Week 33: August

Week 33: August 13th thru 19th

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8/13 of… 1853

Halloway Massacre: Close onto today’s Wells, NV, near the head of the Humboldt River: the small Halloway wagon train (nine people) was attacked by Indians (thought to be Paiutes). Six killed, including the Halloway’s two year old daughter. Mrs. Halloway was scalped but survived. Three men survived (two wounded) to make it back to safety with a following wagon train. Mrs. Halloway’s scalp was retrieved, reattached and she lived several more years. However, it was said that she slipped into insanity before her death, due to her experience.  {001}


Phoebe Ann Mosey “Annie Oakley“, born in Woodland, Drake County, IA. Exhibition shooter.  {001}


John Wesley Powell‘s first Colorado River expedition reaches the mouth of the Virgin River in Arizona after 82 days and some 930 perilous river miles. Three men who quit the expedition and attempted to walk out were likely killed by Paiute Indians. His second expedition traversed the route again in 1871-72.  In 1867 he began exploring and mapping areas that would, in time, become treasured national parks: Bryce Canyon, Canyonlands, Grand Canyon, Zion, and many others which would become national monuments and recreation areas. His story is far too big for Old West Daily Reader; start with his revised expedition report, The Exploration of the Colorado River and Its Canyons – J.W. Powell (1895).  {001 & 003}
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LCW: Regulator “Doc” Scurlock arrested for allegedly keeping stolen horses on his Rio Ruidoso, NM, ranch — by Murphy-Dolan faction, Lincoln County Sheriff William Brady.  {001}


This photograph was taken the morning after the Batchelor reached Fort Buford (Dakota Territory) (ND).) from Bismark, (Dakota Territory) (ND) having made the quickest run on record between two points, 55 hours and 25 minutes. Photo: U.S. PD pre-1923, Steamboat F.Y. Batchelor.  {001}
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The Wild Bunch at Montpelier, ID. Butch Cassidy, Elza Lay and Bub Meeks, holding cashier G.C. Gray and teller A.N. MacKintosh at gun point, took $16,500 from the safe and rode quietly out of town. Pursuit by bicycle, horse and posse proved ineffective. Meeks, later identified by teller MacKintosh, was arrested and convicted of participation in the robbery.  {001}Old West Daily Reader Subscribe Today

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