The Players: W

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Name, Place, or Title Born Died Noted
W.H. Baker (firearms manufacturer)--37
W.H. Baker and Co. (firearms maufacturer)37
Waddell, William Bradford (Pony Express Founder)13, 41
Wade, Jeptha (Telegraph Line Builder)43
Wagner, Ed? (Cowhand)20
Wagner, Henry O. (Deputy Sheriff) [Denver, Black Man)0
Wagner, Jack15
Wagnus Massacre (1877)29
Wagon Box fight, The31
Wagon Master (M) 195035, 36, 38
Wagon Train (TV) 1957 thru 1962 [Reruns as: Major Adams, Trailmaster and Trailmaster]05
Wagon Wheels Westward (M 194542
Waightman, George "Red Buck" (Doolin Gang)09
Wait, Fred13
Waite, David H. (Colorado Govenor)22
Waite, Fred (LCW - Regulator)07, 14
Wakarusa War, The48
Wakely, Jimmy (Singer, Actor)07, 38, 40
Walker War (Ute- 1853)0
Walker, Alf (Cowhand)15, 20
Walker, Joe13, 16
Walker, Joe (Mountain Man)30
Walker, John (Murderer, Lynched)22
Walker, Joseph R. (Mountain Man, guide, explorer)504350
Walker, Samuel (Captain, Texas Rangers)01
Walker, William (physician, lawyer, journalist02, 19
Wall, S.K.38, 49
Wall, Tom (saddle thief, killer)22
Wallace, Daniel Webster "80 John" (Texas rancher)371313, 37
Wallace, Jim (Posseman)26
Wallace, Lew (New Mexico Governor 1878)07, 11, 46, 52
Wallace, Marion DeKalb (Sheriff, Young County, TX)03, 51
Waller, Edward C. "Eddy" (Movie Actor, Sidekick) "Nugget Clark"24, 34
Walters, William "Broncho Bill" (HFG, AZ)0
Waltz, Jacob (Prospector, Miner, Farmer)43
Wanamaker, Richard (Radio Actor)42
Wanamaker, Rodman (National Indian Memorial)49
Wanderer of the Wasteland (M) 194536
War Arrow (Movie, 1953)10
War of 181202
War of the Widcats [M] (see: In Old Oklahoma)0
War Paint (horse)27
War Party (SS) 194838
War Wagon, The (M) 196750
Ward, Felix (see: Free, Mickey)0
Ward, Jasper (Marshal, New Castle, CO)34
Ward, Jerome (Sheriff, Cochise County, AZ)08, 13
Ward, Jim (victim)15
Ward, Jasper0
Ware, John0
Ware, Richard "Dick" (Texas Ranger)29
Warner, David (Movie Actor)0
Warner, Matt (Bank Robber)13, 25
Warren Wagon Raid (1871)20
Warren, Constance Whitney (Sculptor)034103, 41
Warren, Henry (Army contractor)20
Warren, James (Movie Actor)36
Warrior (steamboat)29, 31
Warrior (steamboat) c 1830's25
Washakie, Chief (Eastern Shoshone)08
Washburn, Curly (Fictional)45
Washington Territory17
Washington, George (1st. U.S. President) 1789 - 179739
Washington, State of (42nd State) "The Evergreen State"45
Washington, Territory of06, 36
Washita Massacre, The (Ok)48
Water Rustlers (M) 193913
Watie, Stand (Cherokee Politician) Treaty Party25, 43
Watkins, Carleton American photographer) 1829 - 191645
Watkins, Jack (Outlaw)27
Watson, Barney (Sheriff)39
Watson, Clell38
Watson, Edward H. (Deputy Sheriff) Lake County, CO52
Watson, Ella (Nestor, Victim)14
Watson, Joseph (Private - Medal of Honor)23
Watson, N.F.02
Watts, W.S. (Stage Driver)01
Way of the Coyote (Novel) 200234
Way West, The (Novel) 194917
Wayne, John (see: John Wayne)0
Wayne, Maj. Henry C. (U.S. Camel Corps)20
Weadick, Guy (Early Rodeo Entrepreneur)35
Weatherill, Richard (Cowboy Explorer)51
Weaver, Dennis (Movie & TV Star)37
Weaver, James B. Greenback Presidential candidate) 188023
