Range Wars and Feuds

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Range Wars and Feuds

Shot Skull with bones - Range Wars and Feuds

Sometimes these things were about what kind of a critter was eating the grass,
other times where somebody put a fence.
Range Wars and Feuds will also cover such issues as the mining of dinosaur bones
and family disagreements over lovers.
Folks can always find something to fight about…
Events listed where there is one. Others are needed.

Bone Wars (1877 – 1892)
Dinosaurs! Othniel Charles Marsh & Edward Drinker Cope
Wk. 11, 03/18/1889 – Othneil Charles Marsh
Wk.15, 04/12/1897 – Edward Drinker Cope)
Wk. 29, 07/20/1943 – Charles H. Sternberg)
Photo Gallery Index – Mining Photos – Mining Minerals Dinosaur Bones
Photo Gallery Index – People and Places Photos Marsh’s bone hunting team – 5th down

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