Week 41: October

Week 41: October 8th thru 14th

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10/8 of… 1808

Horace Smith born in Cheshire (Chester?), MA. Firearms and cartridge designer.  {001}


The Great Chicago Fire+2 is called in at about ten in the evening. Catherine and Patrick O’Leary’s barn was certainly the first structure to go, but the cow story was journalistic hyperbole. No cause was ever pinpointed. In an ongoing drought, firemen, fatigued from fighting a fire the day before, could not stop the out-of-control inferno, driven by strong southwest winds, from roaring into the heart of the city…  {001}


James Grimshaw Cayton born in Hooper, NE. Early forest ranger.  {001}


The James Gang (Jesse, Frank, J.A. “Dick” Liddil and others) robs the C&A train at Glendale, MO.  {001}


The stage from Eureka to Redding in Shasta County, CA, again falls to Black Bart.  {001}
Quotes Index – Robbers and Poets Quotes Black Bart

10/9 of… 1835

In the second engagement of the Texas revolution, Texians attack a Mexican fort, the Presidio La Bahía near Goliad (Battle of Goliad). A short fight takes the fort, thereby breaking Mexican army supply lines.  {001}


Born in Grafton, MA, is George Montague Wheeler. Pioneer cartographer and explorer.  {001}


The federal government accepts Hiram Kimball‘s bid of $23,000 per annum to carry mail from Independence, MO, to Salt Lake City, UT.  {001}


The San Francisco, CA, to St. Louis, MO, Butterfield Overland Mail Stage arrives after 24 days in transit.  {001}


Cooney Mitchell is hanged in Granbury, TX, in connection with the deaths of two Truitt men the year before (Mitchell-Truitt Feud).  {001}


Joseph Farwell Glidden - Week 41: October 8th thru 14thJoseph Farwell Glidden, age 93, died in DeKalb, IL. He successfully patented barbed wire. While perhaps not the originator of the product, (Lucien B. Smith patent, 1867), his version was the one that changed the west. Illustration: U.S. PD 1884 Prairie Farmer.  {001}
Wk. 47, 11/24/1874 – the devil’s rope

10/10… 1801

Thomas L. “Pegleg” Smith born in Crab Orchard, KY. Fur trapper, scout, kidnapper, horse thief, mountain man, prospector, fabulist, etc. Claiming he was prevented by Indians from exploiting his “lost” mine, he sold maps to all comers until his death in San Francisco in 1866. Even today, they’re still out there looking for the Lost Pegleg Mine.  {001}


The Jones & Cartwright Freight Co., the largest in Leavenworth,KS, sends out 21 wagons bound for Santa Fe, NM.  {001}


Completion of the first telegraph line  between Julesburg, CO, (UP RR railhead at the time) and Denver, CO.  {001}


Working solo, Cullen Baker held up a government supply wagon escorted by four armed men. After he killed the driver and exchanged shots with the guards, they left him with his prize. Cass County, TX.  {001}


Chicago Fire aftermat - 1871 - Week 41: October 8th thru 14thThe Great Chicago Fire+2 is finally brought under control and extinguished, but the city has lost an estimated 200 to 300 citizens and close to 100,000 were left homeless. With 17,500 buildings destroyed, the estimated $222 million in damages is a third of the valuation of the entire city. Photo: U.S. PD 1871, corner of Dearborn and Monroe streets.  {001}


William Henry Seward, died in Auburn, NY at age 72. An innovator and a man often ahead of his times. Politician: U.S. Secretary of State (1861 – 1869), 12th. Governor of New York (1839 – 1842), U.S. Senator from New York. (1849 – 1861). Portrait: US PD restored, pre-1923
Wk. 13, 03/30/1867 – Seward’s Folly
Wk. 15, 04/10/1867 – Alaska Purchase
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Jacksboro,TX. Wounding or killing half a dozen buffalo soldiers in three separate gunfights is “Texas Joe” Horner (aka: Frank M. Canton).  {001}


Salt War: Missouri Lawyer Charles Howard, who has now switched sides and filed on the salt lakes in the name of his father, Maj. George B. Zimpleman, kills Louis Cardis, leader of the San Elizario salt faction, in El Paso, TX.  {001}


Custer Monument - Week 41: October 8th thru 14th The remains of  “Boy General” George Armstrong Custer+2 are re-interred at West Point, with Libby Custer+2 in attendance. Photo U.S. PD, lower portion of the monument to Custer, next to the grave.   {001}
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Lt. Col. George A Custer Timeline