Webb, Charles (Deputy Sheriff, Brown County, TX)21, 40
Webb, John Joshua38
Webster, A.B.30
Webster, John L. (Attorney)18
Webster, Noah (Lexicographer )15
Webster, Theophelus (RR Engineer, Victim)47
Weekly Champion, The (Newspaper)0
Weightman, George "Red Buck" (Doolin Gang Outlaw)40
Weightman, Richard H. (defensive editor)33
Weiss, Joe (Victim)30
Welch, Guy (Lawman?)44
Weldon, Caroline (Indian Activist115049
Wellman, Horace28
Wellman, William Augustus (MD)09, 49
Wells Fargo04, 35
Wells Fargo (M) 193723
Wells Fargo & Company (Express & Stage Line) {TL}1805190106, 11, 13, 16, 31, 32, 34, 43, 46, 50, 52
Wells, Henry (Co Founder, Wells Fargo Express Co.)11, 12, 31, 50
Wells, L.B. (Texas Ranger)20
Wells, Polk (Bank Robber)28
Wenger, Rose August (see: Helen Gibson)0
Wesley, John18
Wesson, Daniel Baird (Gunsmith, Designer)20, 31
West of the Pecos (M) 194436
West of William H. Ashley (1964)13
West Point (U.S. Army Military Academy02, 11
West, Dick (MA, Sidekick)08
West, Frank-5151
West, Richard "Little Dick" (Outlaw)14
Western Federation of Miners, The04, 22, 27
Western Heritage Awards19, 34
Western Pacific RR (1909-1982)44
Western Union Telegraph Company (1856)43
Western Writers of America32
Westerner, The (M) 194038
Westerner, The (TV) 196025, 52
Westerners, The: A roundup of Pioneer Reminiscences (Book) 1969)44
Westfall, William28
Westward Ho, The Wagons! (M) 195621, 31
Westward the Tide (Novel) 195123
Wheaton, Frank (Coronel) U.S. Army49
Wheeler Expedition (1872-79)18, 25
Wheeler, Ben (aka: Ben Robertson) [Deputy Marshal]15, 18, 50
Wheeler, George Montague (catographer, explorer)411818, 41
Wheeler, Henry (Wife Killer)13
Wheeler, Henry M. (Physician)36
When the Legends Die (Book - 1963)08
When Theres Time to Talk (painting)15
Where the West Begins (M - 1938)29
Whip Wilson (Movie Star)19, 21, 24, 43
Whiskey Barrel Fire, The (Tombstone, AZ)25
Whispering Smith (Novel) 190652
Whispering Smith (TV Show) 196122, 52
White Antelope (Cheyenne Chief)48
White Buffalo Woman (survivor)48
White Buffalo, The (M) 197735
White Bull (Southern Cheyenne Medicine Man)30
White Cloud (horse)27
White Cow Bull (Oglala Sioux Warrior) The man who killed Custer?26
White Devil of the Yellowstone31
White Elephant Saloon06, 36
White Fella (Aka: White Fellah, White Feller)10
White Flash (Horse)45
White Head (half-breed27
White Horse (Kiowa Chief)16
White Horseman, The (M, 1921)01
White League (racial terrorist group) (1874)15
White Man Runs Him (Crow)14
White Massacre, The (1849)43
White River Utes01
White Shield26
White, Ann (victim)43
White, Charlie11
White, Fred (City Marshal, Tombstone, Az)18494343
White, James (merchant) victim43
White, Jim (JYG)12
White, John (Prospector)0
White, Lee "Lassas" (Movie Actor, Sidekick)0
White, Rollin (Gunsmith)14
White, Sally (Victim)13
White, Sam45
White, William (steamboat pilot)25
Whitehall, Harvey (Sheriff)02
Whitehill, ?? (Sheriff52
Whiteman, Mary Elizabeth (Midwife) c. 1890's+)32
Whiter Sut (perpetrator, wounded)15
Whitley, William "Bill" "Will" (Outlaw)-3839
Whitman Massacre, The22, 33, 39, 48
Whitman, Marcus (Doctor)21, 48
Whitman, Narcissa Prentiss114811, 48
