Week 40: October

Week 40: October 1st thru 7th

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10/1 of… 1800

The Third Treaty of San Ildefonso in which Spain ceded the colonial territory of Louisiana and its estimated 50,000 European settlers and countless natives to France. Spain gained Tuscany. The secret treaty did not stipulate the boundaries of the territory, which would become a source of dispute between Spain and the United States following the Louisiana Purchase from France three years later.  {003}


Fountain Green Massacre: Four men: Thomas Clark, William Luke, James Nelson and William Reed were driving two ox-drawn wagons carrying wheat to Salt Lake City, UT in advance of a larger party led by local Manti Mormon leader Isaac Morley. Against Morley’s instructions, the men had camped at Uinta Springs, instead of on the San Pitch River, where they were to have awaited the arrival of the main group. Sanpitch Utes attacked and the men were stripped, disemboweled and scalped. When the Morley party arrived, by the time they had emptied the grain from the wagons to carry the bodies, A large party of Utes was gathering on a nearby hillside. There was no further action by either group.  {001}
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The Great Hanging in Gainesville, TX. Southern soldiers (vigilantes) take exception to Gainesville’s vote to stand with the union. The town is attacked, a mock trial held and 42 citizens are lynched. More lynchings to come in the reign of terror that follows.  {001}


Nevada attains statehood as number 36, the “Silver State”.  {001}


Texas Ranger Sergeant John Barclay Armstrong leads a raid on an outlaw camp at Espinoza Lake, TX. Three bad men killed, one seriously wounded; another squad of Armstrong’s kills two more in a separate fight.  {001}


Queen’s Saloon, Charleston, AZ Terr. Outlaw Billy Claiborne took exception to James Hickey “following” him and made a strong statement in warning.. Hickey, who had been heavily drinking for three days, made a rude comment and advanced on Claiborne. Billy drew and fired, striking Hickey in the cheek below his left eye, killing him instantly.  {001}


Yosemite National Park established by Congress.


Leland Stanford Junior University, aka: Stanford University or Stanford is a private research university in Stanford, CA. Founded in 1885 by Leland and Jane Stanford in memory of their only child, Leland Stanford Jr., who had died of typhoid fever at age 15 the previous year. Stanford was a U.S. Senator and former Governor of California who made his fortune as a railroad tycoon.* The school admitted its first students as a coeducational and non-denominational institution on this day.  {001}
Wk.05, 02/02/1863 – Central Pacific RR


Charles Jesse 'Buffalo' Jones - 40: October 1st thru 7th.Charles Jesse “Buffalo” Jones, age 75, died in Topeka, KS. Frontiersman, farmer, rancher, hunter, conservationist, and founder of Dodge City, KS. An experimenter in the development of cattalo, and an extraordinary and noteworthy man, Jones was material to the preservation of the buffalo in the U.S. TYH!+2  (Photo U.S. PD pre-1919.  {001}
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