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Week 52: December 24th thru 31st

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12/24 of… 1809

Christopher “Kit” Carson born near Richmond, KY; frontiersman, scout, soldier.  {001}


The Fort Pueblo Massacre: Just west of Fountain Creek on the Arkansas River; a settlement founded by George Simpson, Robert Fisher, and other ex-mountain men with their Taoseño (Taos) wives: is attacked by Jicarilla Apache and Mouache [Southern Ute] led by Ute Chief  Tierra Blanca. They kidnap a woman, two children and kill nineteen men.  {001 & 019}
The Originals Index – Western Forts and Trading PostsEl Pueblo


The Sutton-Taylor Feud [TX] is precipitated by the killings of Bill Chisholm and Buck Taylor.  {001}


Near Allen Station, TX; The Sam Bass Gang takes the stage.  {001}


Clarence King - Week 52: December 24th thru 31stPhoenix, AZ was the last stop for author, explorer, geologist and mountaineer, Clarence King at 59 years. Leader of the 40th Parallel Survey (1867-72); King also served as the first Director of the U.S. Geological Survey (1879). Photo: U.S. PD c. 1879-81 unknown.  {001}
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The Originals Index – Lost Treasures in the Old West – Hoaxes
The Great Colorado Diamond Hoax of 1872


The president of the Phelps Dodge Mining Company, Dr. James Douglas, discovered rich deposits of gold in the Dripping Springs Mountains south of Globe, AZ (1880). However, the deposits couldn’t be developed because they were on the Apache Indian Reservation. So, Phelps Dodge hired one Michael O’Brien, an Irishman, to squat on the property awaiting an opportunity legally file on the claims. O’Brien camped on the site for the next twenty years.
Much later, another entrepreneur, George Chittenden had learned about the gold. He was able to ram a bill through Congress and gerrymander the reservation line around the deposits. He then quietly hired riders to relay word of the bill’s passage from Casa Grande (75 miles away). When word of the bill’s success arrived by telegraph the day before Christmas (1902), the riders were dispatched and Chittenden received the news Christmas Eve. He and friend N. H. Mellor immediately staked claims, naming the claims and the new town, Christmas, AZ. Unfortunately, O’Brien, had gone into Globe to celebrate the holiday, by the time he returned, it was too late.
The Christmas Mine thrived and paid, on and off from 1905 until 1943 (copper, silver and gold). The mine closed for the final time in the 1980’s, the post office had closed 03/30/1935. During all those years, people from all around the country had sent thousands of holiday cards and packages to Christmas to get the town’s postmark. Photo: U.S. PD pre-1923 Christmas, AZ.  {001}


Tombstone Movie poster - Week 52: December 24th thru 31st.General release of the movie Tombstone directed by George P. Cosmatos. A great “Western” and easily the best of the films dealing with the events in and around Tombstone, AZ c. early 1880’s. As movies must, there are condensations, exaggerations and one very major historical alteration for added drama. Val Kilmer‘s Doc Holliday is exquisite and in my opinion, captures the man. Kurt Russell is a strong, hard Wyatt Earp. Powers Boothe as Curly Bill Brocius is memorable. All of the supporting cast are believable and the story is well told. Definitely a classic, don’t miss it! Photo/Poster © fair use  {001}
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Wk. 43, 10/26/1881 – OK Corral – 3 listings
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12/25 of… 1835

William H. Baker born in either Chenango or Otsego County, upstate NY. He will become a master gunsmith.  {001}


William Milton “Billy” Breakenridge; born at Watertown, WI; cowboy, teamster, army scout, deputy sheriff, author of Helldorado (1928). Billy was at a lot of interesting places; read what he says and thought about his times.  {001}


Born a slave, Sarah Gammon Brown Bickford, perhaps in North Carolina, or maybe in  Jonesborough, TN, to a mother owned by John Blair III. She said her parents had been sold during the Civil War and that she never saw them again. She was raised by her aunt, Nancy Gammon and her husband Isaac in Knoxville, TN. She adopted their last name.
Hotel worker, nanny, baker, utility company owner, tourism promoter.  {001}