Whitney 18?? Navy Revolver (.36 cal.?)0
Whitney, Charlie (Cokeville Bank 1911)0
Whitney, Eli11
Whitney, Willian "Bill" (Movie and TV Director)11, 20
Whitsitt, Richard E.42
Whittington Center (National rifle Association)30
Whore with a Golden Heart (see: Bowman, Sarah A.)51, 0
Wicher, Pinkerton Agent (Victim)11
Wichita Agency Massacre (1862)43
Wichita Indian Agency (OK)43
Wichita National Forest and Game Preserve (1905)10
Wickaninnish (Tla-o-qui-aht Chief)24
Wickenburg Massacre (1871)45
Widenmann Robert A. (LCW - Regulator)07
Wight, Jack38
Wikinson, Major Melville (Last Army casualty of The Indian War)40
Wilcox, Orlando B. (General) U.S. Army29
Wild and Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act of 1971, The51
Wild Bill Hickok (Buffalo Hunter, Marshal) {TL}213101, 09, 21, 28, 29, 31, 35, 39, 40, 49, 50
Wild Bunch (Western Outlaw Gang) {TL}1866196101, 03, 05, 11, 13, 14, 15, 16, 18, 19, 23, 25, 26, 29, 32, 33, 35, 38, 45, 46, 47, 48, 50
Wild Bunch aka: Oklahombres (see: Doolin Gang)0
Wild Bunch, The (M) 196912, 24, 52
Wild Cat Horse Guards, The (Protective Organization)16
Wild Charlie (see: Wyatt, Nathaniel Ellsworth "Zip")0
Wild Frontier, The (M) 194734
Wild Horse Stampede (M) 194312
Wild West (M) 194609
Wild West Days (M - Serial)46
Wild West, The (TV Series) 196511
Wildcat of Tuscon (M) 194040
Wilder, Laura (Elizabeth) Ingalls (Novelist, Writer)o60606
Wilderness Hunter (Book)01
Wilderness Road (song)28
Wilkerson, Guy (Movie Actor, Sidekick) "Panhandle Perkins"01
Wilkinson, James (American soldier, statesman, spy and traitor)52
Wilkinson, James (Brigadier General) U.S. Army28
Will Rogers (Rogers, William Penn Adair) [M] (Movie Star, Humorist, Social Commentator)443316, 33, 38, 43, 44
Willamette Valley, OR21
Willard, Jess0
Willey, Willis Ray (The Original Hippie!)371919, 37
William "Bill" (Deputy U.S. Marshal)0
Williams Station Massacre (1860)18
Williams, Ben (Posseman)28
Williams, Bill39
Williams, Cathay (aka: William Cathy) [Soldier]1844189241, 46
Williams, Flo (Madame)11
Williams, Guinn "Big Boy" (Movie Actor, Sidekick)17, 23
Williams, James O. (owner Williams Station) 186018
Williams, Jess (HFG, Bank Robber)32
Williams, John (Deputy)27
Williams, Maude (see: Rogers, Annie)0
Williams, Mike40
Williams, Old Bill (Mountain Man)30
Williams, Thomas G. (Captain, Texas State Police)11
Williams, William Sherley "Old Bill" Williams (guide, mountain man, preacher, scout)011101, 11, 30
Williamson, John (Indian Agent - Genoa)27, 31
Willits, Hiram24
Wills, Bob (Musician)45
Wills, Chill (Movie Actor, Sidekick)29, 30, 50
Wilson, "Kid" (Train Robber)18
Wilson, Billy (aka: D.L. Anderson)24, 39, 48, 51
Wilson, Charles W. (see: Texas Charley)0
Wilson, Edgar D. (Marshal)0
Wilson, Jim (Train Robber)18
Wilson, John (Deputy)27
Wilson, Luzana Stanley (CA Gold Rush Pioneer0
Wilson, Thomas Woodrow (28th U.S. President)09
Wilson, Vernon C. (Deputy Marshall) KIA37
Wilson, William J. "Bullalo Bill (a double hanging for one)50
Wilson, William J. (Cattleman) CO51
Wilson, Woodrow (27th. U.S. President)09, 34
Winchester '73 (M) 195005
Winchester Model 1866 Rifle [Yellow Boy] (see: Weapons Photos - Long Guns)09, 50
