Week 45: November

Week 45: November 5th thru 11th

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11/5 of… 1870

It’s the second train robbery in the U.S. Mastermind A.J. “Big Jack” Davis, aided by R.A. “Sol” James, Tilton Cockerell, and James Gilchrist rob the eastbound Central Pacific Train #1 early in the morning, just east of Verdi, NV.  {001}
Wk. 40, 10/06/1866 – First!


Fredrick Wadsworth Loring - 1871 - Week 45: November 5th thru 11th.Wickenburg Massacre. Six miles from Wickenburg, AZ, mid-morning: fifteen Yavapai Apache warriors attack a stagecoach. Six men, including the driver, are shot and killed. The only (wounded) female passenger and one male traveler somehow manage to escape. Among the dead is 25-year-old Frederick Wadsworth Loring, a correspondent for Appleton’s Journal (Boston). Beyond the public outrage over the massacre, Loring’s murder will have grave consequences for the Yavapai. Photo: U.S. PD 1871 by unknown – taken about 48 hours before the massacre: Loring in his campaign costume with his mule, Evil Merodach.  {001}
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Wickenburg Massacre


Virgil Earp is elected constable of the 2nd precinct, Prescott, Arizona Territory.  {001}


Dodge City, KS. An afternoon disagreement between Lone Star Dance Hall co-owners Dick Moore and Bob Shaw boils over into a gunfight — precipitating the arrival of Deputy Marshal Ed Masterson. Masterson is shot by Shaw, who then receives several rounds in return. Moore and bystander Frank Buskirk are wounded by stray bullets. Everyone recovers.  {001}


Born: Leonard Franklin Slye (Roy Rogers) in Cincinnati, OH. Recording, radio, movie and TV star.  {001}


Everett Massacre, (aka: “Bloody Sunday). Everett, WA: armed confrontation erupted between the local authorities, vigilantes (200) and members of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW). “The Wobblies” attempted to land two shiploads of protesters in support of the local shingle workers’ strike. A resulting gunfight between the ship (Verona) and the dock, along with the ensuing panic, killed at least five unionists and two deputies (by friendly fire). Many more were injured, including Snohomish County Sheriff Donald McRae. Eventually, all charges against union leaders and members were dropped. No vigilantes or lawmen were ever charged.  {001}
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Dorothy Fay Southworth, aka “Dorothy Fay“, age 88, died in Woodland Hills, CA. “B” western movie actress in Frontier Scout (1938) and Rainbow Over the Range (1940) w/ Tex Ritter.  {001}

11/6 of… 1865

The final act of the Confederate States of America came with the surrender ofOld West Daily Reader Subscribe Today

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