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Week 27: July 2nd thru 8th

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7/2 of… 1861

Ellen Liddy Watson “Cattle Kate” born in Arran Lake, Bruce County, Ontario, Canada. Seamstress, waitress, homesteader, cattle rancher.  {001}


Northern Pacific Railway logo - Week 27 Northern Pacific Railway founded in St. Paul, MN. Photo: NPR logo © NPR, fair use.  {001}


Some 700 Pawnee Indians, about half women and children, leave the Genoa Agency in Nebraska for the summer buffalo hunt. The agent, John Williamson will accompany the expedition.  {001}
Wk. 31, 08/05/1873 – Massacre Canyon


Adobe Walls, TX+2. William Olds is killed when his rifle discharges as he descends a ladder from a lookout post — the last casualty of the battle.  {001}


The Black Hills Expedition led by Lt. Colonel George A. Custer+3 leaves Ft. Lincoln, Dakota Territory, to scout a location for a new fort, on the grounds that the Indians were using the Black Hills as a retreat after rustling cattle. Included were 110 wagons, a large military escort, scientists, and two geologists to do mineral surveys. This was an outright intentional violation of the 1868 treaty, intended to provoke an Indian response so the land could be seized for settlers.  {001}


An unguarded President James A. Garfield shot twice by Charles Guiteau at the Baltimore and Potomac Railroad Station in Washington, D.C.  {001}
see also:
Wk 33; 08/19/1863 – Abraham Lincoln


Black Jack Ketchum kills two miners during a dispute over a card game at Camp Verde, AZ.  {001}


Born in Lamar, CO is Ken Curtis (Curtis Wain Gates): TV actor, sidekick+3.  {001}

7/3 of… 1863

Chief Little Crow - Week 27Kaposia Chief Little Crow is murdered while picking raspberries by a wood cutter named Lamson, for the bounty on Indians in Minnesota ($25). Lamson received a $500 bonus when the chief was identified. His scalp is still in the possession of the Minnesota Historical Society. Photo: U.S. PD 1857 or 1858, date & photographer disputed.  {001}


Print Olive and his Texas cowboys arrive in Ellsworth, KS with a trail herd of Texas longhorns. They settle in to wait for the best offers…  {003}


Adobe Walls, TX+2; Billy Dixon leads out the first party of twenty-five hunters returning to Dodge City, and the first relief wagon train arrives. All of the survivors and their cache of buffalo hides will eventually reach Dodge City and safety. The outpost is abandoned for good.  {001}


Expecting trouble with Indians as they travel through New Mexico, Colorado and Wyoming, is the well-equipped, over-manned and heavily armed outfit of Arizona & Texas cowboys (including Red River Dick, who will the next day become Deadwood Dick!+2) deliver three thousand Texas steers to Deadwood, SD. On the way in, he claims they have heard numerous tales of the recent Custer Massacre+3 and were warned to be wary (This is very unlikely.* His book claims they passed within sixty miles of the battle — it was really 250+ and they were coming from the south.)  They have had no Indian trouble and the herd is given over to the new owners whereupon the cowboys set about to explore the town.  {001 & 007}
*07/05/1876 – below


Celia Ann Mattie Blaylock - Week 27Mattie Blaylock, Wyatt Earp‘s common law wife, subsequently abandoned (1881) but then returned to prostitution. She “committed suicide by opium poisoning”, an overdose of laudanum* while working in Pinal, AZ Territory. This was probably the most common form of escape for women trapped in this profession. Photo: U.S. PD pre-1888, J. T. Parker and Co., Fort Scott, Arkansas.  {001}
References – Dictionary Laudanum


Idaho Seal - Week 27Idaho admitted to the Union as the 43rd state. “The Gem State” Idaho Seal, U.S. PD.  {001}


