Indian Chiefs Photos

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Indian Chiefs Photos

All Indian Chiefs Photos included here are in the Public Domain (PD) in the United States of America unless noted otherwise. Western photographers are noted in the Players (if I have a workable date for them) [LOC = Library of Congress]. Nothing in the way of enhancement has been done to these photographs they are as originally produced.

Here, in alphabetical order, usually by their anglicized name, are photographs and paintings of some of the Chiefs who led the various tribes. Their Indian names are also referenced, if available. Some of these men were War Chiefs, some were not. (currently 30 items)

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Indian Chiefs Photos - Chief Black Horse - Comanche

Chief Black Horse
Quahada Comanche
Photo: U.S. PD
No further entry

Indian Chiefs Photos - Chief Black Kettle

Chief Black Kettle
Southern Cheyenne
Photo: U.S. PD
Wk. 48, 11/27/1868











Indian Chiefs Photos - Chief Buckskin Charley - Ute

Chief Buckskin Charley
Southern Ute
Photo: U.S. PD

Sapiah (aka: Charles Buck, “Buckskin Charley”), succeeding Chief Ouray, he became Chief of the Southern Utes from 1880 to 1936. He had been instrumental, along with Chief Ouray, in recovering the white hostages taken by the Utes during the Meeker Massacre in 1879.* In 1905, he rode beside Geronimo in Washington, D.C. for Theodore Roosevelt‘s inaugural parade. Photo: PD c. 1890, he wears the Indian Peace Medal bestowed upon him by President Rutherford B. Hayes.
Wk. 39, 09/29/1879 – Meeker Massacre



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