Mines and Claims of the Old West

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Mines and Claims of the Old West

Gold Mining - Mines and Claims of the Old West

Gold mining in Borens Gulch
La Plata County, CO

Just for fun, here is a selection of various Mines and Claims of the Old West. A few are famous, most are not. The majority, likely never paid a dime. Some, from articles in Old West Daily Reader and others I have stumbled across while researching something else. They reflect the spectrum of attitude, optimism and desperation of the prospecting/mining life in the Old West. Sometime it’s very clear where their thoughts were going as they contemplated the possible, impending riches… or the alternatives…

Talk about a section that will NEVER complete, there must be 100,000+ mines out there…
actually, Arizona alone, currently lists in excess of 43,000…
I only add items here as I remember or run across them, so this list grows slowly…
Always happy to have help/new information/corrections, etc. about items here.
Especially those with no reference. Please email me.

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