John Sontag - Week 27After three weeks of intense suffering, Evans Gang outlaw John Sontag dies of the gunshot wounds he sustained at the Gunfight at Stone Corral* (with likely a little tetanus in the mix). Photo: U.S. PD pre-1893  {001}
*Wk. 24, 06/12/1893 – Stone Corral
The Originals Index – Hazards & Resources – DiseaseTetanus
The Originals Index – Outlaw Gangs Index – Evans Gang (Chris)


In a confrontation during a Western Federation of Miners strike at the Smuggler-Union Mine in Telluride, CO, 27 year old Finland native John Barthell stepped unarmed to the front of the picket line, faced company gunmen, and shouted in broken English, “You are under arrest.” The company gunmen immediately shot him through the neck and he fell, mortally wounded. Striking miners began to return fire, and a general shooting war broke out…  {001}


Wagner, MT train robbery - Kid Curry 1901 - Week 27WB: HarveyKid CurryLogan, Ben “the Tall Texan” Kilpatrick, O.C. “Deaf Charley” Hanks and Wat Putney dynamite the express car to rob the Great Northern Coast Flyer train #3 at Wagner, Montana. Photo U.S. PD 1901.  {001}


Harry Tracy kills Detective Charles Raymond and Deputy John Williams in a gunfight. Seattle, WA.  {001}


Sierra No. 3 — with a new boiler and an extensive rebuild takes residence at the Railtown 1897 State Historic Park at Jamestown, CA(?). The “Movie Star Locomotive“, out of service since 1996, is on display and working again, restored to its configuration as seen in The Virginian (1929). It’s very likely you have seen this locomotive in an old western movie or TV show. It is also very probable that you will see “3-spots” in westerns to come.  {001}
see: Wk. 13, 03/26/1891 – Sierra No. 3

7/4 of…1803

The Louisiana Purchase Treaty signed in France in April reaches Washington, D.C. The Territory is vast, extending from the Gulf of Mexico in the south to Rupert’s Land in the north, and from the Mississippi River in the east to the Rocky Mountains in the west. This will double the size of the United States, at a sum of less than 3 cents per acre.  {003}
see also:
Wk. 43, 10/27/1795 – Pinckney’s Treaty
Wk. 40, 10/01/1800 – Third Treaty of San Ildefonso


Born in Washington County, VA, Stephen Hall Meek: mountain man, trapper and guide.  {001}


Born: Stephen Collins Foster at Lawrenceville, PA. Songwriter.


Born in Georgia is Ezekial Downing “Zeke” Proctor: gunfighter, deputy sheriff, sheriff, U.S. Marshal, genesis of the Going Snake Massacre.  {001}


John Bidwell, discovered gold near the Middle Fork of the Feather River.  He had been trading foodstuffs with the local Indians for the yellow rock which had no value to them. By 1853 the mining camp he founded in Butte County, CA had become Bidwell’s Bar (aka: Bidwell Bar or Bidwells Bar), attracted 2,000 people, become the county seat and boasted a post office. Mining reached its peak in 1855-56, but the gold had disappeared. At the end of 1856, the San Francisco Bulletin had described it as “Another Deserted Village.”  Photo: U.S. PD pre-1923, John Bidwell. Drawing: U.S. PD, Bidwell’s Bar (1854), artist unknown.  {001}
see also:
Wk 20, 05/18/1841 – Bidwell – Barttelson Party
References – DictionaryMother Orange Tree (The)


William MatthewBillTilghman, Jr.+2 born in Ft. Dodge, IA. Lawman.  {001}
PLAYERS – Timelines Index – Timelines M-Z – Three Guardsmen Timeline


Wyoming’s first Masonic Lodge meeting is held at Oregon Trail Landmark, Independence Rock.   {001}
The Originals Index – Landmarks and RegistersIndependence Rock


Deer Trail, CO: likely the first rodeo. Riding a Hashknife bronc named Montana Blizzard, Mill Iron rider Emilnie Gardenshire wins a new suit of clothes and is named “Champion Bronco Buster of the Plains” over riders from Campstool (WY), Hashknife (NM) and Mill Iron (TX) Ranches.  {001}


