Week 40: October

Week 40: October 1st thru 7th

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10/1 of… 1800

The Third Treaty of San Ildefonso in which Spain ceded the colonial territory of Louisiana and its estimated 50,000 European settlers and countless natives to France. Spain gained Tuscany. The secret treaty did not stipulate the boundaries of the territory, which would become a source of dispute between Spain and the United States following the Louisiana Purchase from France three years later.  {003}


Fountain Green Massacre: Four men: Thomas Clark, William Luke, James Nelson and William Reed were driving two ox-drawn wagons carrying wheat to Salt Lake City, UT in advance of a larger party led by local Manti Mormon leader Isaac Morley. Against Morley’s instructions, the men had camped at Uinta Springs, instead of on the San Pitch River, where they were to have awaited the arrival of the main group. Sanpitch Utes attacked and the men were stripped, disemboweled and scalped. When the Morley party arrived, by the time they had emptied the grain from the wagons to carry the bodies, A large party of Utes was gathering on a nearby hillside. There was no further action by either group.  {001}
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The Originals Index – Battlefields and Massacres
Massacres of Indians – after of Fountain Creek


The Great Hanging in Gainesville, TX. Southern soldiers (vigilantes) take exception to Gainesville’s vote to stand with the union. The town is attacked, a mock trial held and 42 citizens are lynched. More lynchings to come in the reign of terror that follows.  {001}


Nevada attains statehood as number 36, the “Silver State”.  {001}


Texas Ranger Sergeant John Barclay Armstrong leads a raid on an outlaw camp at Espinoza Lake, TX. Three bad men killed, one seriously wounded; another squad of Armstrong’s kills two more in a separate fight.  {001}


Queen’s Saloon, Charleston, AZ Terr. Outlaw Billy Claiborne took exception to James Hickey “following” him and made a strong statement in warning.. Hickey, who had been heavily drinking for three days, made a rude comment and advanced on Claiborne. Billy drew and fired, striking Hickey in the cheek below his left eye, killing him instantly.  {001}


Yosemite National Park established by Congress.


Leland Stanford Junior University, aka: Stanford University or Stanford is a private research university in Stanford, CA. Founded in 1885 by Leland and Jane Stanford in memory of their only child, Leland Stanford Jr., who had died of typhoid fever at age 15 the previous year. Stanford was a U.S. Senator and former Governor of California who made his fortune as a railroad tycoon.* The school admitted its first students as a coeducational and non-denominational institution on this day.  {001}
Wk.05, 02/02/1863 – Central Pacific RR


Charles Jesse 'Buffalo' Jones - 40: October 1st thru 7th.Charles Jesse “Buffalo” Jones, age 75, died in Topeka, KS. Frontiersman, farmer, rancher, hunter, conservationist, and founder of Dodge City, KS. An experimenter in the development of cattalo, and an extraordinary and noteworthy man, Jones was material to the preservation of the buffalo in the U.S. TYH!+2  (Photo U.S. PD pre-1919.  {001}
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 Joe Lefors - 40: October 1st thru 7th.Died: Wyoming lawman Joe Lefors, age 75, in Buffalo, WY.  He had an alligator mouth but only a hummingbird ass and was never an effective lawman. His one real claim to fame was the arrest and maybe the framing of Tom Horn.* Photo: U.S. PD, Joe Lefors  {001}
Wk. 29, 07/18/1901 – Willie Nickell
Wk. 47, 11/20/1903 – Tom Horn

 10/2  of… 1835

Battle of Gonzales, TX: Commander of Mexican troops in Texas, Colonel Domingo de Ugartechea orders a contingent of Mexican Dragoons to retrieve a small cannon provided the settlement some years before to fight Comanche raiders. The Texians refuse and a small battle ensues. The Mexicans finally withdraw without the cannon. This event is considered the “Lexington of Texas“; the battle for Texas Independence has begun.  {001}


Born in Sabine Parish, LA: John Horton Slaughter, lawman and gunfighter.  {001}


Indians attack Fort Zarah, KS, along with a provision train approaching the fort. One teamster is killed, four teams of mules stolen. Later in the day the Indians take stock from a nearby ranch.  {001}


Black Bart has a picnic by the road then robs the stage. Mendocino County, CA, near Ukiah.  {001}


Dangerous Dan Tucker arrests dangerous outlaw, Dave Thurman.


