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Women of the West Photos

All photos included here are in the Public Domain in the United States of America unless noted otherwise. Western photographers are noted in the Players (if I have a workable date for them) [LOC = Library of Congress]. Nothing in the way of enhancement has been done to these photographs they are as originally produced.

Here are some of the women who help define the Old West for us. Some of these ladies lived it, some wrote or created art and music to represent it, while others acted out its stories. A few have tried to protect the land and its people. All have something to show/tell us to help understand these fascinating places and times…

Some of these individuals will have additional reference(s) in PLAYERS.

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Austin, Mary Hunter - Women of the West Photos

Mary Hunter Austin
Wk. 33, 08/13/1934 – Died











Barton, Clara - Women of the West Photos

Clara Barton
No further entry

Bassett, Ann "Queen Ann" - Women of the West Photos

Ann “Queen Ann” Bassett
Wk. 19, 05/08/1956 – Died


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