Cole Younger, George Clayton, Abe Cunningham, Fletcher Taylor, George Todd and Zach Traber, search Kansas City, MO saloons until Cole finds and kills one of the men he believes responsible for his father’s recent death.  {001}


Riding 236 miles through hostile Indian country in a blizzard, John “Portuguese” Phillips arrives at Ft. Laramie with news of the Fetterman Massacre and seeking relief for beleaguered Ft. Phil Kearney.   {001}


In his book, Red River Dick (Nat Love, not yet Deadwood Dick) relates a sad incident witnessed in Holbrook, AZ. In a roaring gunfight fight over a horse, his compatriots, A. Jack, Arizona Bill, Wild Horse Pete kill each other and five horses.  {001}
References – Books used as ReferenceDeadwood Dick


Johnny Ringo fires his pistol in the air on the town square in Burnet, TX, his first known offense, disturbing the peace.  {001}


King Fisher kills cowboy William Dunovan in Zaala County, TX.  {001}


A midnight ambush on the Mexico-Texas Border leaves rustlers Alvin and Will Odle dead at the hands of Texas Rangers, John Hughes, Ira Aten, Bass Outlaw and Deputy Sheriff Will Terry.  {001}

12/26 of… 1854

The Treaty of Medicine Creek was signed in Thurston County, WA in a grove of Douglas fir trees well known to the tribes; along a creek then known as She-nah-num by the natives, or Medicine Creek by white settlers (today: McAllister Creek). In exchange for establishing three reservations, cash payments over a period of twenty years, and recognition of traditional native fishing and hunting rights; the treaty granted 2.24 million acres (9,060;km²) of land to the United States. This treaty with the Nisqually, Puyallup and Squaxin Island Indian Tribes, was the first of some 13 treaties with the many Native American tribes in the northwest. The pattern of treaty violation and ignoring the rights granted in the treaty, by the territorial and later the state government, began immediately.  {001}


William Duley was the executioner as thirty-eight Dakota Sioux Indians are executed at Mankato, MN in the largest mass hanging in U.S. History; ending the six-week long Dakota War. Hundreds more Indians were imprisoned or sent to out-of-state reservations. 392 men were found guilty, 303 were given a death sentence; the remainder received jail time. President Lincoln commuted the sentences of 265 of them, those not guilty of rape or massacre. On this date the Dakota prisoners mounted the extended scaffold, chanted their death song and joined hands, the rope securing the trap doors was parted with an ax and the men dropped as one. With the usual panoply of broken treaties, stolen payments, starvation and murder, this completed the total theft of all Indian lands in the new state. {001 & 003}
Wk. Wk. 34, 08/20/1862 – Lake Shetek Massacre
Photo Gallery Index – Hangings and Shootings (Caution!
Mankato Hanging


The Vasquez Gang sacked Kingston, in Fresno County, CA.  They held up all the businesses and made off with $2,500 in cash and jewelry.  {001}


Miracle Staircase' in the Loretto Chapel, Santa Fe, NM - Week 52Francois-Jean “Frenchy” Rochas, age 51, murdered during a range war by an unknown person (s) at his cabin Dog Canyon, NM. He was a pioneer in the Tularosa Basin, of NM. A cattleman, a bit of a stonemason and lot of carpenter, he is often credited with the design and construction of the unique ‘Miracle Staircase‘ in the vintage Loretto Chapel in Santa Fe, NM. Photo: U.S. PD? internet.  {001}


Sheriff) Bud Frazer takes a second crack at murdering Jim “Killer” Miller and botches the job again. Although hit in the left leg and right arm and with several other shots striking his steel breastplate, Miller returns fire and Frazer prudently flees; Pecos, TX.  {001}
see also:
Wk. 15, 04/12/1894 – Shootout!