Tennessee born (c.1850) George “Red Buck” Weightman meets his end from the guns of U.S. Deputy Marshal Chris Madsen. Red Buck ran with the Doolin Gang (Doolin-Dalton) beginning some time in 1892. Heavy pressure from the Three Guardsmen had caused the gang to split up and try their luck alone. As always in the Indian Territory, the terms were, “Surrender or Die!“.  {001}
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The “High Fives” try to take the Atlantic and Pacific train at Rio Puerco, NM. The first shot smashes a brakeman’s lantern but also alerts U.S. Deputy Marshall Will Loomis — who finds the outlaws forcing the engineer to uncouple the express car at gunpoint. His volley brings down Cole Estes (aka: Code or Cole Young, Bob Harris, Tom Harris). The other miscreants flee, leaving their compatriot’s body behind.  {001}
Photo Gallery Index – Hangings and Shootings (Caution!)Cole Estes


Gene Autry - 40: October 1st thru 7th.Died: Gene Autry, the “Singing Cowboy”, Orvon Gene Autry, age 91, Studio City, CA. Western movie star, TV star, singer, songwriter 1931 – 1964, rodeo stockman. Movies: In Old Santa Fe (1934) with Smiley Burnette, Texans Never Cry (1947) — 44 for Republic Pictures alone. TV shows, etc. Horse: Champion.   TYH!+2 Photo: U.S. PD c. 1940 Publicity Photo  {001}

10/3  of…1790

Born in Turkeytown, AL, John Ross, aka: Koo-wi-s-gu-wi (“Mysterious Little White Bird“). Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation from 1828–1866.  {001}


The Third Hand Cart Company (Bunker) arrives in Salt Lake City, UT, one hundred and two days from Iowa City, IA, without major problems. They have lost fewer than seven of 320.  {001}


Modoc - Boston Charley - 40: October 1st thru 7th.Modoc - Captain Jack - Kintpuash - 40: October 1st thru 7th.Modoc leader Captain Jack (Kintpuash), along with tribesmen Black Jim, Boston Charlie, and John Schonchin are hanged for the murders of U.S. Army General Canby and the Rev. Thomas. The surviving Modoc were forcibly re-settled*. The Modoc War (1872-73) is an interesting vignette of government/army/settler/Indian relations: over about a year, 90+ were killed (total), 47 wounded, some $400,000 spent in the military campaign and unknown civilian dollar losses were sustained. The bad blood persisted for many years. Hard to say what the re-locations to OR & OK cost in dollars and lives beyond the above. The land the Modoc were asking for (theirs in the first place) could have been purchased, at the time, for about $20,000. (Northern CA, OR, and OK). Photos: Left: Captain Jack, U.S. PD  from Oregon: Her History, Her Great Men, Her Literature, John B. Horner (1919); Boston Charley, U.S. PD, drawing by Louise Heller (1873).  {001}
*Wk. 15, 04/11/1873 – Peace Party
Wk. 49, 12/03/1896 – Scarfaced Charley
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Indian Wars TimelineModoc War


Black Bart takes his second stage in as many days then buys dinner at the McCreary farm. Donna McCreary, (age 14) renders the first visual description of the bandit. Mendocino County, CA, between Covelo and Ukiah.  {001}


E. W. Marland statue - 40: October 1st thru 7th.Died in Ponca City, OK: E.W. (Earnest Witworth) Marland, age 67. Pioneer Oklahoma oilman and tenth governor of Oklahoma 1935-39). In 1911, Marland discovered oil on the Miller Brothers 101 Ranch and formed the 101 Oil Company; this was parlayed into Marland Oil Company in 1920 and ultimately became part of CONOCO. The oil discovery next to the ranch helped precipitate the Oklahoma oil boom and brought some oil revenues to the Ponca Indians but in the end, the Millers lost the proceeds on their Wild West Show. Marland originated and carried the “Pioneer Woman“* statue project.through to completion. Photo: Sculpture 1928 by Jo Davidson.  {001}
*Wk. 16, 04/22/1930 – Pioneer Woman


