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Here are some Links to Friends of Old West Daily Reader. Some of the talent and like minded folks who have helped create this complicated project. If you think you should be listed here,
Contact me. – Doc B.

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Caroline Metzler - Links to FriendsCC-logo - Links to FriendsCoyote Creative Graphic and Web Design
Caroline Metzler {002}
Lead Designer and Project Manager of the Old West Daily Reader website.
2018 – Happily Retired from Graphic Arts!
Coyote Creative


ajdesigns logo - Links to FriendsAaron Jerad - Links to FriendsAaron Jerad Designs – Aaron Jerad
Web & Word Press guru for the Old West Daily Reader website.
Aaron Jerad Designs


Doc Holliday Live – R.W. “Doc” Boyle’s site.
Performance information, some Doc history and quotes.
Doc Holliday Live website
Doc Holliday Live on Face Book
Click here for Doc’s 2016 Glenwood Caverns Rogue’s Gallery
Click here for: Doc’s 2013 RailFest Photo Album
History Riders Radio™ on Old West Daily


GleKid Curry and Doc Holliday at Glenwood Caverns - Links to Friendsnwood Caverns Adventure Park – Meet and take a photo with Doc Holliday and Kid Curry. Sat and Sun – Noon to 4 PM, Memorial Day to Labor Day. Let’s talk some Western History! (bring your camera)
Glenwood Caverns
Click here for Doc’s 2016 Glenwood Caverns Rogue’s Gallery


Glenwood Springs Historical Society logo - Links to FriendsGlenwood Springs Frontier Historical Society – Doc’s home historical group. Home of  the amazing “Ghost Walk” in Linwood Pioneer Cemetery at Halloween.
Glenwood History
Ghost of Linwood Pioneer Cemetery


Great Galomp book cover - Links to Friends

The Great Galomp – Doc’s children’s book; not related to Western History at all.
Age group 1 to about 6 or 7. Available in hardcover at GG website & Barnes & Noble
Epub formats at Amazon, Kobo, Lulu, Waterstone’s and others.
Great Galomp


WWA_logo - Links to Friends Western Writers of America (1953)
Founded to promote the literature of the American West.
Today, over 650 members.
Doc is an Associate Member (2012)
Western Writers of America


Dirk Lagerwij - Links to FriendsAntique American Firearms – Holland – Dirk Lagerwij
This Dutch gentleman is an Old West Daily Reader Contributor.
He is a collector of fine firearms and he has a some for sale.
Antique Firearms – Collection and Sales.



Mike Long - Links to FriendsMcKendree R. “Mike” Long
Historian, Western Author, Gun Collector
This Old West Daily Reader Contributor {007} has two published novels:
No Good Like It Is” and “Dog Soldier Moon” Look for them on
Mckendree Long – He will sign ’em for you!
Mike’s Revolvers P. 1
Mike’s Revolvers P. 2


Great American AdventuresGreat American Adventures - Links to Friends
Take a ride through Western History with these folks
You’re gonna like it!



DoDoug Hocking - Links to Friendsug Hocking {019} is an independent scholar, historian and author of fiction; writing about and photographing the American Southwest. His serial “Devil on the loose” and his books including just released, Massacre at Point of Rocks (03/13) are available on his website. He will sign ’em for you!
Doug Hocking


Brian Meadows Art - Links to FriendsMotorcycle Art & Custom Airbrushing
Brian “The Brush” Meadows
Anything you want! Check out Brian’s Western Art!
Motorcycle Art



University of Oklahoma Press logo - Links to FriendsUniversity of Oklahoma Press
Established in 1928; Publishing about 80 books a year
History, Current Events, Novels and more…
OU Press


Photos d'armes de collection logo - Links to FriendsPhotos d’armes de collection
Encyclopaedic website about BELGIAN collectibles firearms
Some of these European collectors have amazing collections of Western guns!


