Week 29: July

Week 29: July 16th thru 22nd.

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7/16 of… 1810

Joseph Ballinger Chiles  born Clark County, Kentucky. California pioneer, trailblazer.  {001}


The Sternwheeler Warrior arrived at Fort Snelling, MN, again on July 16. She has unloaded cargo, made the run back to St. Louis, loaded cargo and returned in 20 days. During the 1830s the Warrior was one of about 12 vessels that carried large amounts of supplies, mostly food and clothing, to Fort Snelling.  {001}
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Ned Buntline - Week 29: July 16th thru 22ndNed Buntline, (Edward Zane Carroll Judson), age 65, died in Stamford, NY. Sailor and writer, he wrote dime novels, some about the West*, and numerous bad plays. Publisher, rabble-rouser and a notorious prevaricator, he survived a lynching attempt in 1846 after a killing. Judson claimed acquaintance with numerous Western legends: Wild Bill Hickok+3, Bat Masterson, Bill Tilghman, Wyatt Earp+2 and Buffalo Bill among others, (he did produce a play with Bill Cody+2: Scouts of the Prairie (1882)**. Claimed to have ordered the original long barreled pistols from Colt which came to be called (in modern times) “Buntline Specials”. This is heavily debated and likely not true. Books: Love at First Sight (1849); Buffalo Bill, King of the Border Men (1869) and others. Photo: PD Sarony NY  {001}
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