Helen Gibson - 1920 - Week 41: October 8th thru 14thThe passing of Helen Gibson (born Rose August Wenger), age 85, in Rosebud, OR. The first professional stunt woman and much more! This lady was a pistol! An actress, stunt woman, trick rider, and film producer, Helen was married to Hoot Gibson from 1913-20. Her first movie role was in Ranch Girls on a Rampage (1912 Silent), then The Hazards of Helen for 69 episodes (1915-17 Silent), Rustlers and Gunlaw (both 1919 silents directed by John Ford). She rode with Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus’ Wild West Show as a trick rider (1924). Her last hurrah was John Ford’s 1961 movie, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance. Photo: U.S. PD c. 1920  {001}

10/11 of… 1809

Meriweather Lewis - Week 41: October 8th thru 14thLewis and Clark Expedition leader Meriwether Lewis dies on the Natchez Trace at an inn called Grinder’s Stand. Controversy swirls around this story yet today. Ruled a suicide, it was more likely a murder/robbery. Darker yet, did Lewis’ enemy, Gen. James Wilkenson, have a hand in the homicide? Modern attempts to exhume the body for examination (2010) were thwarted by the National Park Service, which controls the grave site. Photo: U.S. PD, a portrait by Charles Willson Peale, c. 1807  {001}
see also:
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Chief Satanta - Week 41: October 8th thru 14thKiowa Chief Satanta dies a suicide in prison. Photo: U.S. PD, Wm. S. Soule, c. 1870’s (article in process – [001]).


William Preston “Wild Bill” Longley {03}, age 26, hanged for murder in Giddings, TX. Longley was a nasty, vicious young man who hadWilliam Preston Longly - Week 41: October 8th thru 14th earned the unsavory sobriquet “nigger killer” due to his penchant for killing black men. Having murdered at least eleven men (he claimed 32), estimates run as high as 35+. He was finally hanged for the killing of childhood friend Wilson Anderson, who had killed Bill’s cousin. Longley is usually called a gunfighter but I contend he was just a serial murderer. They dug him up in 2001 due to his father’s claim of a rigged hanging resulting in Bill’s survival. His body was positively identified by modern DNA testing… and a Catholic medal which accompanied the rope on his neck. {001}


Tombstone, Arizona Territory. Doc Holliday and Johnny Tyler argue, but are disarmed by friends before shots can be fired. Milt Joyce tells both Doc and Tyler to leave, and Tyler does. Doc and Milt argue about Doc causing a disturbance in the bar and Milt tosses Doc bodily out the door. Doc later returns — and he and Milt get into an argument about the return of Doc’s gun from behind the bar. Milt refuses to return it and Doc leaves again, but shortly returns with a “self-cocker” and fires two shots at Milt and his partner. Milt is shot in the hand while his partner William Parker is wounded in the left big toe. Milt subsequently whacks Doc on the head with a six gun. Next day, the witnesses don’t show, and Doc pleads to misdemeanor assault and battery, paying a $20.00 fine and $11.25 in marshal’s fees.  {001}


Black Bart takes the stage from Lakeview to Redding in Shasta County, CA (this is number 16).  {001}


Lawmen led by Milo Creek and D.C. Dye make an attempt on Ned Christie’s Fort in Oklahoma. Bullets, dynamite and a burning wagon destroy an outhouse; the posse goes home with two wounded deputies.  {001}


Born, Linda Stirling (Louise Schultz) in Long Beach, CA. Movie actress.  {001}


Born in New Orleans, LA, is Elmore John Leonard, Jr. American author.  {001}


Constance Warren - Week 41: October 8th thru 14thDead in Paris, France, at age 60 is Constance Whitney Warren, American sculptor. Among her western cowboy bronzes (18 between 1920-27) are Texas Cowboy (1925) at the State Capitol in Austin, TX, and Tribute to Range Riders (1926) at the Oklahoma State Capitol in Oklahoma City, OK (see: Photo Gallery –  Memorials, Monuments & Statures – Warren Sculptures). (Photo: Bain Col. LOC c. 1910-15).  {001}

10/12 of… 1899

Pearl Hart - Week 41: October 8th thru 14thFemale stage robber Pearl Hart escapes from her captors in Tucson, AZ, but it will only be for two weeks. Soon, she enters Yuma Territorial Prison to begin serving a five year sentence. After her pardon in 1902 she performed her story on stage, worked under an alias with Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show, and ran a cigar store… a relatively quiet life.  {001}