Outlaw Jack Watkins escapes the Albany county jail, shooting Deputy Sheriff Lawrence in the leg. Laramie, WY Territory.  {001}


Deadwood Dick - Week 27The celebratory festivities in Deadwood, SD, were to include a contest for all the cowboys in town. A $200 purse had been collected for the winner, and Red River Dick was one of seven “colored” cowboys who entered. He roped, threw, bridled and saddled, then mounted his wild mustang in nine minutes — three and a half minutes faster than the nearest competitor. He also rode the pitching, crazed horse to a standstill. The cheering crowd awarded him the title of “Deadwood Dick+2″, champion roper of the Western cattle country. That afternoon he hit all 14 rifle shots at 1o0 & 250 yards and 10 of twelve pistol rounds at 150 yards. He easily won the shooting contest, beating such notable shooters as Powder Horn Bill, Stormy Jim and the half-breed White Head. The hero of Deadwood had ample help spending his $200 prize money over the next several days. On the way home, he claims the cowboys visited the site of the Custer +3 disaster (very unlikely, as the ride to the battlefield would have been at least 400+ miles out of their way) and met Buffalo Bill, Yellowstone Kelley and several other famous scouts. It would be well to remember that Ned was writing about all of this nearly 30 years after it happened. Photo: via Ned’s Book.   {001}
References – Books – Novels and History (non-ref)
The Life and Adventures of Nat Love


Born in Boston, MA: William Farnum, movie actor.  {001}


Doc Holliday shot and seriously wounded by Henry Kahn in Breckenridge, TX. The Dallas Weekly Herald (07/07/1877), reports Doc killed.  {001}


LCW: Billy the Kid, Frank and George Coe and two other men headed to Upson’s store for candy and tobacco – only to end up in a running gun battle all the way back to the Chisum Ranch. Near Roswell, NM.  {001}


The AT&SF RR arrives, a mile east of town. A tent city, towed buildings and new construction soon generate “East” Las Vegas, NM Terr.  {001}


Bullfight Article - Week 27Olé, Toro, Toro! The “Queen of the Cow Towns” holds a bullfight! Former mayor, now saloon keeper A. B. Webster raises $10,000 (about $250,000 today) to fund the event and builds a proper bullfighting arena. Scottish lawyer W.K. Moore found four matadors in Mexico and soon becomes their manager and press agent, billing them as “genuine Spanish bullfighters.” Matadors at Dodge City - Week 27Doc Barton, the first man to drive cattle from Texas to Dodge, brought in twelve of the most ferocious bulls he could find. The citizens of Dodge City, KS, were treated to two days of Spanish style action: a rousing spectacle complete with a matador thrown against the wall (cracked ribs) and the slaying of the bull in traditional fashion with a sword thrust. Amid local controversy, excitement, and mixed reactions from the press (“barbaric”, “exciting”, “boring”), America’s first and only full blown professional bullfight played to a sold-out crowd. Newspaper article, New York Times of 07/06/1884 via newspapers.com; Photo: U.S. PD, 1884, Kansas Historical Society, The four tee-totaling Mexican matadors.  {001}


Bill Tilghman+2 had tangled with a drunken Ed Prather several times during the day over his behavior in the community. That evening he went to Prather’s establishment for a beer, and an argument resulted over the change returned. Prather insisted on keeping his hand on his gun and threatening Tilghman. Pulling his own gun, Bill instructed Prather to remove his hand from his. When Prater refused, Tilghman shot him in the left breast. Prather remained standing with his hand still on the gun. A further request brought no change, so Tilghman shot him in the head. Ruled a “justifiable killing”.  {001}
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Coffeeville, KS. Two lawmen wounded as a drunken Bill Doolin+2 and carousing friends fight to keep their booze, and discover they need to leave town in a hurry. Bill’s first known brush with the law.  {001}
The Originals Index – Outlaw Gangs Index – Doolin Gang – Wild Bunch


