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PLAYERS on the Navigation Panel (30 main pages)
A to Z pages & page 1-9
-Players Notation Index
Timelines Master Index (2 indexes)
Timelines A – L Index Page (43 main pages, 8 sub-pages)
—7th Cavalry Timeline
—Gene Autry Timeline
—Sam Bass Timeline
—Billy the Kid Timeline
—-Billy the Kid Photos
—-Billy the Kid Quotes
—Black Bart Timeline
—Black History on The Reader Timeline
—Curly Bill Brocius Timeline
—Buffalo Bill  Timeline
—Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show Timeline
—Buffalo Soldiers Timeline
—Butch Cassidy Timeline
—Cheyenne Indians Timeline
—Civil War Timeline
—Commerce in the Old West (also under Trade in the Old West)
—Confederate States Timeline
—Deadwood Dick Timeline
—Juan Bautista Anza Timeline
—Dodge City, KS Timeline
—Joseph Issac Clanton Timeline
—Samuel Colt Timeline
—Comanche Indians Timeline
—Lt. Col. George A Custer Timeline
—Deadwood Dick Timeline
—Dodge City, KS Timeline
—Fred J. Dodge Timeline
—Kid Curry Timeline
—Medal of Honor Timeline
—Morgan Seth Earp Timeline
—Walter Virgil Earp Timeline
—Warren Baxter Earp Timeline
—Wyatt Berry Stapp Earp Timeline
—Crazy Horse Timeline
—Geronimo Timeline
—Doc Holliday Timeline
—-Doc Holliday’s Guns
—-Doc Holliday Photos
—-Doc Holliday Quotes
—-The story of the Doc Holliday pocketwatch
—–also at Doc Holliday Photos
—–also at Doc Holliday Quotes
—-Who Did Doc Holliday Shoot?
—Tom Horn Timeline
—Indian Treaties Timeline
—Indian Wars Timeline
—James Younger Gang Timeline
—Las Vegas, NM Timeline
—William Ellsworth “Elza” Lay Timeline
—Lincoln County War Timeline
—William Preston “Wild Bill” Longly Timeline
Timelines M – Z Index Page (33 main pages)
—Mark Twain Timeline
—Marlow Brothers Timeline
—Mastersons, Bat, Ed & Jim Timeline
—Medal of Honor Timeline
—Mexican History Timeline
—James B. “Killer” Miller Timeline
—Print Olive Timeline
—Oregon Trail Timeline
—Pinkertons Timeline
—Pleasant Valley War Timeline
—Pony Express Timeline
—Porum Range War
—Reno Gang Timeline
—John Peters Ringo Timeline
—Roy Rogers Timeline
—Theodore Roosevelt Timeline
—Sand Creek Timeline
—Santa Fe Trail Timeline
—Staked Plains Horror Timeline
—St. Louis Timeline
—Sundance Kid Timeline
—Texas Independence Timeline
—Three Guardsmen Timeline
—Timelines Master Timeline
—Time to Ponder
—Trading Ship Tonquin Timeline
—Ute Indians Timeline
—John Wayne Timeline
—Wells Fargo & Co. Timeline
—Wild Bill Hickok Timeline
—Wild Bunch Timeline
—Women’s Movements’ Timeline
—Nathaniel Ellsworth “Zip” Wyatt Timeline
—Brigham Young Timeline

Quotes Index (12 main pages)
-Billy the Kid Quotes
-Robbers and Poets Quotes
-Commentators Quotes
-Cowboy Quotes
-Doc Holliday Quotes
–The story of the Doc Holliday pocketwatch
—–also at Doc Holliday Timeline
—–also at Doc Holliday Photos
-Gambler Quotes
-Gunfighter Quotes
-Indian Quotes
-Movies & TV Quotes
-OK Corral Quotes
-Rules to live By
-Women Quotes

The Originals Index (16 main pages, 28 sub-pages)
Battlefields & Massacres
–Massacres by Indians
–Massacres of Indians
Black Communities in the Old West
Commerce in the Old West (also in Timelines A-L)
Cow? What cow?
Entertainment in the Old West (5 main pages)
–Alcohol in the Old West
–Doves and Nighthawks
—Ladies of the Evening Photos
–Brothels, Saloons, Dance Halls, Gambling
–Theater, Side Shows and Expositions
–Rodeos and Wild West Shows
Gunfighter Statistics
–Gunfighter’s Occupations
–Horse Breeds
–Horse Colors
–Wild Horses (poetry)
Native American Tribes
–Native American Pre-History
–Pueblos of New Mexico
Landmarks and Registers
Lost Treasures of the Old West
Outlaw Gangs Index (1 main page, 5 sub-pages)
–Bummers Gang
–Doolin Gang – wild Bunch
–Evans Gang (Chris)
–Rufus Buck Gang
Range Wars and Feuds
Resources and Hazards (8 main pages)
–Animals Index Page
—Arachnids & Insects
—Reptiles & Amphibians
—Food Plants
—Functional Plants
—Hazardous Plants
—Medicinal Plants
—Hallucinogenic Plants
Trade in the Old West
Western Forts and Trading Posts

The Pretenders Index (3 main pages, 1 sub-page)
–Western Movies – Sub-genres
-TV Shows
-Radio Shows

