Doves and Nighthawks

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Doves and Nighthawks

Frequently known only by their “nom de Venus” these women lived a hard life on the frontier. While it is true that there were some to whom it was a way of life willingly and sometime enthusiastically chosen, with the majority it was forced upon them by the morality and economics of the times; many were held in involuntary servitude. Some escaped by various means, more than just a few with an overdose of laudanum.
Stories abound throughout the west of some of these women, prostitutes and Madame’s, who rose to the occasion in hard times, times of disease, danger and disaster to save lives, treat the sick and injured , help the widows, the poor and sometimes even fight to defend the community. A very few were buried with ceremony, respect and thanks from their community.

Just a Little Pleasure - Doves and Nighthawks

Just a Little Pleasure
C. M. Russell


Abilene, KS


Alma, CO

Laura Evens – Madame (1900? – 1940’s?)
-also active in Central City, Cripple Creek, Denver, Leadville & Salida.
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