Sheriff Andrew Balfour attempts to serve an arrest warrant on ‘Zip’ Wyatt and is shot to death. Pryor’s Grove, KS.  {001}


Skagway, AK. Soapy Smith+2, acting as Forth Division Marshal in the fourth of July parade, proudly leads his “Skagway Military Company”, then sits with the territorial governor and other dignitaries on the grandstand.  {001}
Wk. 27, 07/08 – Soapy Smith


 George Hildreth Devol - Week 27Gambler George Hildreth Devol, cashes in his final chips at Hot Springs, Garland County, AR, at 73 years. Consummate gambler, con artist, fighter, and a master at manipulating men and their money. It has been estimated that he won and and lost over two million dollars in his 40 year career as as a riverboat and railroad gambler. His 1892 book, Forty Years a Gambler on the Mississippi (1892) tells it all. Illustration; U.S. PD pre-1923.  {001}
Quotes Index – Gambler Quotes – George Devol (page not yet posted)


Died at home in Victor, CO:* Joseph Lesher: soldier, miner, real estate investor, designer and producer of the “Referendum souvenir medal” (Referendum dollar). Photo: U.S. PD pre-1923, Joseph Lesher.  {001 & 031}
Wk. 46, 11/13/1900 – “The Referendum souvenir medal”.
*Wk. 34, 08.22/1899 “The City of Mines”.
References – Books – Novels and History (non-ref)Leonard, Robert D.


Eddie Dean - Stars Over Texas - Week 27Eddie Dean, called by Roy Rogers and Gene Autry “the best cowboy singer of all time”, dead at 91 in Westlake Village, LA,CA. Fifteen films with sidekick+3 Roscoe “Soapy” Ates (1946-48): Driftin’ River (1946), Range Beyond the Blue (1947), Tornado Range (1948). He made a number of films as himself: Song of Old Wyoming (1945) and Black Hills (1948). Horse: Flash. He appeared in the Hopalong Cassidy adventure film series and a large variety of TV shows. A fine songwriter/performer in his own right, Dean was a founder of the Academy of Country Music, a member of the Cowboy Hall of Fame and the Country Music Association. Horses: War Paint, Flash, White Cloud, and Copper. TYH! Photo: U.S. PD 1946 screen shot.  {001}

7/5 of… 1837

Thomas Fitzpatrick and Captain William Stewart arrive at the Rendezvous on the Green River at Horse Creek (to-be Wyoming) with forty-five men and twenty mule carts bearing supplies from the “States”. Among the trade goods: alcohol (pint) $4, beaver trap $ 9.00, blanket $9, coffee $2 (pint), cotton shirt $5, gunpowder $2.50 (lb.), horses $150. to $300+, lead $1.00 (lb.), shot $2.50 (lb.), sugar $2 (pint), scarlet cloth $6 (yard), tobacco $3 (lb.). Beaver (skins), would be purchased from the trappers at from four to five dollars per pound (Osborne Russell). It is almost a certainty that Crow (Padre) and Pony (pound) beads were traded, likely at three or four Crow beads or two large transparent blue beads for a made beaver hide. Seed beads never appeared at any Rendezvous (1825-40). An experienced man might take around 120 skins in the winter season.  {001}
see also:
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Wk. 34, 08/26/1892 – Osborne Russell


Juan Bideno shoots and kills his trail boss Billy Cohron at the Cottonwood River crossing south of Abilene, KS. (4th ??) Wm. Chorn or Billy Coran (according to Hardin+2).  {001}


Eleven P.M., Bismark, ND. With its whistle blaring, the steamboat Far West arrives with the devastating news of Custer‘s+3 defeat at the Little Bighorn in Montana. The next morning, news is quickly passed to Fort Lincoln, Libby Custer, and the other new widows. This is the first known report – the telegraph tells the world.  {001}