Frederic S Remington - Week 52: December 24th thru 31stFredrick Sackrider Remington, age 48, died in Ridgefield, CN; major American Artist. An outdoors man and a fine rider, Remington spent enough time in the West and doing the cowboy thing that he had a good understanding of his subject matter. Life experience finally convinced him to go into art full time sometime around 1886. His paintings and sculpture are themselves icons of the old West. TYH! Photo: U.S. PD pre-1909 Davis and Sanford.   {001}
Quotes Index – Commentators QuotesRemington


Al Jennings 1902 - Week 52: December 24th thru 31stTarzana, CA sees the passing of Alphonso J. “Al” Jennings at age 98. This colorful old-timer robbed trains, a post office and some stores with the Jennings Gang* and did time in the pen for those activities* [ultimately pardoned by Theodore Roosevelt]. He became a silent movie star, playing essentially himself as bandit leader in the The Train Robbery (1908), a one reeler, directed by Bill Tilghman, with Heck Thomas as the heroic lawman. Well, they were the very archetypes for the ones who had reeled him in, back in 0’97! Quannah Parker had a bit part in the thing as well. Then, Jennings took several, mostly unsuccessful, ventures as a politician; wrote two books [autobiography, Beating Back (1913) and finally became, a technical adviser to the film industry helping make westerns. A busy man, look him up. Photo: U.S. PD 1902, Federal Penitentiary at Leavenworth, KS  {001}
*Wk. 48, 11/30/1897 – Jennings Gang
References Books – Novels and History (non-ref)
Jennings, Alphonso J. “Al”
The Pretenders – Movies


Jason Robards 1975 - Week 52: December 24th thru 31stJason Nelson Robards Jr., age 78, died in Bridgeport, CN. Highly acclaimed actor on stage and screen, he did his share of notable westerns: Hour of the Gun (1967), Once upon a Time in the West (1968), The Ballad of Cable Hogue (1970), Pat Garret and Billy the Kid (1973). Photo: U.S. PD 1975 studio Promo.  {001}

12/27 of… 1836

Stephen Fuller Austin - Week 52: December 24th thru 31stStephen Fuller Austin, age 42, died in Columbia, TX; First Secretary of State of Texas. “The Father of Texas”: Austin inherited a Spanish Empresario (land grant) from his father. Through setbacks and even a change in government via the Mexican Revolution; Austin brought the first Anglo settlers, “The Old Three Hundred” to found a colony in southern, then, Mexican, Texas to-be. These people and the many that followed them, learned from local Mexicans, already adapted to the country, skills that helped them prosper. Those who raised cattle learned much from the Mexican Vaqueros. They adopted and adapted the tools: the whips and ropes, the tack for horses; the clothes: hats chaps, spurs and boots and they did their best to emulate the practical skills of those hardy men. They learned their lessons well and they passed it on to their children, and in time, the American Cowboy was created by those who lived the experience. Maybe, Stephen F. Austin is, at least, the “Grandfather” of the Cowboy? Austin himself was a long way from a waddie.  TYH! Photo: U.S. PD pre-1836, unknown.  {001}


Shotgun John Collins kills James “Jim” Smith and got himself arrested by Sheriff HarveyWhitehill to await proceedings. Grant County Herald (NM). He bailed out of jail and made for Lincoln County, NM, met a hombre named Billy the Kid and got mixed up in The Lincoln County War.  {001}


Samuel Woodruff and Joseph Seminole lynched, by a mob, from the Golden and South Platte Railroad trestle in Golden, Colorado for the murder of R.B. Hayward.  {001}
Wk. 37, 9/11/1879 – R.B. Hayward


Hardly worth Black Bart’s effort to rob the stage between North San Juan and Smartsville, Nevada County, CA.  {001}


WB – Landusky, MT: Harvey Logan (Kid Curry). After drinking heavily and generally hurrahing the town with Brother Lonnie and fellow rustler Jim Thornhill, Harvey picks a fist fight then shoots and kills miner, town namesake and founder, Powell ‘Pike’ Landusky in Jacob “Jew Jake” Harris’ saloon. Logan and Landusky had bad blood over an illegitimate child with Landusky’s (stepdaughter?) daughter, Elfie.  {001 & 004}


