Week 34: August

Week 34: August 20th thru 26th

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8/20 of… 1862

Lake Shetek Massacre, aka: Slaughter Slough. The beginning of the Dakota War. Pushed to the breaking point by forced resettlement on reservations, treaty violations by the U. S., late or unfair annuity payments by Indian agents and increasing hardship and hunger; a council of Dakotas decided to wage war on the whites. Some 40 Sisseton Dakota Sioux Indians attacked settlers, killing 15 and taking a dozen women and children captive; 21 settlers survived and escaped to safety. A band of pacifist Lakota later ransomed eight surviving captives. Slaughter Slough is a wetland, in Murray County east of Lake Shetek in southwestern Minnesota.
White Reaction was strong and Abraham Lincoln authorized the execution of the Dakotas involved in the massacre and kidnapping.  {001}
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Slaughter Slough Monument


West Lake Settlement Massacre, MN: About 30 Dakota Sioux Indians+2 attack and loot several cabins and kill thirteen settlers; men, women and children. As with the above article, part of the Dakota War+2.  {001}


The Newton Massacre, Perry Tuttle’s Saloon at Newton, KS. Railroad man Mike McCluskie is attacked and shot to death by Hugh Anderson for the previous killing of his friend William Bailey. This sparks a violent shootout that leaves Texas cowboys Billy Garrett, Jim Martin, Henry Kearnes and McCluskie’s friend Patrick Lee, dead. Anderson was shot twice in the leg and two others were wounded.  {001}


Thomas Jefferson “Jay” Olive dies of wounds sustained at the Cattle Pen fight*. Print Olive makes a recovery and in September hunts down and kills former friend Fred Smith whom he believes made the sh0t that killed Jay.  {003}
*Wk. 31, 08/02/1886 – Cattle Pen fight


Mike Long -Week 34: August 20th thru 26thBorn: McKendree “Mike” R. Long. Paratrooper, Viet Nam vet, historian, firearms collector, author and contributor to The Old West Daily Reader. He has two western novels published: No Good Like It Is (2010) and Dog Soldier Moon (2011) and a third one, tentatively titled Higher Ground, on the way. Find Mike’s books on his website.* Old West Daily Reader Contributor 007.  {001}
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Eddy Waller -Week 34: August 20th thru 26thDied: Edward C. “Eddy” Waller, age 88. Vaudeville and theater actor, character actor, sidekick+2. “Nugget Clark” to Rocky Lane in 32 films from 1947 to 1952: The Wild Frontier (1947), Gunmen of Abilene (1950), Desperado’s Outpost (1952) then with Kirk Douglas in Man Without a Star (1955), and The Far Country (1955) with Jimmy Stewart. Waller made some 250 films and did a number of TV shows. Photo: ©? Cinefania, Fair Use) {001}


Alice Greenough Orr -Week 34: August 20th thru 26thAdios to “First Rodeo Queen” Alice Greenough Orr, age 93, at Tuscon, AZ. Rancher’s daughter, bull rider, trick rider, rodeo performer, movie stunt woman. Four times World Saddle Bronc Champion. She retired from rodeo at age 52 in 1954 but continued to do some movie work until she was 80. Cowgirl Hall of Fame 1975. This lady was a piece of work! One of the great ones! TYH! Photo: U.S. PD  {001}


Elmore Leonard -Week 34: August 20th thru 26thThe passing of American author Elmore John Leonard, Jr., at age 87 in Bloomfield Hills, MI. Most of his westerns were early: Three-Ten to Yuma (1953) M (3:10 to Yuma) – 1957 & 2007, Hombre (1961- M 1967), Valdez Is Coming (1970) M- 1971 and two other westerns that became films. In total, nineteen novels and short stories by Leonard have been the basis for movies, and seven for TV productions. Three of his novels and a short story are the basis for the excellent TV series, Justified (2010 thru 2014 season). TYH! Photo: U.S. PD, 1989 MDCarchives.  {001}
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