Week 24: June

Week 24: June 11th thru 17th

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6/11 of…1850

San Francisco, CA. The newly formed Vigilance Committee flexes its muscles and strings up an Australian convict named John Jenkins.  {001}


One Josiah Collins of Independence, MO, estimates that 23, 000 people, 59,000 head of cattle, 6,500 head of horses and one hog were headed west at the time.


Iowa City, IA. The Second Handcart Company (McArthur), 221 strong, departs for Salt Lake City, UT, more than one hundred days away.   {001}
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Just west of Cimarron, KS, the Santa Fe RR‘s California-New Mexico Express yields $1,000 in silver to the Doolin Gang. A pursuing posse caught up with the gang near Fort Supply, OK and a gunfight ensued. As the gang escaped, Bill Doolin took a round in his left foot. He would suffer from pain and rheumatism the rest of his life and the wound would eventually contribute to his downfall.  {001}
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The last episode of CBS Radio’s adult western, Gunsmoke, which consisted of 413 half hour shows over nine years (1952-61). The concept would lead to a TV series of the same name but with a different cast.  {001}


John Wayne - Week 24John Wayne (Marion Robert [Mitchell] Morrison) age 72, died in Los Angeles, CA. Major western movie star (more than 140 films), as well as director and producer. His westerns include: Riders of Destiny (the first singing cowboy – dubbed) (1933), Stagecoach (1939), She Wore a Yellow Ribbon (1949), The Searchers (1956), The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (1962), True Grit (1969), The Cowboys (1972) and The Shootist (1976). Dog – Duke. Photo: U.S. PD c. 1940’s, studio promo.  {001}

6/12 of…1814

Born in Bowdoinham, MA: Osborne Russell. Short-time sailor, trapper, hunter, author.  {001}


Robert Havlin “Bob” Paul born in Lowell, MA. Arizona lawman.


Comstock Ore - Week 24Six Mile Canyon near Virginia City, NV. Gold prospectors Patrick McLaughlin and Peter O’Riley dug a small hole as a water basin for their rocker. In the bottom of the hole was their gold strike! But the blue-black junk with it that clogged the rocker and made it hard to pan out the fines, turned out to be near-pure sulphuret of silver. This was the first major silver strike in the U.S., the fabulous Comstock Lode. It grossed $320 million between 1859 and 1882, but after costs and expenditures the net yield was only about $55 million. A highly paid miner received perhaps $4 a day for the immense risks taken in these dangerous mines. Western Utah Territory (Mt. Davidson, Virginia Range, NV.). Photo: U.S. PD Chris Ralph.  {001}
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Escaping jail in Delta County, TX, killer “Wild Bill” Longley makes tracks for Arkansas via Oklahoma.  {001}


Ft. Smith, AK sees the passing of well known army officer, explorer and trail blazer, Benjamin Louis Eulalie de Bonneville at age 82.


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