Week 28: July

Week 28: July 9th thru 15th

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7/9 of… 1857

Celerity Coach (mud wagon) - Week 28: July 9th thru 15thThe granddaddy of ’em all — first run of “The Jackass Mail“, the San Antonio-San Diego Mail Line, via horseback, to meet a U.S. Government Mail contract date. Thereafter, semi-monthly service was established — with a coach leaving each terminal city on the 9th and 24th of the month. They met at Maricopa Wells, AZ, exchanging mail and passengers, then returning to the home station. Supported by 87 stations, 400 head of stock (mules), and 65 employees operating celerity wagons. (Similar to military ambulances and much lighter weight than a Concord Coach). The 1,500 mile service, averaging 30+ days in a four-horse coach, ran until 1858 when it lost the El Paso to Fort Yuma portion of the route to the Butterfield Overland Mail*, which soon increased that service to weekly. Through various configurations and routes the service lasted until 1861 when Apaches and the Civil War finally ended it. Photo: U.S.P.D. David R., Seeley Stable Museum, Abbott & Downing Celerity (mud) wagon.  {001}
*Wk. 37, 09/16/1857 – Butterfield Overland Mail
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Mammals Mule


Ratification of the Fourteenth Amendment guaranteeing citizenship to African Americans and due process to all citizens.  {001}


Big Nose Kate sobers up, recants her “confession”. Sheriff Behan‘s case evaporates and Doc Holliday walks when Judge Wells Spicer throws out the charges. Tombstone, AZ Territory.  {001}
Wk. 27, 07/05/1881 – Sheriff Johnny Behan arrests Holliday


An old and successful miner/con man, “Death Valley ScottyScotty as Sphinx - Week 28: July 9th thru 15th (Walter Edward Scott) paid $5,500 to the Santa Fe RR to take him from Los Angeles to Chicago in forty-six hours to promote a “mine” he was hawking. The Coyote Special covered the 2,265 miles with an hour and six minutes to spare! The record was finally surpassed in 1936 by trains in regular service. One of the nineteen locomotives employed on the run, number 1010 (2-6-2), is on display at the California Railroad Museum in Sacramento, CA.  {001}
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7/10 of… 1824

Richard King born in New York City, NY: sailor, steamboat captain, entrepreneur and rancher.  {001}


Millard Fillmore inaugurated as the 13th President of the United States.  {001}


Reno Gang members, minus the brothers themselves, rob a train at the Seymour, ID, depot. Some gang members are wounded and Val Elliot captured. He then names Charlie Roseberry and Theodore Clifton, who are soon arrested.  {001} (Date Conflict: Jul 20)
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