Indian Wars Timeline

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Indian Wars Timeline in The Weeks (1804-1909)

OWDR Modoc Stronghold WdCut

Modoc Stronghold
Woodcut c. 1870’s
( see: Wk. 48, 11/29/1872 -below)


Here are most of the references to The Indian Wars:
causes, named or major fights, also some of the major players in the wars
appearing in The Old West Daily Reader; in date order.
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These events are only the more notable of the conflicts; there were literally thousands of “incidents” in all the years of the wars.
If you discover an event in The Weeks, not listed here, please email me.


We should remember that the invading Europeans wars with the indigenous population began with the Vikings on the Eastern Seaboard and continued unabated throughout the periods of European colonization and the American Revolution. It is also well to remember that the Indians themselves allied in the various conflicts with the the French, the English, the Americans and other tribes according to territorial, traditional and then current, real-world factors. While our interest in Old West Daily Reader is mostly focused beginning with Western Expansion; some of the major events of the Eastern Indian Wars are noted throughout Old West Daily Reader for historical perspective.  {001}
This reference, to the Tuscarora War of 1711–1715, is illustrative of the times…
(see: PLAYERS – Timelines – Timelines  A-L – Indian Wars Timeline
Massacres of IndiansFort Neoheroka)

Week    Date                Remarks

13            03/26/1804    The first Government order to “move west”
It begins…

09           02/28/1823    “Discovery Doctrine
This is why it was all OK

24           06/16/1829     Birth of Geronimo
A known Indian birth date, rare.
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