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Name, Place, or Title Born Died Noted
PA bank)en07
Pacer (Horse)47
Pacific Coast Steamship Company (1876 - 1916)42
Pacific Fur Company (c. 1800's)07, 13, 24, 34, 43
Pacific Fur Trading Company (1810)29
Pacific Mail Steamship Company (1848 -11
Pacific Mail Steamship Company (1848 - 1949)11, 42
Pacific Railway Act of 186226, 44
Pacific Telegraph Act, The (1860)24
Pacific Telegraph Company of Nebraska43
Packer, Alfred G. (Alferd) "The Colorado Cannibal"03, 06, 16, 17, 23
Page, Dorothy09, 13
Page, Frank (Gunslinging Barkeep)49
Paint Your Wagon (M) 196918, 35
Paladin02, 37, 47
Palahnyuk, Volodymyr (see: Jack Palance)0
Palance, Jack (Movie Star)07, 25, 45
Pale Rider (M) 198513
Palmer, Gen. William Jackson (Railroad Builder)Gen11, 38
Palo Duro Canyon, Battle of (1874)39
Pals of the Saddle (M) 193623
Pancho (FC, Sidekick to the Cisco Kid)32, 36, 37
Panhandle Perkins [FC] (see: Wilkerson, Guy)0
Panic of 1837 (economic)10
Panic of 185720, 22, 34, 37
Panic of 187323, 28, 38, 0
Panic of 189322, 32
Par Garret and Billy the Kid (M) 197352
Parachute, CO Sheep Massacre37
Paramore, Green (Texas State Policeman)40
Paramount Pictures0
Parker, 26
Parker, Cythia Ann "Naduh")20
Parker, Isaac Charles "The Hanging Judge"02, 08, 14, 18, 23, 25, 29, 32, 33, 36, 39, 42, 46
Parker, John Richards (Indian Captive)20
Parker, Quanah (Comanche Chief)20, 26, 30, 51, 52
Parker, Robert Leroy (see: Butch Cassidy)0
Parker, William (T, part owner, Oriental Saloon)41
Parkhurst, Charlie (Female Stage Driver)0
Parkman, Francis (Trailblazer, Author)01, 18, 37, 45
Parkman's Oregon Trail (Book) 1847-49)18, 45
Parks Jim (sheriff)36
Parlor, The (Whorehouse)32
Parr, Richard "Dick" (Scout)0
Parrish, John (Outlaw)18
Parrott, George "Big Nose" (Bandit and Train Robber)15
Parry, Etheyle (Performer - BBWWS)0
Parry, Juanita (Performer BBWWS)0
Parsons, ?? (Sheriff)39
Parvin Series (Eight, Three reelers -1915)01
Parvin, Buck (FC, 1915)01
Pat Garret and Billy the Kid (1973)52
Patent Arms Manufacturing Company (1837)10
Pathfinder of the San Juan's25
Pathkiller (last hereditary chief of the Cherokee) 1811 - 182702
Patterson, W.P. (Cattleman)20
Paul, Robert Havlin "Bob" (T, Stage Guard, Sheriff, Cochise County, AZ)06, 11, 13, 22, 24
Paul, Rodman W. (Editor)26
Pawnee Bill (Gordon W. Lillie)0706, 07
Pawnee Bill (see: Photo Gallery - Performer Photos)0
Pawnee Bill's Wild West0
Pawnee Hero Tales (Book) 188915
Pawnee Killer (Northern Cheyenne Chief)26
Pawnee Killer (Oglala Chief)01
Paxon, Edgar Samuel (painter, scout, soldier, writer)17, 45
Payette River Vigilance Committee (ID)39
Payne, John0
Peabody, Henry G.0
Peacock, A.J. (Dode City, KS)15, 16
Peak, June (Captain) Texas Rangers24
Pearson, Barnet R. Idaho Bill"30
Pearson, Maria (Indian Activist)21, 28, 46
Peasley, Tom (vivtim)05
Peckinpah, David08
Peckinpah, Sam (David Samuel) Movie & TV Director52
Peel, B.L. (T12
Peel, Robert (Victim)12, 13
Peg-leg Watson (see: Eskridge, Thomas)0
Pellet, Betty03
Pemberton, John (inventror of Coca-Cola)19
Pendleton Round-Up01, 30, 34
Penny Jr., James Cash "J.C." [M] (entrepreneur)07, 37
Peppin, George (LCW, Army Officer, Sheriff)13, 20, 25, 29, 37
Perkins, Albert (Reno Gang)13
Perpetual Emigrating Fund Company [PEF] (Mormon)23
Perrett, John ("Potato Creek Johnny")0
Perrin, Edward O. (Indian Fighter, etc.)51
Perrin, Edwin O.0
Pershing, Maj. Gen. John J. [M] (U.S. Army)1860194806, 11
Pestiferous Posse (T) (The Vendetta)12, 15
Peta Nocona (Comanche War Chief)20, 51
Peter Schuttler Co. (Wagonmakers c.1870)0
Peterson, J.Y. (a mark)29
Pettis, George (Lt.) U.S. Army48
Phantom Plainsman, The (M) 194250
Phelps Dodge Corporation (see: Dictionary)27, 28, 0
Phelps Dodge Mining Company52
Pheonix, AZ Territory35
Phillips, John "Portuguese"52
Phillips, Mary Ann (Madame)05
Philllips, William T. (see: Butch Cassidy)0
Philmont Scout Ranch30, 43
Philpot, Bud (T, Stage Driver, Victim)11, 27
Phippen, George (American Western Artist)26, 28
Phoebe (a slave)04