Cochise County Sheriff Johnny Behan arrests Doc Holliday for the Benson stage robbery* and the killing of driver Bud Philpot and miner Peter Roerig. This is mostly on the strength of a “confession” obtained from drunken Big Nose Kate.  {001}
*Wk. 11, 03/15/1881 – Benson Stage robbery


Doolin Gang members Bill Doolin+2 and Dynamite Dick Clifton somehow manages to escape federal custody (Eureka Springs?), but it won’t be long now  {001}.
The Originals Index – Outlaw Gangs Index – Doolin Gang – Wild Bunch


Cripple Creek, CO: The owner of The Homestead, the city’s finest brothel was found unconscious on a bed by one of her girls. Medical help was summoned but could do nothing, and Pearl de Vere, was pronounced dead. The doctor believed she died of an accidental morphine* overdose, which she often used to help her sleep. There were some rumors of suicide, but the cause was never confirmed. A Chicago admirer who had given her an $800 Paris gown (in which she was buried), ponied up another $1,000 and the miners gave her the most lavish funeral in the city’s history. She was quite popular in the community and like many Western Madame’s, had been somewhat of a philanthropist, helping widows and the poor.  {001}
*The Originals – Resources and Hazards – Medicinal PlantsOpium Poppy/Morphine


The Jerome DeportationPhelps Dodge Corporation president Walter Douglas orders action to break a strike by a local of the Industrial Workers of the World against a company copper mine at Jerome, AZ. Some 100 strikers and supporters are “arrested” and jailed by a vigilance committee of mine superintendents and some 250 local businessmen (with the cooperation of the Yavapai County sheriff). Later that day, 67 are deported to Needles, CA, and told not to return.  {001}
Photo Gallery Index – Miining PhotosThe Bisbee Deportation

7/6 of… 1860

The 124 members of the Tenth Hand Cart Company [Stoddard] will be the last (until the re-enactments) to pull and push one of these capricious beasts across the land. The tenth has almost 1,000 miles of the American frontier to go. After this there will be wagon trains and finally steam trains for the faithful to gain Zion.  {001}
see also:
PLAYERS H – Hand Carts
Photo Gallery Index – Transportation PhotosMormon Hand Carts


The Nevada newspaper, “Territorial Enterprise of Virginia City, hired a new correspondent for $25 a week. This young man had been unsuccessfully prospecting with his brother for a year and contributing occasional humorous letters to the editor under the name of Josh. Pen names being in common practice and as he was an experienced Mississippi riverboat pilot, 25 year old Samuel Clemens chose a riverboat term that measured two fathoms, or 12 feet, a safe depth for a big steamboat. Mark Twain published his first officially authored piece on this day.  {003}


Samuel Houston King, FrancisFrankMarion King and rancher Robert Carlisle shoot it out at the Bella Union Hotel in Los Angeles, CA. Frank King and Carlisle are killed, and Samuel King is badly wounded but survives, is tried and acquitted.  {001}


Twenty-five-year-old Texas cattleman Bing Choate was drinking and berating Dodge City, KS, gambler Dave St. Clair. St. Clair tolerated considerable abuse but when Choate appeared to be going for his gun, St. Clair drew and fired with deadly effect.  {001}


An unarmed Warren Baxter Earp is shot to death by Cochise County rancher John Nathan Boyett at Brown’s Headquarters Saloon in Wilcox, AZ.  {001}


Roy Rogers - Week 27Roy Rogers, “King of the Cowboys”, Leonard Franklin Slye, age 86, died in Apple Valley, CA. Western Singer (founder) in The Sons of the Pioneers and a solo act in the 1930’s. Recording star, film star, 100+ movies: Under Western Stars (1938), first starring role. Dark Command (1940), only movie with John Wayne. King of the Cowboys (1943), The Yellow Rose of Texas (1944), Along the Navajo Trail (1945), Don’t Fence Me In (1945), Home in Oklahoma (1946), his first w/Dale Evans. The Golden Stallion (1949). His last 27 movies, directed by Joseph Kane and William “Bill” Whitney, were probably his best. Comic Book icon 1935-98: Roy Rogers Comics. TV star: several popular shows and numerous appearances on others. Dog: Bullet. Horses: Golden Cloud, Trigger, Trigger, Jr. and Triggairo (a race horse).  TYH! Photo: U.S. PD 1940, A screenshot from The Carson City Kid. {001}

