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Robbers and Poets Quotes

Stagecoach Robbery - Robbers and Poets Quotes

Stagecoach Robbery
From a movie?
Photo: U.S. PD? from the internet

Here are the words from and about the bad men of the Old West.

“Dave Updyke: Accessory after the fact to the Portneuf stage robbery, accessory and accomplice to the robbery of the stage near Boise City in 1864, chief conspirator in burning property on the overland stage line, guilty of aiding and assisting escape of West Jenkins, and the murderer of others while sheriff, and threatening the lives and property of an already outraged and long-suffering community.”
An anonymous  note circulated in Boise, ID
after the vigilantes had lynched ex-sheriff “Big Dave” Updyke at Sirup Creek.  (04/13/1866).
Wk. 15, 04/13/1866 – “Big Dave” Updyke

“How much did you make?”
Horace Williams, stage driver, to Black Bart who is robbing his stage.

“Not very much for the chances I take.”
Black Bart, in response to Driver Williams question; Yureka to Redding Stage.  (10/08/1881)

“I’ve labored long and hard for bread,
For honor, and for riches,
But on my corns too long you’ve tread,
You fine-haired sons of bitches.”
Black Bart  (1877)

“Here I lay me down to sleep
To wait the coming morrow,
Perhaps success, perhaps defeat,
And everlasting sorrow.
Let come what will, I’ll try it on,
My condition can’t be worse;
And if there’s money in that box
‘Tis munny in my purse.”
Black Bart, PO8; note left after the holdup of a stage traveling from Quincy to Oroville, CA.  (07/25/1878)

“So here I’ve stood while wind and rain
Have set the trees a-sobbin’
And risked my life for that dammed box
That wasn’t worth the robbin’.”
Black Bart copycat stage robber, California  (11/14/1888)

Pilgrim pause! You’re standing on
The molding clay of limping John.
Tread lightly stranger, on this sod.
For if he moves, you’re robbed by God
Cornelius ‘Lame Johnny’ Donahue’s epitaph, lynched after being taken off the Deadwood Stage  (Oct, 1878)

“Commodore Owens was the ‘Law of the West’.
When outlaws defied him, they went to their rest.
He carried a forty-four by each side.
When he went after outlaws, they surrendered or died.”
John S. Fuller
Wk. 19, 05/10/1919 – Commodore Perry Owens

“Upon the word he made his mark, and from him we learn not to be one.”
Jeff Smith, Alias Soapy Smith: The Life and Death of a Scoundrel
Wk. 27, 07/18/1898 – Soapy Smith

“…And in the town of Denton he did his money share,
The lad he was so reckless, three robberies did he do,
The passenger and express car and the U.S. Mail car too.”
part of a contemporary old song about Sam Bass.
I had a 45 rpm record of this song, as a young cowboy (c. 1950’s) – Doc
Wk. 29, 07/ 19 & 20/1860 – Sam Bass

“Here lies
Lester Moore
four slugs
from a 44
no Les
no more”

Often co-opted by various “Boot Hills”, Tombstone and others,
it’s actually on the tombstone of Lester Moore who died attempting escape;
the only Inmate buried on the grounds of the Idaho State Penitentiary.

“Open that safe,
And do it fast.
Or your next breath
Will be your last.”

Red McNeil, Arizona robber poet  (05/30/1888)
a note to merchant Adolph Schuster; at the other end of Red’s six-gun.
Wk. 22, 05/30/1888 – Adolph Schuster reacts…

“Here lies George Johnson
Hanged by mistake, 1882
He was right
We was wrong
But we strung him up
And now he’s gone”

adios George

Jesse James ballad - Robbers and Poets QuotesA contemporary ballad about Jesse James
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