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Yes, old timers, cowboys, miners and railroaders had their own language and they used some words a tad differently from everyone else…
…and then there’s Texan, a language unto its self.
We’ll get to some of all of it, in here somewhere…

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“They took along their runnin’ irons
and maybe a dog or two
and allowed they’d brand all the long eared dogies
that came within their view.

Now, many a long-eared dogie
that didn’t hush up by day,
had his long ears whittled and his old hide scorched
in a most artistic way.”

from “Tying Knots in the Devil’s Tail
an old cowboy song  {001}


Abbot & Downing – Coach and wagon makers from 1827 to 1847, then operated by the son, until about 1900.  {001}
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