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Just for Fun Pages

We are talkin’ History Fun here…
All of these pages save one,* appear elsewhere in Old West Daily Reader.

There are two very different ways to ways to enjoy this this set of Pages:

First – Just read ’em through, slow like, and inhale the the aroma and flavor of those past times….
It’s often enough.

Second – These pages are here out of the context of their normal page grouping so they can be perused by themselves in a slightly different light and maybe with some of the others in this group. Maybe just read to see what’s there and what it says about the flow of events, where it all seems to go for you. These pages are meant to entertain, sure ’nuff, but they also sometimes offer a way for a different perspective on the same information and hopefully invite new thought about how it all relates to Itself, Then, Now and You. In three of these pages,** it’s just collections of Western events/people and places that may be only vaguely connected, but collectively have some cultural/time/theme relationship. After all, there is that side of Old West Daily Reader meant to give History Riders thoughts to ponder upon, about the: Hows?, Whys?, Wherefores? and the What the Hell’s? of the Old West.
You will also find an entertainment/curiosity page for the firearms enthusiasts and just maybe some others as well. What is the relationship between firearms and history anyway? The History is always there, but now and again this page seems to get a bit far afield from Old West History.  Fascinating stuff anyway…
There’s plenty of material in The Reader where one can dig for facts. These pages are part of the attempt to use those facts to facilitate a bit of a different mind set. Maybe a view from a different peak? This little line shack size library is just an easy relaxin’ way to view some of the incredible, amazing History of the American Old West and do just that.

Hopefully the Just for Fun Pages are what they claim. Fun! – Doc

**Commerce in the Old West
434 years – 1500 – 1934
Commerce in the Old West is somewhat beyond the usual Timeline.
This one says a lot about what was going on…
This page’s native locations is: The Originals Index
– Trade in the Old West – Commerce in the Old West

Abbot & Downing to Zion
That’s where it’s at just now, anyway…
This thing isn’t a bad read of its self.
This page’s native locations is: References – Dictionary

Firearms Oddities
1597 to Present
This page is more about firearms technology, rather than specific Western History.
The point being the fast pace and the interesting variety that always came to the marketplace.
The rest of it, just for fun, runs from old to modern.
But, make no mistake, the whole world dances with the tune of this technology…
This page’s native locations is: Photo Gallery Index – Weapons Photos – Firearms Oddities

*Firsts in the Old West 
1452 to Present
When and where did it happen the First Time in the Old West?  Who did it?
Firsts in the Old West knows!
And just for fun, here they are, in date order.
Plucked from the pages of Old West Daily Reader by our prize pack of History Hunters.
This page only appears here.

**Gunfighter Occupations
Roughly 1850 to 1920
What did a gunfighter do for a living?
Chart from  Encyclopedia of Western Gunfighters by Bill O’Neal, © 1942
© 1979 University of Oklahoma Press.
This page’s native locations is: The Originals Index – Gunfighter Statistics

Timelines Master Timeline
1452 to Present
This page is the Timelines Master Timeline of all the Timeline Pages (A-Z*)
Here is the Timelines Master Timeline and a bit more* appearing in Old West Daily Reader; in date order. This is where to find out when/where, IF, various/Players/Events and such, really did overlap, in time, and/or place, with each other? A bit of study in the Timelines can often clear things up…
This page’s native locations is: PLAYERS – Timelines – Timelines M-Z

**Time to Ponder
1452 to the Present…  565 years
This one is a sit around the campfire and think about it page…
This page’s native locations is: PLAYERS – Timelines – Timelines M-Z

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