Camillus Fly - Week 41: October 8th thru 14thCamillus Sydney “Buck” Fly dies in Tombstone, AZ. Pioneer photographer, witness to the Gunfight at the OK Corral. Image U.S. PD pre-1901  {001}
Photo Gallery Index – People and Places PhotosFly’s Gallery
Photo Gallery Index – Indian Photos – by C.S. Fly


Gertrude Kasebier - Week 41: October 8th thru 14thInfluential American photographer Gertrude Stanton Käsebier died in New York, NY, at age 82. Primarily a portraitist, she began in the late 1890’s and continued over the next decade to produce a fine series depicting some of the American Indians who were associated with Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show*. Photo: PD, “Portrait of the Photographer”, manipulated self-portrait by Gertrude Käsebier  c. 1899**. A true pioneer, an inspiration in her field, and a great historical legacy. TYH!  {001}
Photo Gallery Index – Performer PhotosGertrude Käsebier
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Tom Mix - Week 41: October 8th thru 14thTom Mix (Thomas Hezikiah Mix) drove his Cord 812 through barricades into a washed out bridge and was killed instantly when struck in the back of the head by an aluminum suitcase. Located near Florence, AZ, on state Highway 79, the site was later renamed Tom Mix Wash. A rodeo champion and sharpshooter, he acted in 336 western movies including one fifteen-episode serial.  The Great K&A Train Robbery (1926), etc. Most of his films are lost. Horse: Tony.  {001}

10/13 of… 1845

The Republic of Texas. A majority of the republic’s voters (4,174 to 312) agree to an “offer” of annexation by the U.S. They also accept a proposed constitution which, if approved by the U.S. Congress, will result in statehood for the republic.  {001}


Born Emilie Charlotte Le Breton on the isle of Jersey, UK. She will become Lillie Langtry, “The Jersey Lily”.  {001}


James Bros Reward Poster 1873 - Week 41: October 8th thru 14th$2,000 reward “for the arrest and delivery of the bodies of said Frank and Jesse James,” is offered by Missouri Governor Silas Woodson in Jefferson City, MO. Photo: U.S. PD reproduction poster. The ante seems to have gone up!  {001}


Heavily armed, masked bandits force a Missouri Pacific engineer and fireman to uncouple the express car and move it away from the rest of the train at Caney, KS. Firing randomly into the express car, they shot Express Messenger J.N. Maxwell in the arm, forced him to open the car, his safe, and then robbed him of his watch and other personal property. Then, they quickly vanished into the night. Maxwell put the total take for the robbers at less than $100. Locals immediately suspected survivors of the massacred Dalton Gang as the perpetrators.  {001}


Meeker, CO. The citizenry foil a bank robbery and kill outlaws George Bain, “Kid” Pierce and Jim Shirley.  {001}

10/14 of… 1807

William Bradford Waddell is born in Virginia. One of the founders of the “Pony Express”.    {001}


Former slave William Cathey (actually Cathay Williams) mustered out of the U.S. Army 38th Infantry at Ft. Bayard, NM, after two years’ service with the Buffalo Soldiers. The only woman known to have so served, she did not see combat. Her 1881 request for a pension was denied.  {001}
see photo:
Photo Gallery Index – Soldiers of the Old West Cathy Williams


Victorio - Week 41: October 8th thru 14thRenegade Apache Chief Victorio and his followers, pursued by Buffalo Soldiers of the Tenth Cavalry, attempt to flee into Mexico and are ambushed and killed by Mexican troops under the command of Colonel Joaquin Terrazas. Photo: U.S. PD c.1875 Unknown.  {001}


The newly minted Doolin Gang takes the bank at Caney, OK, and gets away clean.  {001}
The Originals Index – Outlaw Gangs Index – Doolin Gang – Wild Bunch


Annie Rogers (aka Della Moore, Maud Williams), girlfriend of Kid Curry, is arrested in Nashville, TN, passing stolen bank notes from the recent Great Northern Train Robbery*. One of the few women who had access to Robber’s Roost.   {001}
Wk. 27, 7/3/1901 – Train Robbery


Errol Flynn - Week 41: October 8th thru 14thVancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Errol Flynn is dead of a heart attack at 50. Swashbuckling, sword-fighting actor, but he also did several westerns: Dodge City (1939), Santa Fe (1940), and the overblown sop to Custer, They Died with Their Boots On (1941). All with co-star Olivia DeHavilland (she played Libby Custer in “Boots”).  {001}

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{001} C 04/17; E 10/18; F 06/11; P 10/17

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