Week 38: September

Week 38: September 17th thru 23rd

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9/17 of… 1836

Born in Leipsic, Kent County, Delaware: William Jackson Palmer. Civil engineer, soldier, railroad builder, philanthropist.


The Treaty of Ft. Laramie (1851) involved many tribes and agreed on some traditional tribal boundaries — but was really intended to protect settlers on the Oregon Trail. Typically, payments and goods promised to Indians never materialized and the volume of settlers steadily increased. When gold was discovered on Indian lands the treaty, as most, was just so much smoke.  {001}


S.K. Wall murdered by Jack Wight and George Witherill for his sheep and money in Douglas County, Colorado.  {001}


The Sam Bass Gang+2 takes the Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific train at Ogallala, NE, for $60,000 in gold coin.  {001}


Same place, same driver: Black Bart stops the stagecoach from Eureka to Redding but the take is piddling, Shasta County, CA.  {001}
Wk. 41, 10/08/1881 – Black Bart

9/18 of… 1855

Born in Henriville, Montérégie, Quebec, Canada East: James P. “Jim” Masterson. Buffalo hunter, lawman, gunfighter.  {001}


The Sam Bass Gang+2, including Tom Nixon and four others robOld West Daily Reader Subscribe Today

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