Week 50: December

Week 50: December 10 thru 16th

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12/10 of… 1869

Governor John Allen Campbell signs the Suffrage Act passed by the territorial legislature, and Wyoming becomes the first state to allow women over 21 years old to vote. This action will prevent statehood for over 20 years as bigots and pro-alcohol men hold sway in the U.S. Congress.  {001}
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Convicted and sentenced to hang for the murder of his employer, Robert Casey, in Lincoln, NM — William J. “Buffalo Bill Wilson drops through the trap… only it doesn’t do the job and they have to do it over!  {001}


Henry Wells - Week 50: December 10th thru 16thThe passing of Henry Wells, two days shy of his 73rd birthday in Glasgow, Scotland. This entrepreneurial businessman formed, invested in and served as an officer for companies related to transport: canals and eastern railroads (too early for rail in the west). He held a special interest in the express businesses: stage and freight lines. Founding partner of American Express Co., Wells Fargo & Company and numerous others. Founder and namesake of Wells College in Aurora, NY. A very busy man! TYH! Photo: U.S. PD pre-1878, unknown.  {001}


(T) Joe Hill (aka: Joe Olney) died from injuries after his horse stumbled and fell at Bowie Station, AZ. Joe was a lifetime criminal and a member of the Cowboys. He was also an informant to the Earp faction, who were aware he was wanted for murder in Texas. His information helped lead to the assassination of John Ringo.  {001}


B. Dan D. Blocker, aka Don Blocker, Dan Davis Blocker born in DeKalb, TX. TV star.  {001}

12/11 of… 1811

The first of the mighty earthquakes that would rattle the mid-west for a month or so. Maybe 500 dead in the sparsely settled country around New Madrid, MO. The Mississippi River ran uphill several times. Destined to happen again.  {001}


Dallas Stoudenmire born in Aberfoil, AL. Gunfighter.  {001}


Oliver Fischer Winchester - Week 50: December 10th thru 16thOliver Winchester, age 70, died in New Haven, CT. After acquiring the failing Smith and Wesson Volcanic Repeating Arms Company and building some 12,000 Henry Rifles on the patent granted to engineer William Tyler Henry, he finally brought the company to a measure of success. It was reorganized to become the Winchester Repeating Arms Company, and design improvements by Nelson King led to the Model 1866, the
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