Week 52: December

Week 52: December 24th thru 31st

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12/24 of… 1809

Christopher “Kit” Carson born near Richmond, KY; frontiersman, scout, soldier.  {001}


The Fort Pueblo Massacre just west of Fountain Creek on the Arkansas River; a settlement founded by ex-mountain men and their Taoseño (Taos) wives is attacked by Jicarilla Apache and Mouache [Southern Ute]. They kill seventeen men and kidnap a woman and two children.  {001 & 019}


The Sutton-Taylor Feud [TX] is precipitated by the killings of Bill Chisholm and Buck Taylor.  {001}


Near Allen Station, TX; The Sam Bass Gang takes the stage.  {001}


Clarence King - Week 52: December 24th thru 31stPhoenix, AZ was the last stop for author, explorer, geologist and mountaineer, Clarence King at 59 years. Leader of the 40th Parallel Survey (1867-72); King also served as the first Director of the U.S. Geological Survey (1879). Photo: U.S. PD c. 1879-81 unknown.  {001}
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Tombstone Movie poster - Week 52: December 24th thru 31st.General release of the movie Tombstone directed by George P. Cosmatos. A great “Western” and easily the best of the films dealing with the events in and around Tombstone, AZ c. early 1880’s. As movies must, there are condensations, exaggerations and one very major historical alteration for added drama. Val Kilmer‘s Doc Holliday is exquisite and in my opinion, captures the man. Kurt Russell is a strong, hard Wyatt Earp. Powers Boothe as Curly Bill Brocius is memorable. All of the supporting cast are believable and the story is well told. Definitely a classic, don’t miss it! Photo/Poster © fair use  {001}
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12/25 of… 1835

William H. Baker born in either Chenango or Otsego County, upstate NY. He will become a master gunsmith.  {001}


William Milton “Billy” Breakenridge; born at Watertown, WI; cowboy, teamster, army scout, deputy sheriff, author of Helldorado (1928). Billy was at a lot of interesting places; read what he says and thought about his times.  {001}


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