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Parental Primer

for Old West Daily Reader

There are subjects and stories that parents might want to review before allowing your children unsupervised access to Old West Daily Reader. It is not edited for children. While I don’t consider this solely adult material, no provision has been made, nor is it practically possible to place any controls on the site itself to limit access to specific potions. You will need to decide if your children are of sufficient maturity for exposure to this material. There is no explicit sexuality but the subject is certainly addressed. The violence of some events is a part of the story of the Old West.

I offer a short list of sections you might want to inspect…

The Originals Index – Battlefields and Massacres
The Originals Index – Battlefields and Massacres – Massacres by Indians
The Originals Index – Battlefields and Massacres – Massacres of Indians
The Originals Index – Entertainment in the Old West – Brothels, Saloons, Dance Halls, Gambling
The Originals Index – Entertainment in the Old West – Doves & Nighthawks

The Originals IndexResources & HazardsDisease
The Originals IndexResources & Hazards – Plants – Hallucinogenic Plants

Photo Gallery IndexHangings and Shootings (Caution!)

There are certainly accurate descriptions of some violent Western Events in the WEEKS, but hardly worse than typical television fare and without the forced drama.

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