Will Roberts - Links to Friends

Will Roberts

The Reenactors
A community for Old West and Civil War reenactors
An excellent group and resource! Find a reenactor or be one.
The Reenactors


Ricardo Los Reis - Links to FriendsRicardo Los Reis -Portugal/U.S.
A first class Leather Worker and a fine Illustrator.
Guns and gun leather! Check it out.
Ricardo Los Reis


Chris Camp - The Whip Guy - Links to FriendsChris Camp – The Whip Guy
“America’s Greatest Whip Act
You better believe it!
The Whip Guy


"Liver eating Johnson" - Links to FriendsDorman Nelson – Historian
Check out the Old West Daily Reader references:
Wk 03, 01/21/1900; Wk. 51, 12/21/1972 & Photo Gallery – Pushin’ up Daisies
then… get the rest of the story from Dorman {017} & his friends.
John Liver Eating Johnston


Sumac Enterprises - Links to FriendsSumac Enterprises
Historical Entertainers and Educators Extraordinaire!
Fred and Ross Shaw
Sumac Enterprises



The Old Corral logo - Links to FriendsChuck Anderson’s B-Westerns Site
Only B’s, about 1929 to 1954
Simply, the very “B” b b…best on the subject!


Silt Historical Psrk - Links to FriendsThe Silt Historical Park
707 Orchard, Silt, Colorado
May 1 – Oct 31; 12:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m Tu – Sa

Silt Historical Park


Brax Drummond - Links to FriendsMarshal Brax Drummond: a US Marshal, born in 1838.
The Marshal is available for 1800’s re-enactments,
history, stories, poems, tall tales, and flat out lies.
aka: Scott Perez of Durango, CO



Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad - Links to FriendsDurango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad
One of the world’s greatest tourist railroads!
Home of TrueWest D&S NG Railfest
Click here for: Doc’s 2013 RailFest Photo Album
Info at: Durango Train


True West Magazine logo - Links to FriendsTrue West Magazine
Bob Bose Bell, editor/artist/historian
“Preserving the American West”
The “True West” of the fabulous TrueWest D&S NG Railfest [next event, August 2014]
Click here for: Doc’s 2013 RailFest Photo Album
Info at: True West Magazine
(see: Wk. 42, 10/16/1999)


OWDR Ann Ramsey & Honey - Links to FriendsAnn Louise Ramsey – Author – Artist – Musician & Dog Lover
{022} Don’t miss her video at: Photo Gallery – Mining Photos
The Mystery of Burning Mountain – bottom of the page
Visit Ann’s website for a view of her many talents…


Arms by
{025} This is the ultimate gun collectors site.
Well done, nicely organized, good navigation.
Learn, share info, buy, sell, trade from this nexus.

Kathleen Rice Adams - Links to Friends


Hole in the Web Gang – by Kathleen Rice Adams
Excellent Western website by a real for real Texas lady!
Check it out and learn…


Michael Chandler {027} – Author – Western Actor
Michael is the author of the Kincade series (8 books starting in 2008, he ain’t done yet …)
Kincade’s Blood, Kincade’s Fear, Kincade’s Early Years, and four more until,
the latest is Kincade’s Truth. Find ’em all on Amazon.
Quotes Index – Doc Holliday Quotes – The story of the Doc Holliday pocketwatch


Silver City Museum - Links to FriendsSilver City MuseumSilver City, NM 88061




High-Lonesome Books
View and order M.H. “Dutch” Salmon’s fine books.
Silver City, NM 88062
Just for Fun Pages – A Mule Speaks


OWDR Civil War Banjo picker - Links to friendsMark Bridge
Cowboy Song Lyrics
Park Rapids, MN 56470



from the Jes Hayes Facebook page - Links to FriendsJ.E.S. Hays {030}
Website: .
J.E.S. Hays lives in South Carolina in a house filled with books.
Jes can also be found supervising the Creative Writing category on
Also th
e author of Outlaw Security and the Devon Day and the Sweetwater Kid short stories,
about a couple of likable young outlaws in the late 1800’s.
The Originals Index – Entertainment in the Old West – Alcohol in the Old West

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