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Week 1: January 1st thru 7th

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1/1 of … 1850

John Barclay Armstrong born in McMinnville, TN. Lawman.  {001}


Railroad engineer Theodore Judah published in Washington DC,  “A practical plan for building The Pacific Railroad”, in which he outlined the general plan and argued for the need to do a detailed instrumental survey of a specific selected route for the railroad, not a general reconnaissance, of several possible routes, such as had been done in the Pacific Railroad Surveys. In the Fall of 1860, after finding a practical trans-Sierra route from Sacramento over Donner Pass into the Great Basin of Nevada, he located sufficient investors to incorporate the Central Pacific Railroad (June 1861). Then, Judah was sent  to Washington DC (Oct. 1861) to lobby for the Pacific Railway bill to aid in the construction of the first transcontinental railroad along his trans-Sierra route.  {001}
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Wk. 44, 11/02/1863 – Theodore D. Judah
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