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Doc Holliday Quotes

Doc Holliday - Doc Holliday Quotes

The most commonly used Photo of Doc. But is it really him?
No one’s completely sure on this photo. Photo: U.S. PD pre- 1887


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What They Said…

“Dr. Holliday and Mr. Austin, a saloon keeper, relieved the monotony of the noise of firecrackers by taking a couple of shot at each other yesterday afternoon. The cheerful note of the six-shooter is heard once again among us.”
Dallas Weekly Herald (01/02/1875)

“Why you low down stinking slut! If I should step in soft cow manure, I would not even clean my feet on that bastard!”
Lottie Deno, responding to Bignose Kate’s claim that Lottie was trying to steal her man.
Ft. Griffin, TX (c. 1875)

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