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Weapons Photos Index

© The Weapons Photos section of The Photo Gallery is getting very interesting as Old West Daily Reader Contributors offer up the pictures from their personal collections. Please respect their ownership of these photographs. All shown here by permission….

A few photos included in The Weapon Photos are in the Public Domain in the United States of America. Western photographers are noted in the Players (if I have a workable date for them) [LOC = Library of Congress]. Nothing in the way of enhancement has been done to the old photographs, they are as originally produced.

Dutch Contributor {006} Dirk Lagerwij collects the older guns of the American West. Some of these guns are very rare and others were common on the frontier. They span the time from percussion ignition to rimfire cartridges. Many of these firearms were used well into the time of more modern guns, pinfire, rimfire and centerfire cartridges.

Belgian Contributor {014} Marcel’s Cansee’s collection sports some very unusual firearms; catch the Maynard tape primed pistol.

American Contributor {007} Mike Long’s Revolvers extend the percussion period into the time of more the more familiar big western handguns. The “conversion” period of the percussion revolvers to rimfire and then centerfire is nicely documented by Mike’s guns.

Dutch Contributor {013} Harry Spijker gives us a pic or two.

Doc {001} and, of course, my few antiques (usually used for performance) are here as well.


Ammunition Then and Now
Percussion, Metallic Cartridges – Pinfire, Rimfire and Centerfire: Pistol, Rifle & Shotgun.
Always looking for more variety!

Dirk’s Derringers P. 1
These small handguns were often inexpensive, quite concealable and easy to carry. Sometimes as a backup guns and other times the only gun a person had. A favorite of the soiled doves.  (Divided into two pages to improve page loading times)

Dirk’s Derringers P. 2
Most of these little guns were single shot but there are two small pepperboxes shown here.

Dirk’s Pistols & Pepperboxes
Here are the early, larger pocket pistols and belt guns. Usually still single shot but with larger more effective calibers. Again spanning percussion to rimfire.
Several larger pepperboxes and a double barrel appear here. These guns were early attempts to provide multiple shots in a single firearm. Generally heavier and more difficult to carry and conceal.

Dirk’s Revolvers P. 1
Again percussion to rimfire but now multiple shots in much handier guns. (divided into two pages to improve page loading times)

Dirk’s Revolvers P. 2
 Some of these are starting to show more modern configurations…

Edged Weapons
The knives, swords, lances and hawks. (looking for photos!)

Firearms Oddities
Progressive, unusual, or representative guns of the times [not necessarily Western] (looking for photos!)

A bit of a timeline catch-all page for Western handguns. Some more common guns appear here with references to Contributors pages and WEEKS events. Some more “modern” guns begin to appear…

Long Guns
Here are the carbines, rifles and shotguns; civilian and military. Single shots to repeaters; .22’s to buffalo guns.
Girardoni Air Rifle
The go-to gun on the Lewis and Clark Expedition

Marcel’s Guns
This knowledgeable collector shows us some unusual handguns. Marcel is one of my primary sources for a broad spectrum of information about firearms.
(see also: Marcel’s comment on the Root Sidehammer Colt on:
(Photo Gallery – Weapons Photos – Firearms – Firearms Oddities)

Mikes Revolvers P 1
This collection begins to show the “more advanced” and generally much larger percussion revolvers of the mid-1800’s; you begin to see the oncoming transition to metallic cartridges. Several examples of conversions to metallic cartridges

Mikes Revolvers P 2
Now moving fully into the realm of metallic cartridges and the big guns of the cowboy west.

Percussion Firearms Accessories
A simplified look at operating and maintaining a percussion firearm. Mostly about pistols but not much different for rifles and shotguns. (looking for photos!)

Weapons Photos Location Index
An Index, specific to the photos location on the page, in each of the above sections, in order of appearance on the page.

Always looking for interesting, good quality photos of
Western era antique firearms for The Reader.
I require appropriate permission to use personal or copyrighted material!

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