Sand Creek Timeline

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Sand Creek Timeline in The Weeks (1864 – 1918)

Here are all of the references to the Sand Creek Massacre and the aftermath
appearing in Old West Daily Reader; in date order.
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OWDR Sand Creek memorial 1985Photo U.S. PD 1985 Carptrash

As a result of the Sand Creek Massacre, the Cheyenne and other plains Indians, the Arapaho and the Sioux,  went on the warpath. The surviving Cheyenne and others in the Colorado Territory were determined to join with northern relatives in the Powder River country in Wyoming and South Dakota. (Territories then, not states). They undertook a perilous wintertime journey of over 400 miles, including women, children; with all their supplies and possessions. Along the way, they demonstrated their anger and desire for revenge to the European Invaders. Those noted here are the more notable actions, there were many more attacks on isolated cabins and ranches.
Remember as well, this entire series of raids, battles and a major migration took place in the dead of winter on the western Great Plains. The wind and cold were unforgiving; the army reports frostbite within every group out in the weather during the Platte Valley campaign. The suffering among the Indians can only be imagined…

Week    Date                Remarks

32            08/11/1864    Governor John Evans issued a proclamation…

48            11/29/1864    Sand Creek Massacre

01            01/01/1865    War Plans

01            01/02/1865    Battle of Julesburg

03           01/19/1865     too late…

02           01/14/1865     American Ranch Massacre

03           01/15/1865     Raid on Godfrey Ranch

05           02/02/1865    Julesburgagain!

05           02/03/1865    Lodgepole Creek

05           02/04/1865    Battle of Mud Springs

06           02/06/1865    North Platte River Crossing

06           02/08/1865    Battle of Rush Creek

06           02/10/1865     Lt. Col. Collins calls it “injudicious and useless”.

There would be no more fighting until Spring…

17            04/23/1865      The Soule murder.

29           07/18/1865      President Andrew Johnson steps in…

20           05/19/1918      The passing of George Bent.

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