Week 03: January

Week 3: January 15th thru 21st

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1/15 of1844

Thomas Coleman “Cole” Younger born at Lee’s Summit, MO. Outlaw.  {001}


James “Jim” Younger born at Lee’s Summit, MO. Outlaw. Here (with Cole, above) are two of the four. By the late 1860′s, the newspapers would know them all.   {001}


Stockton, CA, stage robber Cherokee Bob killed by Dan Gay and Charles P. O’Neil.  {001}


Raid on Godfrey Ranch: a large band of Cheyenne and Lakota warriors attacked an isolated ranch in Colorado owned by Holon Godfrey. Partly in retaliation for the Sand Creek Massacre,* partly to gather resources for further attacks on the whites. One of the numerous January attacks during the Colorado War. Due to the Massacre at American Ranch,** Godfrey was warned. Together with his family and employees, they fortified his ranch. Over 130 warriors, surrounded and attacked the ranch at night. Due to adequate preparation, dealing with flaming arrows and ignoring the theft of their horses from the corral, the ranchers inside managed to hold off the attack. With the morning and the approach of reinforcements, the frustrated Indians vanished. The ranchers had no casualties, the Indians lost 17 dead.  {001}
*Wk. 48, 11/29/1864 – Sand Creek Massacre
**Wk. 02, 01/14/1865 – Massacre at American Ranch


Betty Pellet born in CT. Movie actress.  {001}


Died Horace Smith, age 84 in Springfield, MA: businessman, gunsmith, inventor. Partner in several firearms firms, notably: Volcanic Repeating Arms (1855), largely financed by Oliver Winchester and the second Smith & Wesson company (1857) which became a successful firearms manufacturer with business worldwide. Smith sold out to Wesson and retired in 1874 at age 65.   {001}
see also:
Wk. 50, 12/11/1880 – Oliver Winchester
Wk. 31, 08/04/1906 – Daniel B. Wesson


Eureka Springs, AK. All by himself, Bill Tilghman arrests the notorious leader of the Doolin Gang, outlaw Bill Doolin. Bill was likely taking the waters for the rheumatism in his shot up left foot.  {001}
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William Jesse "Bill" McDonald - Week 3One of the “Four Great Captains“, Texas Ranger Captain William Jesse “Bill” McDonald dead of pneumonia at age 65 in Wichita Falls, TX. Storekeeper, deputy sheriff, deputy U.S. Marshal, Special Ranger, Texas Ranger Captain (1891-1907), U.S. Marshal (c.1910). Texas Ranger Hall of Fame. “The man who would charge Hell with a bucket of water!” TYH! Photo: U.S. PD pre-1918 unknown.  {001}


Broncho Charlie Miller, age unknown, died in Glen Falls, NY. A notorious story teller who made outlandish claims about his western activities. He alleged to have been the last of the Pony Express riders. If he was, he would have had to have been at least 104 years old, even assuming he lied about his age and rode at twelve years old.  {001} Old West Daily Reader Subscribe Today

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