Week 08: February

Week 8: February 19th thru 25th

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2/19 of… 1785

Born in Perthshire , Scotland, Robert Stuart who will become an American fur trader and explorer.  {001}


Chris Evans, notorious California train robber, born in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Emigrates to U.S. at age 17.  {001}
The Originals – Outlaw Gangs – Evans Gang (Chris)


Charles Alexander Eastman born on a reservation at Red Falls, MN. Physician, writer, reformer.  {001}


Newton, KS. Owner Rowdy Joe Lowe (of Lowe’s Newton House, dance hall) had a tif with his wife on Saturday night and slapped her, owing to her lack of appropriate response to a client. Later, one A.M. Sweet consoled poor Kate with booze, then spirited her off to competitor Fanny Grey’s place for some fun. When an angry Rowdy Joe found out where they were and showed up Monday morning, he was two shots faster than Sweet.  {001}


Henry Vinton Plummer - Week 8Kansas City, Kansas sees the passing of Henry Vinton Plummer, age 60. Born a slave on the Three Sisters plantation near Bowie, Maryland. Escaping slavery in his early 20s, he enlisted in the Union Navy during the American Civil War. In 1872 he attended Wayland Seminary in Washington D.C. Upon graduation, he served as a pastor at several churches before being appointed chaplain of the 9th Cavalry Regiment by President Chester A. Arthur in 1884. At that time, he was the only black officer (captain) in the US Army. In 1894 he was dishonorably discharged from the Army for drunkenness and poor conduct. However, the charges were very controversial, later reviewed, and his discharge was upgraded to honorable after a review in 2005.  {001}


Albert Sieber - 1874 - Week 8During construction of the Tonto road to the new Roosevelt Dam site on the San Carlos Apache Indian Reservation, Al Sieber, (one time Chief of Scouts in Apache Wars) was leading an Apache work crew on the project which was under the supervision of another famous frontier scout, Luther “Yellowstone” Kelly. Sieber was killed when a boulder rolled on him; buried with military honors at the cemetery in Globe, AZ. Photo: U.S. PD 1874, unknown.  {001}


Lee Marvin ( Lamont Waltman Marvin Jr.) born in New York City, NY. U.S. Marine, Movie & TV actor.  {001}

2/20 of… 1685

Robert de La Salle (René-Robert Cavelier, Sieur de La Salle – 1643-87) leading three ships bearing French colonists landed at Matagorda Bay in present-day Texas and established Fort St. Louis. Thereby forming the basis for France’s claim to Texas and later the basis of the U.S. claim to the region as part of the Louisiana Purchase.  {001}
Wk. 10, 03/10/1804 – Three Flags Day
The Originals Index – Western Forts and Trading Posts


The Battle of  Valverde Ford+2 (NM): Texas troops under the command of Brigadier General Henry  H. Sibley attempt to capture Fort Craig, defended by New Mexico volunteers and Union troops under the command of Union Colonel Edward Canby. The midnight mule bombs of Union Captain James Craydon inadvertently bring about the capture of a herd of Confederate beef cattle.  {001}


Chief Washakie - Week 8Chief Washakie, leader of the Eastern Shoshone, (est.) age 90+, died in Wyoming. Father-in-law to Jim Bridger (1850) and friend of Brigham Young, he became a Mormon in 1880, then an Episcopalian in 1887. Treaty negotiator (Fort Bridger, 1868) and peacemaker. His headstone (1878) is in the reservation fort that bears his name, the only Native American ever commemorated in this way. Also the only Old West Native American ever buried with full military honors. A number of U.S. Navy ships have carried his name.  TYH! Photo: U.S. PD, Baker & Johnston/ Smithsonian Institution c. 1890’s  {001 & 002}


Sundance Kid and Etta Place - Week 8The British ship Herminius leaves New York bound for Buenos Aries, Argentina. Among her passengers are Harry Longabaugh, his wife Ethel (photo) and her brother James Ryan, with about $35,000 in their pockets.  The Sundance Kid, Ethel Place and Butch Cassidy will soon purchase significant ranch property in that country. {001}


Ansel Adams, born in San Francisco. Musician, photographer, environmentalist.  {003}


Sheriff Dwight B.Stephens is killed during an arrest attempt on yet another group of escapees from the Deming, NM, jail. Near Rincon, NM.  {001}


Amanda Blake (Beverly Louise Neil) born in Buffalo, NY. Movie & TV star.  {001}

2/21 of… 1857

Coin, Ferdinand VII - Week 8The Coinage Act of 1857 repealed the Act of 1806, and any others which had allowed foreign coinage (silver or gold) to be accepted as legal tender in the U.S. No more pieces of eight*. But, the new U.S. dollar and others in the new world were based on the peso. One story has our $ sign inspired by the art on the reverse (right, in the photo) of newer coins which were in circulation at the time.  Photo: PD by Coinman62 via Wikipedia. Spanish Silver Dollar (c. 1821, Ferdinand VII).  {001}
*References – Dictionary – Piece of Eight


