Western Silent Movies involving Old West Characters

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Western Silent Movies involving Old West Characters

Even as the Old West was still building its exciting history, modern technology presented a new way to record that history (and make it up), as the movies came to the scene. Some of the old timers ended up acting out incidents from their lives on the silver screen. Several became advisors to the industry. One or two got bit parts. One tried to save others from emulating his evil ways! Here they are in silence, because none of them lasted until the “talkies” came along.  {001}

Beyond the Law Emmett Dalton
Wk. 40, 10/05/1892 – Emmett Dalton

The Half Breed – Wyatt Earp –
Wk. 02, 01/13/1929 – Wyatt Earp

The Bank Robbery – Al Jennings – 1908
Wk. 52, 12/26/1961 – Alphonso J. “Al” Jennings

Annie Oakley – Annie Oakley – 1894
Wk. 44, 11/03/1926 – Annie Oakley

The Bank Robber – Quannah Parker – 1908
Wk. 08, 02/22/1911 – Quannah Parker

The Folly of a Life of Crime – George Sontag, as a producer – 1915
Wk. 12, 03/21/1893 – George Sontag

A Debtor to the Law – Henry Starr as himself – 1919
Wk. 08, 02/22/1921 – Henry Starr

The Bank Robbery – Heck Thomas – 1908
Wk. 33, 08/14/1912 – Heck Thomas

The Life of General Villa – Pancho Villa – 1914
Wk. 29, 07/20/1923 – Pancho Villa
 Villa signed with the Mutual Film Corporation to star, as himself, in a silent action film He received $25,000 and a portion the profits. The films featured Mexican Revolutionary battle sequences, some of which were real, and others were staged.

There were two films made in which the son (not an outlaw) played daddy (who was).
Jesse James Under the Black Flag Jesse James Jr. – 1921 – as his father
Jesse Jame James as the OutlawJesse James Jr. – 1827 – as his father
Wk. 14, 04/03/1882 – Jesse James

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The first narrative western movie!
Wk. 48, 12/01/1903 – The Great Train Robbery
(1903) [silent, 1 reel]

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