7/7 of… 1736

Born in Fronteras, New Spain, is Juan Bautista de Anza Bezerra Nieto: soldier, Indian fighter, explorer, governor.  {001}


The San Saba Colonization Company represented by Henry Francis Fisher and Burchard Miller, had petitioned the Republic of Texas for a colonization land grant in February. Issued as the Fisher-Miller Land Grant, for the purpose of settling 1,000 immigrant families of German, Dutch, Swiss, Danish, Swedish, and Norwegian ancestry; the grant consisted of 3,878,000 acres over 5,000 square miles between the Llano River and Colorado River. This, in the very heart of the Comancheria, and part of the hunting grounds of the Penateka Comanche. Fisher and Miller had no success of colonization within the allotted time, but were able to get the timeline extended. The contract was renewed on September 1, 1843 by the Republic of Texas House of Representatives.  {001}


U.S. Navy Commodore John D. Sloat claims California for the United States during the Mexican-American War of 1846-48.  {001}


After killing Billy Cohron two days before,* Juan Bideno is tracked to Bluff Creek, KS, by Billy’s brother John Cohron, Hugh Anderson, Jim Rogers and Wes Hardin+2. Hardin enters the cafe where Bideno is eating as the others surround the place. Hardin is faster on the draw and Bideno takes a fatal bullet in the head.  {001}
07/05/1871 – above


A member of the posse headed by Constable W.C. Kelly, Two Gun George W. Flatt (with an assist by Deputy John Wilson) shoots and kills two Cherokee Strip cowboys, Jake Adams and George Woods at the Occidental Saloon in Caldwell, KS. The cowboys had been drinking, got a little too wild and had been firing their guns into the air outside the saloon.  {001}


Raymond Hatton born in Red Oak, IA: vaudeville player, silent film star, “B” Western actor, sidekick+3.  {001}

7/8 of… 1826

Born in Pittsburgh, PA: Benjamin Grierson; he will become a special and unique soldier.  {001}


Ellis Albert “Al” Swearengen, born in Oskaloosa, IA: entrepreneur.  {001}


Three troopers from Company M, U.S. 5th Cavalry were attacked by eight hostile Indians along the Republican River in KS. The Indians were repulsed with two casualties and corporal John Kyle earned the Medal of Honor for his actions in saving himself and his fellow troopers.  {001}


Soapy Smith - Week 27The Shootout on Juneau Wharf. Jefferson RandolphSoapySmith II+2, age 37, is killed (maybe, probably) by Frank Reid, a member of the local vigilance committee (“The Committee of 101”). All over a game of Three Card Monte, ($2,700 in dust). Reid died from wounds twelve days later. Skagway, AK. Here ends the saga of “The King of the Frontier Con Men” but there’s plenty of story in the middle — look this fellow up! (The gun [maybe] that killed Soapy found its way to a bar in Arizona via Dick Ryman.) Photo: U.S. PD 1898 unknown.  {001}
Quotes Index – Commentators QuotesSoapy Smith
References – ProvenanceFirearms and other items


Rustler MadisonMatt’ Rash, ambushed and killed by Tom Horn, (posing as James Hicks) outside his cabin at Cold Springs Mountain, Routt County, CO.  {001}


Bret and Bart Maverick - Week 27Last day for the ABC TV Western series Maverick after five seasons (124 episodes). Western drama with comedic overtones created by Roy Huggins and originally starring James Garner and Jack Kelly. It generated three spin-offs, a TV movie, a cinematic movie (different cast) and a comic book which enjoyed a three year run. Photo: U.S. PD studio promo, James Garner as Bret Maverick, Jack Kelly as Bart Maverick.  {001}

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