Quick Start Guide

Quick Start Guide

Howdy History Riders!
Lost in the Wilderness?

Here are a couple of quick exercises.
that should give you most of what you need to know.
Please Note: You must be signed in to the site with a current subscription for this exercise to work.
Links on Old West Daily Reader are Red

Riders often aren’t powerful interested in directions.
They know four of ‘em and ain’t too interested in anymore.
But they’re there if you need ‘em.
OWDR Site Guide – Quick Start Guide on the Navigation Bar (page right).

But first…
These quick exercises should give you most of what you need to know…

Sign in with your username and password.


Look up your birthday.
On the Navigation Bar (page right)
hover over Weeks, on the fly-out, click on Days in the Weeks,
find the Week your birthday is in, click on it.
find your birthday day on that page.
See what happened in the Old West on your birthday!
OK, now you see how to use the Weeks.

Most of the time you will just use the fly-out to find the WEEK you need.
Names bolded on a WEEKS page can be found in PLAYERS (for additional references, if any?)


Back on the Navigation Bar, hover over Players
you get the Alphabetical choice fly-out. Select “B
Call Control and F together which gives you, “Find.
Enter Boyle, use the down arrow to see:
Oops! Next Boyle down…
Boyle, Robert Wayne “Doc”.
Before you select Week 25 to go see my entry,
note that many other names have multiple Weeks after their name.
Those are all the entries for that player in OWDR.
(Entries are not in date order in Players)
I only have one. Go to Week 25.
Big page, how do I find this guy?
Do Control and F together (again) which gives you, “Find.
Enter Boyle use the down arrow…

Way down the page, bottom right, is a “Back to Top

So, now you have Players figured out.


WEEKS noted in PLAYERS are not in date order, only Timelines have date order.
There are about 80 Timelines.
If a Player has one, “TL” appears in their PLAYERS listing,
or just go to Timelines (Navigation Bar) and see who has one…

Now you know a little bit of what Timelines are about.


There are another hundred pages or so, of other various information.
Find it all on the Navigation bar and the flyouts.
After this, you are pretty much on your own!
Biggest hazard is Time. Yours… Enjoy!

Take a break!
Try Just for Fun Pages (Navigation Bar), click on it – some of ‘em are…

Thanks for ridin’ along!



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