Photo Gallery Index (22 main pages, 22 sub-pages)
-Billy the Kid Photos
-Cowboy Photos
-Doc Holliday Photos
–The story of the Doc Holliday pocketwatch
—–also at Doc Holliday Timeline
—–also at Doc Holliday Quotes
-Hangings & Shootings (Enter at your own Risk!)
-Family Photos
-Farm Wagons and Implements
-Indian Photos
–Indian Chiefs Photos
–Indian Warrior Women
-Jesse James Photos
-Ladies of the Evening Photos
-Lawmen Photos
-Memorials, Monuments and Sculpture
-Military Photos
–Soldiers of the Old West
-Mining Photos
–Gold Rushes
–Mines in the Old West
–Mining Minerals
–Silver Rushes
-Mountain Men Photos
-Outlaw Photos
-People and Places Photos
-Performer Photos
-Pushin’ Up Daisies
-Transportation Photos
Weapons Photos Index (16 main pages)
–A Whale of a Tale of Oil (native listing)
–Ammunition Then and Now
–Dirk’s Derringers P. 1
–Dirk’s Derringers P. 2
–Dirk’s Pepperboxes
–Dirk’s Revolvers P. 1
–Dirk’s Revolvers P. 2
–Edged Weapons
–Firearms Oddities
–Girardoni Air Rifle
–Hand Guns
–Long Guns
–Marcel’s Guns
–Mike’s Revolvers Page 1
–Mike’s Revolvers Page 2
–Percussion Firearms Accessories
–Weapons Photo Location Index
-Women of the West Photos
–Women & Children Photos

History Riders Radio (52 programs, these are the Podcasts)
NOTE: this list changes weekly and is not always up-to-date.
Current week should appear at the bottom of the 2020 list; unlikely! – Doc
-OWDR Radio Week 01 of 2020
-OWDR Radio Week 02 of 2020
-OWDR Radio Week 03 of 2020
-OWDR Radio Week 04 of 2020
-OWDR Radio Week 05 of 2020
-OWDR Radio Week 06 of 2020
-OWDR Radio Week 07 of 2020
-OWDR Radio Week 08 of 2020
-OWDR Radio Week 09 of 2020
-OWDR Radio Week 10 of 2020
-OWDR Radio Week 11 of 2020
-OWDR Radio Week 12 of 2020
-OWDR Radio Week 13 of 2020
-OWDR Radio Week 14 of 2020
-OWDR Radio Week 15 of 2020
-OWDR Radio Week 16 of 2020
-OWDR Radio Week 17 of 2020
-OWDR Radio Week 18 of 2020
-OWDR Radio Week 19 of 2020
-OWDR Radio Week 20 of 2020
-OWDR Radio Week 21 of 2020
-OWDR Radio Week 22 of 2020
-OWDR Radio Week 23 of 2020
2019 Shows
-OWDR Radio Week 24 of 2019
-OWDR Radio Week 25 of 2019
-OWDR Radio Week 26 of 2019
-OWDR Radio Week 27 of 2019
-OWDR Radio Week 28 of 2019
-OWDR Radio Week 29 of 2019
-OWDR Radio Week 30 of 2019
-OWDR Radio Week 31 of 2019
-OWDR Radio Week 32 of 2019
-OWDR Radio Week 33 of 2019
-OWDR Radio Week 34 of 2019
-OWDR Radio Week 35 of 2019
-OWDR Radio Week 36 of 2019
-OWDR Radio Week 37 of 2019
-OWDR Radio Week 38 of 2019
-OWDR Radio Week 39 of 2019
-OWDR Radio Week 40 of 2019
-OWDR Radio Week 41 of 2019
-OWDR Radio Week 42 of 2019
-OWDR Radio Week 43 of 2019
-OWDR Radio Week 44 of 2019
-OWDR Radio Week 45 of 2019
-OWDR Radio Week 46 of 2019
-OWDR Radio Week 47 of 2019
-OWDR Radio Week 48 of 2019
-OWDR Radio Week 49 of 2019
-OWDR Radio Week 50 of 2019
-OWDR Radio Week 51 of 2019
-OWDR Radio Week 52 of 2019

Just for Fun Pages (24 main pages – only 8 native here*)
-A Whale of a Tale of Oil (2nd listing)
-Alcohol in the Old West (2nd listing)
-A Mule Speaks (native here)
-*Cap Guns and More (native here)
-Commerce in the Old West (2nd listing)
-Firearms Oddities (2nd listing)
-*Firsts in the Old West (native here)
-*Full Moon Names (native here)
-Girandoni Air Rifle (2nd listing)
-Gunfighter Occupations (2nd listing)
-Hoaxes (2nd listing)
-Indian Warrior Women (2nd listing)
-*Monsters and Supernatural Beings of the Old West (native here)
-*The Face on the Barroom Floor (native here)

-Railroads and First Aid Kits
-Soiled Dove Plea (2nd listing)
-*Strange Things in Old West Skies (native here)
-*The Strange Fate of Elmer McCurdy (native here)
-*Thoen Stone (native here)
-Timelines Master Timeline (2nd listing)
-Time to Ponder (2nd listing)
-Wild Horses (poetry) (2nd listing)
-Young Guns (2nd listing)
-* All others native elsewhere in OWDR.

References (8 main pages)

-Books used as Reference
–Soiled Dove Plea (native listing)
-Books – Novels and History (non-ref)
-Days – Entry Totals

-Search Results



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-Indian Pueblo Cultural Center – New Mexico


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