Dr. Florence Sabin - 40: October 1st thru 7th.Denver , CO sees the passing of Dr. Florence Rena Sabin, at 81 years. Physician, scientist and educator. Her list of accomplishments is long, here are some highlights: the first female medical professor at Johns Hopkins. The first female member of the National Academy of Sciences and first female physician-scientist at Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research. She also a major medical reformer in the state of Colorado. This lady is way too large for Old West Daily Reader, look her up and TYH! while you do it!  Photo: U.S. PD   {001}


Dub Taylor - 40: October 1st thru 7th.Dub Taylor (Walter Taylor), age 87, died in Los Angeles, CA. Vaudeville performer, “B” western sidekick, character actor and TV player. He was sidekickCannonball” to Wild Bill Elliot (twelve films), to Charles Starrett (4), then seven more with Starrett as the Durango Kid and sixteen with Jimmy Wakely*. Taming of the West (1939), Wildcat of Tuscon (1940), Cyclone Prairie Rangers (1944), Frontier Gunlaw (1946). Later movies included Major Dundee (1965) and The Undefeated (1969). Photo: U.S. c.1990’s Studio Promo  {001}
Wk. 38, 09/23/1982 – Jimmy Wakely


Appaloosa movie poster - 40: October 1st thru 7th.Wide release of the western Appaloosa (M) (2008), starring Ed Harris, Viggo Mortensen and Renée Zellweger. It was co-written by Robert Knott and Ed Harris, and directed by Harris. A relatively successful western during tough times for that genre. Poster: U.S. ©? Fair use.  {001 & 003}

10/4  of… 1814

Alexander Majors born near Franklin, KY. One of the Pony Express founders.  {001}


Church officials arriving in Salt Lake City, UT, from the east and traveling far faster than a hand cart company, report that they had passed two more hand cart companies which had been allowed to start far too late in the travel season. The inexperienced immigrants had been assured by church elders that they would be protected by “Divine Intervention”. The officials describe both groups as traveling in rapidly deteriorating weather and in deepening trouble on the trail. The Mormon Church will mount a massive rescue effort…  {001}


Tom Bell (Thomas J. Hodges) lynched by a posse led by Judge Gordon Belt in Firebaugh’s Ferry, CA, for the murder of a woman stage passenger. NO Photo.  {001}
Wk. 32, 08/12/1856 – Stage Robbery!


Fredrick Sackrider Remington born in Canton NY. Major American western artist.  {001}


Riding alone looking for strays, Arizona cowboy Deadwood Dick was attacked by Indians of Yellow Dog‘s tribe, and put up a good fight. He was shot in the chest, thigh and leg, with his horse killed by that shot. He fought until his ammunition was gone and then fiercely hand-to-hand as the Indians closed in. Because of his fighting prowess and courage (and perhaps because he was “colored,” as some of the tribe were of mixed blood), he was taken captive and nursed back to health. Adopted into the tribe with the name “Buffalo Papoose,” he was promised 100 ponies and the chief’s daughter. After a month’s convalescence, he still chose to escape. Slipping away at night and stealing the fastest horse in the Indian’s herd, he rode bareback with a rawhide Indian bridle on the horse’s jaw and made the 100 miles to the ranch in twelve hours — leaving his pursuers far behind.  {001}


Dora Hand - 40: October 1st thru 7th.Intending to shoot Dodge City mayor Dog Kelley, cowboy Spike Kenedy mistakenly kills popular actress/dove, Dora Hand. Spike’s father Mifflin Kenedy was said to have spent $25,000 in bribes to buy a ruling of “lack of evidence”. Ford County Sheriff Bat Masterson, Ford County Deputy Sheriff William Duffy, Marshal Charlie Bassett, Wyatt Earp, and Bill Tilghman, among others, likely received some of these “proceeds”. Photo: U.S. PD pre-1878  {001}
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Isom Dart - 40: October 1st thru 7th.JCW: Isom “Nigger Isom” Dart, aka Ned Huddleston, age 51, a black man from the Ozarks and the last survivor of the Tip Gault Gang is killed from ambush at his cabin by Tom Horn in Routt County, CO. This was a contract killing, as Dart was a “suspected” rustler (likely racial issues as well). Photo: U.S. PD pre-1900 unknown.  {001}