Second day of The Battle of Valverde Ford+2, NM: Union troops lose and retreat back to the fort, having been sent out to fight. The Confederates win the field but don’t take the fort, and their campaign is weakened by failure and battle losses. This action is notable for an unusual afternoon lance charge (may have been the last one ever?) by a Texas company against a Colorado company that soundly held, breaking the attack.  {001}


Cherokee Phoenix newspaper - 1828 - Week 8.The first newspaper published by Native Americans in the U. S. and the first published in a Native American language. The Cherokee Phoenix (Cherokee: ᏣᎳᎩ ᏧᎴᎯᏌᏅᎯ, translit. Tsalagi Tsulehisanəhi), Elias Boudinot editor, was published in New Echota, capital of the Cherokee Nation (today, in Georgia). Publication continued until 1834, scuttled by complications around the Remove issue.* Revived in the 20th century, the Cherokee Phoenix publishes both print and Internet versions. Photo: U.S. PD 1828 – 1st. four page edition – 1828.  {001}
*02/24/1831Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creekbelow


Ezra M. Meeker, age 75, begins his second trip over The Oregon Trail with oxen yoked to a covered wagon—this time eastbound! Leaving the first of the stone monuments he hopes to place on the trail in Tenino, WA, he eventually heads for Eddyville, IA, from where he departed in 1852. He will go much further. He wanted to help America preserve the trail and honor those who traveled it.  {001}
The Originals Index – Trails – bottom of page


Cole Younger - Week 8.Thomas Coleman “Cole” Younger {17}, age 72, died of natural causes at Lee’s Summit, MO, where he was born. One of the few, as notorious in his profession as Cole managed to be, to survive so long. Principle in the James-Younger gang*. A Participant in the Great Northfield, MN, Raid. Photo: U.S. PD 1889 Kuhn.  {001}
*PLAYERS – Timelines Index – Timelines A-L Index PageJames -Younger Gang


David Samuel “Sam” Peckinpah born in Fresno, CA. Movie director.  {001}

2/22 of… 1821

Born in Woodstock, Vermont, Benjamin Tyler Henry. American gunsmith and manufacturer, inventor of the Henry rifle.  {001}


William Newton Byers born in Ohio. Land surveyor, newspaperman.  {001}


Harry Nickolson Morse, born in New York, NY. Lawman, detective.  {001}


Olive Oatman - Week 8.Olive Oatman is released by the Apaches after being held for five years. Photo: U.S. PD pre-1923, Olive Oatman.  {001}


Born on the Yankton Sioux Reservation in South Dakota, Zitkála-Šá who will become an editor, educator, musician, translator and an Indian political activist.  {001}


Texas Central Stage Lines taken for $1,280 by the Sam Bass Gang (Sam, Seaborn Barnes, and Frank Jackson). Near Allen, TX.   {001}


John Heath hanging - Photo: C S Fly - Week 8.Incensed that John Heath, mastermind of the Bisbee Massacre, has only been convicted of second degree murder, Tombstone’s 44-60 vigilantes push Sheriff Jerome Ward aside and “exault” Heath via a telephone pole on Toughnut Street. He is allowed to tie the blindfold over his own eyes, and they respect his last request not to use his swinging body for target practice. Photo: U.S. PD 1884, by C.S. Fly – Heath Lynching.  {001}
Wk. 49, 12/08/1883 – Bisbee Massacre
Quotes Index – Gunfighter QuotesDr. Goodfellow


Image result for Johnny D. Boggs photosJohnny D. Boggs, born  in South Carolina. Newspaper sports writer, copy editor, photographer,Western author (history and fiction) (Spur Award winner), current editor of Western Writers of America‘s Roundup Magazine. Photo: U.S. PD (?) internet {001}
References – Books – Novels and History (non-ref)Johnny D. Boggs
see also:
References – DictionaryWestern Writers of America


Hal Borland - Week 8.Harold Glen “Hal” Borland: Nature Journalist, author, poet; his grandfather was a blacksmith, and his father a newspaperman.  He began at his father’s paper in Flagler, CO and ended up at the New York Times in 1937.  His nature editorials became an indispensable feature.  By the end of his career he had written 1,750 nature editorials – the final one published one day before he died in 1978.  His books include: When the Legends Die (1963); Sundial of the Seasons (1964) and Beyond Your Doorstep: A handbook to the Country (1971). Photo: U.S. PD? pre-1978, Promo shot.  {003}
Quotes Index – Commentators QuotesHal Borland

2/23 of… 1809

Founding of the Missouri Fur Company (to 1830) in St. Louis, MO.  {001}


Grant County, NM territory, Captain John M. Bullard, at the time one of the founding fathers of Silver City NM, killed in a skirmish over the whites having taken a traditional Apache campsite to lay out their town (and other issues).  {001}


Dick Heart, Tom Johnson and Larry Shehan rob a Southern Pacific train in Stein’s Pass near Pantano and Papago, NM.  {001}