Arguing that the Kansas Constitution prohibited the purchase of alcohol, therefore destroying saloons was an acceptable means of battling the state’s thriving liquor trade, Carrie Nation brought her campaign against alcohol to Wichita, Kansas, where she damaged the bar at the elegant Carey Hotel in Wichita.  {001}
Wk. 23, 06/09/1911- Carrie Nation


Jessie Benton Fremont - Week 52: December 24th thru 31stJessie Benton Fremont, age 77, died in Los Angeles, CA. Daughter of Senator Thomas Hart Benton and Wife of Soldier/Explorer/Governor John C. Fremont she became a writer after economic misfortune struck the family in the Panic of 1873. She wrote about her travels and experiences in the American Wild West: A Year of American Travel: Narrative of Personal Experience (1878) and Souvenirs of My Time (1887). Photo: U.S. PD c. 1850’s, unknown.  {001}


Well known Denver, CO Madame, Anna Gould, age 74, has smoked her last black cigar. Her parlor house at 1315 24th between Larimer and Market Streets was known as Gouldie’s; certainly “the” discrete entertainment center for the city’s rich and powerful. As with many of the successful in her profession, she had a wide reputation for her charity and generosity.  {001}


Frank H Spearman - Week 52: December 24th thru 31stDied: Frank Hamilton Spearman, American Author; non-fiction Railroad and Western Novels: Nerve of Foley (1900), then,based on a real-life railroad detective James L. “Whispering” Smith, Whispering Smith (1906) which then spawned three silent films, three talkies, and the TV Series starring Audie Murphy (1961).  {001}


Brushy Bill Roberts - Week 52: December 24th thru 31stBilly the Kid - Week 52: December 24th thru 31stDied, Ollie (P.) L. Roberts, aka: Brushy Bill, who claimed that he was really Billy the Kid. Very controversial with “evidence” on both sides of the question. Billy allegedly having been hatched in ’59, Ollie would have been 91 (maybe) years old.  Look at the pictures, is it him? What do you think?
Oh yes, there is one more important detail to consider, Brushy Bill’s eyes were gray with yellow specks, Billy the Kid had clear blue eyes…
Then there’s what Jesse Evans* said…
This one won’t die unless somebody collects all the DNA… and, for various reason, that, will likely never happen.  Tintype U.S. PD, Bob McCubbin Collection – Photo: U.S. P.D. pre-1950  {001}
*Wk. 12, 03/23/1882 – Jesse Evans – Died
Wk. 47, 11/23/1859 – Henry McCarty – Born
Wk. 28, 07/14/1881 – Pete Maxwell’s ranch house
Wk. 45, 11/07/1937 – Miller, John
Photo Gallery Index – Billy the Kid Photos


Hopalog Ccassidy - Week 52: December 24th thru 31stThe CBS Radio show, Hopalong Cassidy, rides into the sunset… Photo: U.S. PD movie promo.  {001}

12/28 of… 1825

Died in Mexico City, Mexico, James Wilkinson age 68, an American soldier and statesman associated with numerous scandals and controversies. Noted here for his traitorous activities acting as a highly paid spy for the Spanish Empire. Wilkinson’s  treasonous relationship with Spanish colonial officials included offering advice to them on how to contain American expansion and tipping off the Spanish to the object of the Lewis and Clark expedition and how they might be intercepted. He also provided advice to the Marquess of Casa Calvo to aid in his negotiations over the Texas–Louisiana border.  {001}


Born near Natchez in Adams County, MS, Prentiss Ingraham: Colonel in the Confederate Army, Soldier of Fortune, advance man for Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show, ghost writer for Buffalo Bill, prolific author of half dime/dime novels, etc.  {001}


Black Bart takes his second stage, Yuba County, CA; between North San Juan and Marysville, sticks in the brush look like the “rifles” of accomplices, to the driver.  {001}