Photo: U.S. PD c. pre-1932 ARC01
Picacho Peak, Battle of (AZ)15
Pickett Brothers Bronco Busters and Rough Riders Association14
Pickett, Tom (Outlaw)20, 51
Pickett, Bill (Pioneer, Rodeo Cowboy, Movie Actor)14, 49
Piece of Eight (Spanish Dollar)08
Pierce, "Kid" (Bank Robber)41
Pierce, Abel Head "Shanghai" (Texas Rancher)0
Pierce, Charley (Outlaw, Victim)18
Pierce, Franklin (14th U.S. President)09
Pierce, John (Lt. U.S. Army) U.S. 4th Cavalry22
Pike, Zebulon (Lt.) U.S. Army [Explorer, Spy)28, 38, 46
Pikes Peak (CO)31
Pikes Peak (CO) see: Landmarks and Registers0
Pinckney's Treaty (1795)1795179843
Pine Ridge Reservation (Sioux Indians)02, 47, 52
Pinkerton Agent (or just "Pinkerton")04, 06, 11, 13, 29, 35, 42, 46, 47, 50
Pinkerton National Detective Agency {TL}1819192813, 15, 26, 40
Pinkerton, Alan (Detective)342605, 26, 34
Pinkerton, William (Detective)181018930
Pioneer Town0
Pioneer Woman, The (Commerative Statue)16, 40
Pioneer, The (Sculpture by Solon Borglum) 191522
Pistol Pete (Frank Eaton)431414, 43
Pistols and Petticoats (TV) ????0
Pitkin, Fredrick W. (Colorado Govenor)22, 35
Pitts, Charlie (JYG)36
Pittsburgh Wagon (c 1840's)0
Pizanthia, Joe (a one-man placer?)02
Place, Etta (Paramour (wife?) of The Sundance Kid) Mystery woman of the Wild Bunch!c. 1878?08, 31, 51
Plainsman, The (M) 193645
Platte River (North)06
Pleasant Valley War (AZ) {TL}1884190306, 29, 33, 35, 36, 47
Plenty Horses (Brule Sioux Warrior)52
Plummer08, 31
Plummer Gang, The02
Plummer, Amanda (Movie Actress)45
Plummer, Henry (Sheriff, Outlaw, swinger)18320202, 04, 21, 25, 26, 46
Plummer, James Pratt (Indian Captive)20
Plummer, Rachael (Kidnap Victim)12, 20, 25
Poet Laureate U.S.)19, 25
Point of Rocks, NM (landmark)43
Point of Rocks, TX (1878)16
Poker Alice (gambler, saloon keeper, brothel owner)18510909
Poker Tom (Indian Gambler, Dinner)23
Pollard, Snub0
Pollock, Tom (Marshal)31
Ponce, Norrato02
Pond, Sam (see: LeRoy, Sam)0
Pony Express {TL}1812191702, 03, 05, 09, 14, 15, 23, 37, 38, 40, 43
Popcorn (see food plants)0
Pope, John (Lt.) U.S. Army35
Poppleton, Andrew J. (Attorney)18
Porter, Edwin S. (Movie Director)48
Porter, Edwin Stanton (Movie Director) First Western16, 18
Porter, Fannie07
Porter, William J. (unlucky shooter)12
Porter, William Sydney (see: O. Henry)0
Portis, Charles (novelist)52
Portland, OR04
Porum Range War (OK - 1906 - 1912)08, 15, 22, 24, 30, 32, 34, 36, 37, 38, 50
Porum, OK ( locale of the Porum Range War) - 1906 - 191218, 22, 30, 32, 37
Posse from Hell (M) 196122, 43
Post, Wiley (Aviator)33
Pottawatomie Massacre, The (KS - 1856)21
Pound, Ezra (poet)44
Pourier, Baptiste "Big Bat" (army scout)0
Powder Horn Bill (crack shot)27
Powder River (WY)01, 06
Powder River War (see: Red Cloud's War)0
Powdersmoke Range (M) 193523
Powell, George (Detective)22
Powell, John Wesley (Soldier, Geologist, Ethnologist, Explorer)123309, 12, 21, 33, 38
Powers, Bill (DG)40
Powers, Lillian "Lil" (Madame)43
Prater, Isaac (Deputy U.S. Marshal)14
Prather, Ed (Fractious Barkeep)27
Pratt, Orson (co-designer)19
Pratt, Richard Henry (Captain, U.S. Army)44
Preece, William (Sheriff)16
Prescott Rodeo0
Prescott, AZ25, 35
Presidio La Bahia (1749)13
Preston, William "Wild Bill"41
Preston, Robert0
Pretty Shield (Crow woman)24
Price, ?? (General) ?43
Pride of the Range (M) 191034
Primeau, Susette (wife of Standing Bear)18
Prince of Hangmen (see: Maledon, George)0
Princess Angelinec. 18202222
Proctor, Ezekial Downing "Zeke" (gunfighter, sheriff, U.S. Marshal, etc.)08, 09, 15, 27
Proctor, Johnson (victim)15
Proctor, Richard (Deputy Sheriff)32
Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA)09, 15, 44
Promontory Summit, UT (Joining of the Transcontinental RR) 186919
ProRodeo Hall of Fame (1979)15
Pruitt, Port (Victim)31
Pubic Arch Shooting (El Paso, TX) 188616, 19
Purcell, James (Kentucky Trader) 1st Eastern White Man in Rockies 18030
Purdy, Aaron (Outlaw)26
Putney, Walt "Wat"16, 27, 38, 44
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