VictorVicFleming born in Pasadena, CA. Actor, film director.  {001}


Ezekial Proctor - Week 8.The passing of Ezekial Downing “Zeke” Proctor at age 76 in West Siloam Springs, OK. Cherokee Senator (1877), sheriff of the Flint District of the Cherokee Nation (1894) and U. S. Deputy Marshal (1891- 94) under Judge Isaac Parker. Genesis of the Going Snake Massacre*. Said to be the only individual with whom the United States has concluded a formal treaty. Photo: U.S. PD c. 1870’s? unknown.  {001}
* Wk. 15, 04/15/1872 – Going Snake Massacre


Henry M. Teller - Week 8.Died in Denver Colorado: Henry M. Teller, age 83. U.S. Senator (CO, 1876-81, 1885-1909). Fifteenth Sec. of Interior (1882-85). An enigma in Indian affairs: he was an outspoken opponent of “allotment”.* Yet, as Sec. of Interior, he approved “A Code of Indian Offenses” which was intended to destroy Indian culture by prohibiting dances, plural marriage, and traditional cultural activity in general. A major proponent of “Free silver”.  {001}
*Quotes Index – Indian QuotesHenry M. Teller
Wk. 06, 02/08/1887 – Dawes Act


Fuzzy Knight - Week 8.John ForrestFuzzyKnight, age 74, died in Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA.  Motion picture actor with more than 180 films to his credit, he usually played the sidekick+: The Trail of the Lonesome Pine (1936), Trigger Trail (1944), Night Raiders (1952). In television:  The Gene Autry Show (1950-51), The Outlaws (1960 or 61?), TheTall Man (1962). Photo: U.S. PD, a frame from Adventures of Gallant Bess (1948).  {001}

2/24 of…1790

Northwood, NH sees the birth of Hall J. Kelly, destined to become an influential American writer.  {001}


Proclamation of the Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek (09/27/1830): The Choctaw Nation ceded their lands in Mississippi and agreed to move to the Indian Territory in Oklahoma. This is the first treaty effective under the Indian Removal Act.* The Choctaw who remained in Mississippi became the first ethnic group to be recognized as U.S. citizens. As with all treaties undertaken with the Indians, it was later violated by the government.  {001}
*Wk. 22, 05/28/1830 – Indian Removal Act


Arizona organized as an incorporated Territory to the United States.  {001}


Proclamation of the (2nd) Treaty of Fort Laramie (signed 04/29/1868). Made with the Sioux (Brule, Oglala, Miniconjou, Yanktonai, Hunkpapa, Blackfeet, Cuthead, Two Kettle, Sans Arcs, Santee) and the Arapahoe.  {001}


Joe Davis (of Porum Range War fame…) sentenced to 25 years in Federal Prison for the robbery of the Golden State Limited in AZ.  {28}
see also:
Wk. 36, 09/06/1916 – Joe Davis
PLAYERS – Timelines Master Index- Timelines A-L – Porum Range War Timeline

2/25 of… 1829

Levi (Loeb) Strauss born in Buttenheim, Bavaria. Entrepreneur.  {001}


Colt Paterson No 5 - Week 8.Sam Colt’s patent #9430X (this date) and patent No. 1304, dated August 29, 1836, protected the basic principles of his revolving-breech loading, folding trigger firearm named the Colt Paterson. This is the beginning of the firearms revolution sparked by Colt. Photo: U.S. PD? internet, #5 Colt Patterson.  {001}
see also:
Wk. 10, 03/05/1837 – Patent Arms Manufacturing Company


Chris Madsen Rørmose born in Denmark. When he emigrates to the U.S. in 1876, he becomes simply Chris Madsen. Soldier, lawman.  {001
PLAYERS – Timelines Index – Timelines M-Z – Three Guardsmen Timeline


Col. Ranald S. Mackenzie takes command of the U.S. 4th Cavalry Regiment at Fort Richardson, TX.  {001}


Tombstone, AZ. Luke Short shoots down Charlie Storms in front of the Oriental Saloon. The fighters are so close that Short’s revolver sets Storm’s clothes afire. Bat Masterson is a witness.  {001}


The Battle of Kelly Creek: the band of renegade Indians (seven men, three women, and perhaps five children) who had perpetrated “The Last Massacre“*, were led by “Shoshone Mike Daggett” in their escape as far as Kelley Creek, near Winnemucca, NV. There they were surrounded by the pursuing posse, and in a wild three hour fight, all the adult Indians were killed. At the end, out of ammunition, they faced the posse’s guns with bows and arrows, tomahawks, spears and knives. A sixteen year old girl and three small children were the only survivors. A civilian posse member, Ed Hogle, later died of wounds. The Indians were buried in a dynamited hole at Gasconade, NV. The four children were sent to the Stewart Indian School near Carson City, but only one lived beyond the year 1913. While this business has been occasionally billed as an “Indian uprising” it was simply a violently escalated criminal act. After controversy and legal action, posse members were paid a reward.  {001}
Wk. 03, 01/19/1911 – The Last Massacre


Dickie “Dick Jones” Jones born in Snyder, TX.  Rodeo performer, “B” Western movie actor.  Played Dick Westsidekick+ to The Range Rider in the TV series, and numerous guest appearances on other TV westerns. Requiem for a Gunfighter (1965).  {001}

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