock film starring Robert Redford, based mainly on the books Mountain Man and Crow Killer (largely tall tales) and vaguely on the life of John “Liver-Eating Johnston”.*  {001 & 017}
*Wk. 03, 01/21/1900 – John “Liver-Eating Johnston”
Photo Gallery Index – Pushin’ Up Daisies
– John “Liver-Eating Johnston”
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Rod Cameron”, Nathan Roderick Cox, age 73, died in Gainesville, FL. Stuntman and “B” western movie actor. Guest starred in Laramie on NBC and many other TV westerns.  {001}


Syd Saylor - Week 51: December 17th thru 23rdSyd Saylor, dead at 67 in Chicago. Movie actor, best known for his role as Lullaby in the first film of the series, The Three Mesquiteers (1936). A pale comic sidekick to some of the Hollywood greats in the 1930’s and 1940’s, he played in Guns in the Dark (1937), Wyoming Willdcat (1941) and others. Photo: U.S. PD pre-1962 Studio promo  {001}
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12/22 of… 1812

Sacagawea, approximate age 26, died of fever at fur trading fort Manuel Lisa on the Missouri River. Celebrated for her skill and courage in facilitating and helping guide the Lewis and Clark Expedition of 1803-06, she was buried at Fort Washakie, WY. TYH!  {001}


Sarah Bowman - Week 51: December 17th thru 23rdBorn c. 1813, now dead from a spider bite is the “Whore with a Golden Heart,Sarah A. Bowman. Aka, “The Great Western” and “Heroine of Fort Brown” (1846). Noted and well-traveled laundress, camp follower, whore, Madame, war hero and mother to adopted children, she was a brevet honorary colonel and was buried with military honors at Fort Yuma, AZ. Today in San Francisco National Cemetery. TYH!  Photo: PD Sarah Bowman, center.  {001}


Sam Bass and his gang rob a stage west of Ft. Worth, TX.  {001}


Pat Garrett‘s posse surrounds the adobe cabin at Stinking Springs where several Regulators, including Billy the Kid, are hiding out.  {001}


Barney L. Ford - Week 51: December 17th thru 23rdDead in Denver, CO, Barney L. Ford, age 80. An escaped slave, he later became a prominent entrepreneur and black civil rights pioneer in Colorado. His is one of Colorado’s most remarkable rags-to-riches tales, with his worth achieving some $250,000 by the 1870s. He later became the wealthiest man in Breckenridge (c. 1880’s) and one of the richest in Colorado. A respected businessman and a friend to all, his portrait in stained glass is in the rotunda of the state capitol building in Denver, in acknowledgement of his exceptional citizenship and pioneering of free enterprise and philanthropy in the American West. His story is simply too big for the Old West Daily Reader, look him up. TYH! Photo: U.S. PD unknown pre-1902, collection Denver Public Library.  {003}


The release of a very good remake of the western classic, True Grit, starring Jeff Bridges, Matt Damon, Josh Brolin and Hailee Steinfeld.  {001}
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12/23 of…1855

Born in Downieville, CA, George Emory Goodfellow: physician, naturalist and so much more, in the great American Old West.  {001}


Buffalo Bill: King of the Border Men first appeared as a serial in Street and Smith’s New York Weekly with the byline of Ned Buntline.  {001}


William “Bully” Brooks shoots out a disagreement with Santa Fe RR yardmaster Brown. Brown wounds Brooks with his first shot, but Brooks nicks a bystander and then kills Brown with his third round. Dodge City, KS.  {001}


George Catlin by William Fisk - Week 51: December 17th thru 23rdAmerican painter George Catlin dead in Jersey City, NJ, at 76 years. Following earlier works (some published) Catlin began in the late 1820’s to exercise a life-long fascination with the Indians. A hearty traveler, he ultimately visited more than fifty tribes and left behind a great legacy of paintings and portraits of Native Americans, some 500 alone in the first group (1830-38). Catlin’s story is far too big for The Reader, look up this early recorder of our past and marvel at his art. TYH! Photo: U.S. PD, a painting (1849) of Catlin by William Fisk.  {001}
Photo Gallery Index – Indian Photos – paintings from Catlin
Quotes Index – Rules to Live ByGeorge Catlin


Dead of consumption in Washington, D.C., is Fielding Bradford Meek, age 59. Geologist and paleontologist and a member of the  Hayden Expedition (1853) to the Dakota badlands. Meek returned with important fossil collections and a valuable geological perspective of the lands he had traveled.  {001}


LCW: Charlie Bowdre—ex-Regulator and Billy the Kid Gang member—is killed by a posse led by Sheriff Pat Garrett at Stinking Springs, NM. Billy and the other two survivors were captured.  {001}
Photo Gallery – Pushin’ Up DaisiesBilly, Charlie and Tom – 3rd down


John Simpson Chisum - Week 51: December 17th thru 23rdJohn Simpson Chisum, age 60, well known cattle baron and namesake of the Chisholm Trail, died in Eureka Springs, AR, (buried in Paris, TX). Chisum partnered with Charles Goodnight and Oliver Loving, who together pioneered the moving of large herds of Texas cattle for sale to the army and civilian buyers in New Mexico, Colorado and Kansas. Chisum eventually settled in New Mexico and was caught up in the Lincoln County War on the side of the Tunstall-McSween faction. Chisum and others effected the election of Pat Garrett, who soon put an end to the Billy the Kid Gang. Photo: U.S. PD.  {001}


Ferdinand Vandeveer Hayden - Week 51: December 17th thru 23rd Died: Dr. Ferdinand Vanderveer Hayden, age 58, in Philadelphia, PA. Army surgeon (Civil War service), western explorer. Hayden accompanied and led far too many expeditions to be noted adequately here. His most notable was the fifty-man, 1871 Hayden Geological Survey into northwestern Wyoming’s Yellowstone region. Among the personnel on the trip were photographer William Henry Jackson, noted painter Thomas Moran, and entomologist Cyrus Thomas. The reports, photographs, paintings and scientific information gathered, plus Hayden’s (published in 1869) Geological Report of the Exploration of the Yellowstone and Missouri Rivers in 1859-1860, were of considerable influence on Congress’ decision to create Yellowstone* as the first National Park. TYH! Photo: U.S. PD pre-1887, unknown.  {001}
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*Wk. 09, 03/01/1872 – Yellowstone National Park
The Originals Index – Expeditions Dr. Ferdinand Vanderveer Hayden


Charles Wright, unhappy over a card game, shotguns shootist Luke Short in the back at a Saloon in Ft. Worth, TX. Luke lived, but was crippled for life.  {001}


Definitely a different perspective… the revisionist Western comedy (with some dark moments) Little Big Man recounts the life of a white boy raised by Indians, contrasting it to the life of the Western pioneers. OWDR History Riders and others with an open interest in Native Americans should certainly find it interesting.  {001}
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