Week 32: August

Week 32: August 6th thru 12th

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8/6 of…1851

Clark Massacre (ID): A band of Tussawehee Shoshone Indians led by Cho Cho Co (also called Has No Horse) attacked a wagon train led by Thomas Clark on the Oregon Trail near the junction of the Raft and Snake Rivers (in today’s ID). The Indians’ primary objective was to steal the party’s herd of twenty horses but they killed Clark’s mother, his brother and another man in the group in the process. Clark’s 25 year old sister Grace was shot twice and thrown down a bluff but survived. Later, fifteen men attempted to follow the raiders and recover the stolen horses, but they were easily repulsed by the Indians (with one killed).  {001}


The newly created Indian Peace Commission meets in St. Louis, MO, and determines, among other things, that “hostile” Indians must be confined to reservations away from the routes in use by immigrants for western expansion.  {001}


Leopoldo Antonio “Pancho” Carrillo born in Los Angeles, CA. Movie and TV sidekick+2.  {001}

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