William ‘Bully’ Brooks, as the result of a long standing feud, fires from seclusion through a window of Matthew Sullivan’s Dodge City, KS Saloon killing the proprietor. No solid witnesses, no action against Brooks.  {001}


Virgil Earp shotgunned outside the Oriental Saloon by Clanton sympathizers, he survives. Tombstone, AZ.  {001}


Chris Evans and Ed Morrell escape the Fresno County, CA jail, wounding Marshal John D. Morgan in the process. As usual, they head for Visalia, CA and both are taken there about a month and a half later. It’s off to Folsom Prison for sure now.  {001}
The Originals Index – Outlaw Gangs Index – Evans Gang (Chris)


True Grit cover - Week 52: December 24th thru 31stCharles Portis and John Wayne - Week 52Novelist Charles McColl Portis is born El Dorado, (Union County) AK. His second book, True Grit (1968), brought him critical and popular success. It’s set in Arkansas, the tale of an 14-year-old named Mattie Ross who seeks to avenge her father’s murder. She recruits Rooster Cogburn, a burned-out but still tough United States marshal. Filmed twice, both good. Photos: U.S. PD: LH – 1968 Book Cover; RH – 1969 Studio Promo, Charles Portis & John Wayne.  {003}
see also:
Wk. o6, 02/11/1985 – Henry Hathaway
Wk. 24, 06/11/1979 – John Wayne
Wk. 51, 12/22/2010 – True Grit (2010)
The Pretenders Index – MoviesTrue Grit


Acting Secretary of the Treasury Henry Morganthau calls in the gold! All gold coins & certificates held by U. S. citizens were to be turned in to the U.S. Government save for some collectible coins. The U.S. is coming off the Gold Standard.  {001}


Sam Peckinpah - Week 52: December 24th thru 31stDavid Samuel ‘Sam’ Peckinpah, (aka ‘Bloody Sam’) age 59, died Inglewood, CA. Controversial film director and writer sometimes described as a revisionist. Made a number of major Westerns: The Deadly Companions (1961), Ride the High Country (1962), Major Dundee (1965), The Wild Bunch (1969), The Ballad of Cable Hogue (1970), Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid (1973). His TV credits include: Gunsmoke (1955-58), Broken Arrow (1956-58), Have Gun, Will Travel (1958), The Rifleman ( 1958-63), The Westerner (1960). Photo: U.S. ©? c. 1970’s? Studio Promo, unknown.  {001}
see also:
The Pretenders – Movies


Lone Ranger & Silver - Week 52: December 24th thru 31stThe Lone Ranger, Jack Carlton Moore, aka Clayton Moore, age 85 died in West Hills, CA; ABC TV series with Jay Silverheels (Tonto). Photo: Moore as the Lone Ranger in 1965, U.S. ©? Promo Pic  {001}

12/29 of… 1830

Born in Butler County, OH, Ezra Manning Meeker: An Oregon Trail pioneer who also flew over it in an airplane and so much more…


Treaty of New Echota – The white political power driven issue of removal from Georgia, to the Indian Territory (Oklahoma), had split the Cherokee Nation into two factions. The National Party, led by Chief John Ross, backed by the majority, had repeatedly tried to stop the U.S. Government from appropriating their lands and forcing the tribe to move. The Treaty Party or “Ridge Party,” led by Major Ridge believed further resistance would be futile and wanted to seek the best settlement they could get. They were convinced to sign the Treaty of New Echota, requiring the Cherokee to leave by 1838. Neither Ridge, Elias Boudinot nor the Treaty Party had the authority to sign such a treaty and Chief Ross and the Tribal council never approved it, However, the Federal government regarded the treaty as valid and the troops sent to enforce it in 1838, created the “Trail of Tears“.* Perhaps one-fourth of the Cherokee, forced to move, died along the trail. The dead included Ross’s wife, Quatie.  {001}
*Wk. 39, 09/28/1839 – Trail of Tears
Cherokee Outlet
– below