Inept outlaw Elmer McCurdy +2 and  two accomplices stopped the wrong train near Okesa, OK and executed what a newspaper later called “one of the smallest in the history of train robbery”. They had planned to rob a KATY train allegedly carrying a $400,000 cash royalty payment to the Osage Nation. Instead, they picked a passenger train. They got $46 from the mail clerk, a coat, the train conductor’s watch, an automatic pistol and two demijohns of whiskey. Oh yes, and a closely following posse with a $2,000 reward offer for McCurdy…  {001}

10/5  of… 1838

The Kilough Massacre: Isaac Killough, Sr., and seventeen members of his extended family meet immediate death in an attack by Cherokee Indians. Eight more, including women and children, were captured and presumed killed. Near Larissa, in Cherokee County, TX. This incident is thought to be the largest and the last attack by Indians in early Texas. Suspicions that a white man by the name of Hawkins participated in and possibly precipitated the attack were never adequately proven.  {001}


Traveling in a mail coach with an escort of four troopers, Col. John F. Stone, age 33, president of the Apache Pass Mine near Ft. Bowie, AZ, was returning to his home in Tucson. As they approached an abandoned stage station at the north end of the Dragoon Mountains they were ambushed by a band of Apaches. The four soldiers, the coach driver and Stone were quickly killed. Later that same day, Apache leader Cochise and a band of warriors chanced on some Texas cowboys moving a herd of cattle to California. They killed one man, took the herd, and headed for Mexico. A survivor named Scott made it to Ft. Bowie to try and get help. Lt. William H. Winters, leading 26 men out to pursue the Apache raiders, soon met another man riding for the fort to report the attack on the Stone party…  {001}


Wild Bill Hickok faces a drunken mob in the streets of Abilene, KS, and kills one of the leaders, Phil Coe. But in the dim light and confusion he also kills his friend, policeman Mike Williams. This event, along with Bill’s failing eyesight, may have been why he never had another gunfight.  {001}


Twenty-six year old Wes Hardin enters prison at Huntsville, TX, with a 25 year sentence for the murder Deputy Charley Webb.  {001}
Wk. 21, 05/26/1874 – Charles Webb


Jim Burrow - 40: October 1st thru 7th. Jim Burrow, (the Burrow Gang) dies in prison of consumption. Texarkana, TX. Photo: U.S. PD pre-1889 unknown.  {001}


Lynched: Ollie “Big Nose George” Deetz, age about 38 or 39, by Rock Creek, WY, vigilantes. A former “town taming” marshal of the mining camp of Manhattan, CO, and maybe a bank robber.  {001}


The Dalton Gang’s ill-fated double bank robbery at Coffeyville, KS. Grattan “Grat” Dalton, Robert Reddick “Bob” Dalton, Richard “Dick” Broadwell, Bill Powers & Tim Evans killed. Only badly wounded (23 hits) Emmett Dalton lived, to serve fourteen years in prison. Two citizens and City Marshal Charles T. Connelly had been killed by the bandits, and four other citizens were wounded. Livery stable owner John J. Kloehr downed three of the would-be bank robbers. Emmet’s horse: Red Buck. {001}
Photo Gallery Index – Hangings and Shootings (Caution!)The Daltons
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The Battle of Sugar Point, MN. Believed to be the final fight of the long and bloody Indian Wars. Major Melville Wikinson was killed and several others wounded.  {001}


Gail Davis born in Little Rock, AK. Actress.  {001}


Dick Powell’s Zane Grey Theater debuted on CBS TV. It would run nearly 150 episodes (until 1961) and bring a large cross-section of name American actors to small screen westerns. It would also spawn numerous other TV westerns.  {001}

10/6 of… 1851

William Preston “Wild Bill” Longley born in Giddings, Austin County, TX. Cowboy, horse breaker, teamster, army deserter, shootist, killer.  {001}


After traveling over 3000 miles in pursuit, W.H. Middaugh, bounty hunter and appointed Deputy U.S. Marshal, brings Jim Gordon (who had escaped several lynch mobs) back to Denver to stand trial for the brutal murder of Jacob Gantz (see: 7/20). After an outdoor trial of several days before Judge A.C. Hunt, and attracting a thousand spectators, Gordon is found guilty and hung from a scaffold on the banks of Cherry Creek in front of more than two thousand witnesses.  {001}