Winchester Model 1873 Rifle "The Gun That Won The West!" (see: Weapons Photos - Long Guns)09, 50
Winchester Model 1887 Lever Action Shotgun (see: Weapons Photos - Long Guns)0
Winchester Model 1897 Pump Shotgun (see: Weapons Photos - Long Guns)0
Winchester Repeating Arms Company18, 48, 50
Winchester, Oliver (Firearms Manufacturer)485003, 31, 48, 50
Wingate, George Wood (NRA co-founder - 1871)46
Winner, The (Barbed Wire)47
Winning of the West (Book) 1889 to 189601
Winter Quarters, NE (Mormon winter lay-over point)16
Winters, Jim (Victim)05, 30
Winters, William H. (Lt. U.S. Army) c. 186940, 42
Wirz, Henry (Commandant of Camp Sumpter (Andersonville)45
Wisconsin Ranch (CO) c. 1860's02
Wiseman Massacre (1863)30
Wiseman, Scott Greene (see: Lulu Belle and Scotty)0
Wister, Owen (Novelist)282922, 28, 29
Witbeck, George (deputy) Killed47
Witchita, KS (Buffalo Hunters, RR, Cattle)0
Witherill, George38, 49
Withers, Bill (Sheriff)06
Witt, Anita (Author, Performer)0
Wittenmyer, Annie Turner (WTCU - First National President (1874-1879)51
Witty, George (posseman)23
Wiyot Massacre - 186009
Wolf, Arch (outlaw) c 1890's44
Wolle, Muriel Syble (Author) "Stampede to Timberline" 05/1991"0
Womack, Robert Miller "Bob" (Prospector)32, 42
Woman Killer (see: Harney, William S.)341919, 36
Woman Walks Ahead (M) 201711
Woman's Christian Temperance Union (WCTU) 187451
Women's Christian Temperance Union (anti-alcohol)14, 23, 51
Women's National Finals Rodeo09
Women's Professional Rodeo Association (WPRA) 198109, 52
Women's Rights43
Women's Suffrage23, 45, 46
Wong Lee (FC, Radio)42
Wood, Britt (Movie Actor)16
Wood, E.E. (games with Horny Toads)03
Wood, George (Silencer)10
Woodall, Sgt. Zachariah T. (U.S. Army) Medal of Honor 187437
Woodcraft Manual for Girls (1916)43
Woodhull, Victoria ("Liberal" Politician)0
Woodruff, Samuel52
Woodruff, Samuel (aka: Tom Johnson)32, 36, 37
Woodruff, Wilford (President Mormon Church)39
Woods, George (Drunk Cowhand)27
Woods, George N.21, 25
Woods, Harry (T, Johnny Behan's Under sheriff)11
Woods, Riley (victim)15
Woodson, B.J. (See: Frank James)0
Woodson, Silas (Missouri Governor 1873-75)41
Wooten, Dick "Uncle Dick" (Mountain Man, Saloon Keeper)1816189313
Work, James “Jim” (Porum Range War) Deputy Sheriff18
World's Woman's Christian Temperance Union (1883)51
Wounded Knee Massacre (1890)01, 20, 47, 50, 52
Wovaka (Paiute Medicine Man) c. 1880-90's01
Wovoka (Northern Paiute Medicine Man) c. 1880's-90's18563838
Wrangler National Finals Rodeo (Dec)44
Wray, Fay (Movie Actress)--01
Wright, Charles (disgruntled Gambler)51
Wright, George Wright31
Wright, Jack (sheriff)09
Wyane, Maj. Henry C. (U.S. Camel Corps)20
Wyatt Earp: Frontier Marshal (Book) 193104, 40
Wyatt, Nathaniel Ellsworth "Zip" (Outlaw) [aka:"Wild Charlie" "Dick Yeager"] {TL}18633613, 19, 22, 24, 27, 31, 36
Wyeth, N.C. (Newell Convers) [Artist]42, 43
Wymore, George (Victim)07
Wyoming Wildcat (M) 194151
Wyoming, State of "The Equality State"01, 08, 09, 22, 23, 28
Wyoming, Territory of01, 05, 26, 30, 47, 50
Wyrick, Samuel (Victim)25
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