Week 10: March

Week 10: March 5th thru 11th

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3/5 of… 1836

Charles Goodnight born in Macoupin County, IL. Texas rancher.  {001}


Frank Norris (Benjamin Franklin) born in Chicago, IL. American novelist.  {001}


The Patent Arms Manufacturing Company of Patterson, NJ, is chartered by Sam Colt and his investors. Numerous factors such as the Panic of 1837 (economic), reluctant markets because of the Panic, government law tangles that prevented government contracts for the military, reluctant financial backing for needed machinery to standardize parts and finally Colt’s own extravagance and money mis-management led to the failure of the company. They did turn out 1,450 revolving rifles and carbines, 462 revolving shotguns and 2,350 revolving pistols between 1836 and 1842. Colt was able to keep his patents when the business failed.  {001}
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