Cherokee Outlet: Within the agreement signed at New Echota (above article), between commissioners of the United States and leaders of the Eastern Cherokee, was western land known as the Cherokee Outlet which was intended to provide an assurance to the Cherokee Nation of a ” perpetual outlet west.” (A narrow piece of land, running west of the 96th meridian and approximately 57 miles wide.) In 1854, the Kansas-Nebraska Act fixed the southern boundary of Kansas at the 37th parallel, about two and one-half miles south of the original survey line that defined the north boundary of the Cherokee land. This narrower piece of land became commonly known as the Cherokee Strip* (c. 1866?). This was the first encroachment and as with all such treaties with Native American tribes, it was later violated on a grand scale.**  {001}
*References – Dictionary – Indian Territory map
**Wk. 37, 09/16/1893 – Cherokee Strip Land Run


Texas Seal - Week 52: December 24th thru 31stTexas admitted to the Union as the 28th state. “The Lone Star State”. Texas Seal U.S. PD.  {001}


Mowry Massacre site - Browne - Week 52: December 24th thru 31stMowry Massacre: J.B. Mills and Edwin Stevens, employees of Sylvester Mowry, were traveling to the Mowry Mine (AZ). Four miles from the settlement they were ambushed by Apaches.  Stevens was shot dead off his horse, Mills, fought until bleeding to death from his wounds. Two young Mexican boys traveling nearby had tried to shout a warning to the travelers but were not heard. Afterwards they made haste back to Mowry to tell the tale. A four-man posse was quickly sent to the canyon but the Apaches were long gone. The bodies were, as usual, badly mutilated. A similar incident occurred, at the same place, in 1865.
Typical of the sporadic attacks in the area which claimed 15 lives between 1863 and 1865. The mine and settlement were eventually destroyed by the Apaches. Sketch: U.S. PD 1864, by John Ross Browne, from “Adventures in the Apache Country” – Scene of the attack on Mills and Stevens.  {001}


William “Billy” Breakenridge mustered out of the U.S. Army.  {001}


Leadville, CO; freshly transplanted jeweler Edward Frodsham tangles with one Peter Thams about the Taylor* killing in Laramie and kills him. Lake County Deputy Sheriff Edmund H. Watson has to do reticent Marshal Pat Kelley‘s job for him and lodges Frodsham in the calaboose.  {001}
. 32, 08/08/1879 – Taylor shooting


U.S. Marshal Crowley P. Dake appoints Wyatt Earp as Deputy U.S. Marshal for the Arizona Territory to replace brother Virgil Earp who was shotgunned from ambush the day before. This opens the door for Wyatt’s ‘Federal Posse’.  {001}


James “Spike” Kenedy dies of typhoid fever or tuberculosis (conflict) on the LaParra Ranch in TX. Husband, father, gambler, murderer, the slayer of Dora Hand.*  {003}
Wk. 40, 10/04/1878 – Dora Hand
The Originals Index – Resources and Hazards – Disease
Tuberculosis & Typhoid Fever)


Against his will, hero of the Texas Indian Wars, U.S. Army General Ranald Slidell Mackenzie is checked into New York City’s Bloomingdale Asylum   {001}


Wounded Knee Grave 1891 - Week 52: December 24th thru 31stDawn, with the Sioux Indian camp of about 350 people at Wounded Knee Creek surrounded by some 500 troopers of the 7th Cavalry. Col. James W. Forsyth ordered the surrender of all weapons and the immediate transportation of everyone in the camp from the “zone of military operations” to awaiting trains. Then, several “incidents” during disarming led to a loss of discipline and it quickly became a massacre with the added element of friendly fire as four Hotchkiss guns poured fire into the encampment, indiscriminately killing women, children, and the old along with warriors and soldiers. When the soldiers had killed the last of the fleeing, unarmed Indians out in the snow [including Lakota Chief Spotted Elk]; they loaded the 51 survivors [4 men, 47 women & children] onto wagons for return to Pine Ridge Reservation. Twenty-five soldiers killed and thirty-nine wounded.  This was the final “Battle” of the Indian Wars. Photo: U.S. PD 1891, Mass grave for the dead Lakota after the massacre at Wounded Knee Creek – Northwestern Photo Co.  {001}


