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Names in bold will be found in Players; bolded Titles in References.

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Additional Information and Photos
Concerning NEW Entries
Item Submission Guidelines
Contributor Wish List


Please help find missing or incorrect weeks notations in The Players.

Remember, Born and Died column listings aren’t links; those weeks must appear in the Noted (RED LINKS) column as well, to function. Throughout the Reader, working links will always be RED.

Sometimes I missed a Players listing for a player who is bolded in Weeks. (week, date, year and player, please). I will have to search for and create their links to the correct week(s), so give me the one you found and I’ll check to see if there are others.

There may be players who don’t appear bolded (but should be) in a Weeks entry but are listed in Players. (player, week, date, and year, please). See if the links (weeks) in the Noted column are correct.

You may find multiple entries, listing the same player in the same Week that don’t have a + symbol behind the players name.  I might have the wrong multiple number with a + symbol. (player, week, date and year of all the entries involved, please) The local search (Control & F or Command & F) avoids the problem entirely, it finds ’em all (Use it!).

Additional Information and Photos

Question marks (??) … maybe missing a date or a name; you can usually tell from context what’s needed.  Help me verify those dates and names, please.

Always appreciate help with typos and spelling errors, thanks.

Interesting Quotes are always welcome, source & date (if you can) please.

If you wish to submit old photos: (email is best)

1. They must be in the Public Domain and you need to help me verify that they are.
or, The actual owner of the photo needs to give me written permission to use the photo on the site.

2. It would be best if I can keep anything you want to send physically, don’t want to mail much back.

Please help fill in the blanks…

In Players, you will find some “orphan” listings.  Their Weeks Noted is a “O”. These are players I don’t want to forget but don’t have enough information (usually a valid date) for an entry in Weeks, or I haven’t got to them yet; I might have an entry in process, only some info, no info… whatever. The complete list of “orphans”  is on week O. Call any week O notation to see it from A to Z. Help on these is always appreciated. (Note: There are a few of these for which I don’t ever intend to do an entry. They end up in the References in week O.)  Other week O listings are:  (See: alternate names, etc) these are info only, no entry in Weeks.

Concerning NEW Entries

Please take note of the style and intent of Old West Daily Reader.  Entries are short and to the point, they may or may not tell the “whole” story. Some existing players will stand a little more elaboration but not many.  Remember, Old West Daily Reader is not intended to tell all of everything or be a totally definitive source. More information than can be used is fine, sometimes I need more input to understand the background of an event or person to write an effective entry.  As you can see, accurate dates are essential.

Local stories are fine as long as you have a valid source and particularly if the material lends insight into the ways of the times.  Civil War issues should pertain to the West.  You will note some entries like “The Star of the West” or the entries about Andersonville, but they are the exception, not the rule.

Item Submission Guidelines

Please keep most communications brief and to the point.

If submitting a Weeks entry: Week, date, year (and player, if need be) at a minimum, more if applicable.

If adding to a Player or additional Player entry: name, (and week[s] if need be).

If a suggestion for a new entry or player, please cite a reference or two.

Please don’t send books or materials until we discuss it. I don’t want to have to return too much or be responsible for valuable historical or sentimental property.


Thanks in advance for even thinking about helping improve the OWDR!   Here’s the plan: I will add a “0??” notation behind any entries not generated by me. (a {001} or no contributor code indicates I wrote the entry.) Future contributors will get their own number, in the form “0??” and so on.  Might be more than one # listed if two or more of us provide info or write the article.  [Firstist with with the mostus and bestus will have the credit.] Then  I’ll add everyone to the Contributors Page in The References, cross referenced to their number. If you write an entry that I use without much edit, yours will be the only credit on that entry.  (Contributor #’s 1 thru 10 are already assigned to my construction team or friends who have helped with Old West Daily Reader over the years.) Subscriber Contributor #’s will begin at “010”. Currently approaching 30.

Contributor Wish List

You can help Improve Old West Daily Reader

In addition to the above, these are the “BIG Projects” I’m working on that subscribers could help with…

Timelines: Instructions on the Timelines Pages.

Always need help and input on the Native American Tribes page.

If you haven’t see “Young Guns“, you should.

The Outlaw Gangs project looks for information on the gangs and the individuals in the gangs. There are almost 80 specific gang pages currently in process. They are linked to the Outlaw Gangs Index page when the gang’s timeline and information become useful enough to warrant posting to the site. Take a look at the Reno Gang to see what a completed page looks like.

If you are interested in working on one of these projects, please introduce yourself
on the Old West Daily Reader Contact Form. – Doc

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