Porum Range War Timeline (1872 – 1917)

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Porum Range War Timeline in The Weeks (1906-1917)

Pony Starr - Porum Range War Timeline

Pony Starr

Leonard McCullough - Porum Range War Timeline

Leonard McCullough

The Porum Range War was between the Davis brothers, Samuel Tate “Sam”, Cicero, John “Jack”, Robert Lee “Bob” and friends, versus Thomas Luther Hester, family and friends, in McIntosh and Muskogee Counties, OK Territory.
Many men died with their boots on as fences were cut, barns and houses were burned. The result of wrangling over the true ownership of cattle that roamed the fertile prairie sandwiched between the Arkansas and Canadian Rivers in southern Muskogee County, Oklahoma. – Donnie Daniels  {028}

Here are all of the references to the Porum Range War
appearing in The Old West Daily Reader; in date order.
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Week    Date                Remarks

Wk. 24   06/24/1872    Born: Samuel Saguila “Pony” Starr

Wk. 37   09/11/1906     Cicero Davis murdered.

Wk.. 30  07/23/1907    Mack Alfred murdered.

Wk. 23   06/10/1908    Tuck Thornberry assassinated.

Wk. 18   05/04/1911     Deputy Jim Work murdered.

Wk. 22   05/29/1911     Davis Faction Attacked! Big win!

Wk. 34  08/24/1911     Charlie McClure shot down.

Wk.38    09/21/1911     Tom Cobb wounded.

Wk 15    04/09/1912    Jack Davis wounded.

Wk. 15   04/15/1912     Jack Davis vs Jesse Maxwell and Leonard McCollough.

Wk. 32   08/09/1912   Dan Foster killed.

Wk. 50   12/15/1915     Tom Cobb dies.

Wk 36    09/06/1916    Joe Davis robs a train.

Wk. 08   02/24/1917    Joe Davis gets 25 years.

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Joe Davis - Porum Range War Timeline

Joe Davis

Lula Cobb Davis
Married to Joe Davis (1913)
Photo: U.S. PD pre-1923









This well researched look at the Porum Range War comes to us through the efforts of author and OWDR Contributor {028} Donnie Daniels, from his book, “Murder in Muskogee” (Muskogee County, OK). I’m not sure, and will eventually find out and report here, but I think this range war is #1 in the death toll of it’s participants. – Doc

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End: Porum Range War Timeline (1872 – 1917)

{001} C 08/18 (2); E 08/18; F 08/18; P 08/18

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