America’s first peacetime train robbers took the Ohio & Mississippi train soon after it left Seymour, ID. Frank and “Sim” Reno, along with Frank Sparks, boarded the train while the rest of the gang waited alongside the tracks. They opened a small safe on the locomotive and tossed a much larger one from the express car before jumping off themselves. Unable to open the purloined safe, they fled under the pressure of an approaching angry posse. The Pinkerton National Detective Agency identified the Reno Gang as the perpetrators through the testimony of a passenger, who was later murdered.  {001}
The Originals Index – Outlaw Gangs Index – Reno Gang


Texas State Policeman John Lacky was wounded and fellow officer Green Paramore killed attempting to arrest Wes Hardin. Gonzales County, TX.  {001}


Wanda Harper Bush, born in Mason, TX. She was to become a rodeo competitor and be called, “The Greatest Horsewoman of All Time”.  {001}

10/7 of… 1857

The first Handcart rescue party left Salt Lake City with 16 wagon-loads of food and supplies, pulled by four-mule teams with 27 young men serving as teamsters and rescuers. During the month, more wagon trains were assembled, and by month’s end,  250 relief wagons had been sent.  {001}

Ft. Bridger,WY, burned to the ground by “Wild Bill” Hickman to prevent its capture by federal troops. Utah War.  {001}
Quotes Index – Commentators QuotesBrigham Young


Clay Allison leads a lynch mob into the jail at Elizabethtown, NM. They string up accused murderer Charles Kennedy in the local slaughterhouse — then Clay cuts off Kennedy’s head for display on a pole in Henri Lambert’s saloon in Cimarron, NM.  {001}


Rube Barrow - 40: October 1st thru 7th.Rube Burrow (Reuben Houston Burrow) (the Burrow Gang) killed by Dixie Carter (wounded) in a gunfight at Linden, AL, during a jail break. The body was shipped home by rail and during a stop in Birmingham, AL, the corpse was displayed for “thousands”, who viewed the corpse, cut hair from his head, took the buttons from his coat and the boots from his feet. Photo: U.S. PD pre-1890  {001}


Since his previous robbery and over zealous use of nitroglycerin, Elmer McCurdy +2 had been drinking heavily and hiding out in a hay shed on the ranch of friend Charlie Revard, near Bartlesville, OK.  He returned to the hay shed after the train robbery on October 4th. Using bloodhounds to follow his trail, a posse of three sheriffs, brothers Bob and Stringer Fenton and Dick Wallace, surrounded the hay shed and waited for daylight. Sheriff Bob Fenton described the event, the following day, in an interview with the Daily Examiner… “It began just about 7 o’clock. We were standing around waiting for him to come out when the first shot was fired at me. It missed me and he then turned his attention to my brother, Stringer Fenton. He shot three times at Stringer and when my brother got under cover he turned his attention to Dick Wallace. He kept shooting at all of us for about an hour. We fired back every time we could. We do not know who killed him … (on the trail) we found one of the jugs of whiskey which was taken from the train. It was about empty. He was pretty drunk when he rode up to the ranch last night.
McCurdy, age 31, was found dead of a single gunshot to the chest, which he had received while lying down. Thus, we would think the end of the story of this second-rate bumbling outlaw, but it was not to be… Photo: U.S. PD pre-1923.  {001}
Just for Fun Pages – The strange story of Elmer McCurdy.


Andrew Vabre “Andy” Devine born in Flagstaff, AZ. Movie actor.  {001}


First publication of Wyatt Earp Frontier Marshal by Stuart Lake.  {001}


Agnes de Mille - 40: October 1st thru 7th.Died, Agnes de Mille, 88 years, American choreographer. One of her most important works was the ballet, Rodeo, aka Courtship at Burnt Ranch (1942). Music composed by Aaron Copeland (see: 10/16). Cowboy moves in ballet? Revolutionary! Check it out. Photo: U.S. PD pre 1966 ©? Studio Promo, Fair Use  {001}

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