Emmanuel “Mannie” Clements, son of Mannen Clements is assassinated in the Coney Island Saloon in El Paso, TX.  {001}
Photo Gallery Index – Pushin’ Up DaisiesMannen Clements
Quotes Index – Gunfighter QuotesMannen Clements


Wanda Harper Bush - Week 52, December 24th thru 31stDied in Mason, TX, Wanda Harper Bush, an American barrel racer who won 32 World Championships, 3 Reserve World Barrel Racing Championships and numerous other awards. She was inducted into the National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame in 1978 and the ProRodeo Hall of Fame in 2017. This lady was the epitome of the American cowgirl, look her up and TYH! while you do it! Photo: U.S. © WPRA – Fair use.  {001}
see also:
Wk. 23, 06/09/2002 – National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame
Wk. 15, 04/09/2005 – ProRodeo Hall of Fame
Wk. 09, 02/28/1948 – Women’s Professional Rodeo Association
Quotes Index – Woman Quotes – Jimmie Monroe re: Wanda Harper Bush

12/30 of… 1845

Susan Ellen Hummer; born in Adams County, PA; cattle Queen (post Lincoln County War).


In the aftermath of The Wounded Knee Massacre+2, a further confrontation called The Drexel Mission Fight at White Clay Creek, SD results in one soldier wounded and six, including Lt. J.D. Maun killed by Brule Sioux Indians. Young Brule warrior, Plenty Horses, was in this fight.  {001}
(Plenty Horses is the handsome, young Indian pictured with the cannon in the OWDR header.)


Three Thousand sheep, belonging to one R.R. Selways, are stampeded and killed by cattlemen at Otter in Custer County, Montana; noted by the Denver Republican.  {001}


First episode of The Roy Rogers Show on NBC television.  {001}


Pearl Hart - Week 52: December 24th thru 31stPearl Hart, maybe 84, maybe dead in Globe, AZ, maybe lived until 1960? One could never be completely sure with Pearl… She was the last lady stage robber and one of the last few to rob a stage in the U.S.  Photo: Reading in Jail c. 1899 – PD  {001}

12/31 of… 1852

California closes the year estimating that it’s mines have produced $81 million.  {001}


San Francisco, CA; Wells Fargo & Company reports nearly a quarter of a million dollars profit for the year.  {001}


Nevada‘s Comstock area lodes produced $16 million in silver this year.  {001}


John Kinney Gang members get in a row with soldiers; WHERE??  {001}


Leadville, CO; Vigilantes visit the local jail and invite Ed Frodsham (see above: 12/29/1879) to a necktie party, outlaw Patrick Stewart who has the misfortune to also be in residence, swings along.  {001}


Marion Hedgepeth (1907) - Week 52Attempting to rob a saloon in Chicago, IL, a burned out, tubercular, Marion Hedgepeth is shot by a police officer. Taken to St. Anthony’s Hospita,l he soon expires. He was buried a pauper, on the grounds of the Cook County Poor Farm at Dunning, IL at age 53. Photo: U.S. PD, 1907 arrest photo.  {001}
see also:
The Originals Index – Outlaw Gangs IndexMarion Hedgepeth Gang
The Originals Index – Outlaw Gangs IndexSlye-Wilson Gang


Pat Brady (Robert Ellsworth Patrick Aloysious “Bob” O’Brady) born in Toledo, OH: Movie & TV actor.  {001}


Rex Elvie Allen born on a ranch in Mud Springs Canyon in Arizona: Singer, Recording, Movie and TV Star.  {001}


Facing opposition from descendants of Governor Lew Wallace, Lincoln County Sheriff Pat Garrett and others, New Mexico Governor William B. “Bill” Richardson cites “lack of conclusiveness and the historical ambiguity” and refuses to pardon Billy the Kid.  {001}
Wk. 11, 03/17/1879 – Lew Wallace and Billy the Kid

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